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  1. Lately my Mortal Kombat 9 on the regular PS3 freezes EVERYTIME when i need to press start at the beginning of the game. i have Googled around and saw that i have to delete the latest patch/update of Mortal Kombat but can anyone tell me where i can do that?
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    I know on 360 you can go to system settings -> memory and delete it. It should be pretty similar on PS3.
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    I did that with mine. Don't know what I did, I think I did more. But I deleted lots of stuff. Now my MK has a fully locked krypt, challenge tower and nekropolis where once they were full. But Where once I had mastered Sub-Zero... I have mastered him again. Talk about dedication. I had to do story mode again to unlock crunchy and cyber sub.

    Its annoying as all hell but at least my online stats did not reset.

    Know anything on the issue?

    Also: I have achievement for full krypt/challenge tower unlock and so on. But are locked. Logically it would make no sense but whatever.
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    Go to your saved data utility and delete "Mortal Kombat Download Settings". Boot up the game to see if it worked.
  5. I've deleted the saved date, i quess i can't play online anymore, can i?
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    You can. I was able to.
  7. Oke, Thank you very much for your help.
    i got this realy annoying problem, everytime and i mean everytime i'm going online i get that sign that theres no connection and i should check my ethernet cables, anyone know how to solve it?
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    This just began happening to me. Had no idea what the hell it was. So if I delete the data, I lose everything? I've been playing this since the midnight opening last year. It's going to bum me out if I have to start over....
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    I just had this freezing problem at the start screen...and I just fixed it by deleting the patches/online updates. This should work for everyone who has the problem I had, and I will explain how to do this very, very simple fix on the "new" X-Box 360 dashboard. I would give a step by step for the PS3, but I have no idea how to access these files there, so if someone else could explain that here, that'd be awesome. And another thing I noticed that I should share, is that my problem only caused MK9 to freeze at the start screen while being connected online. When offline, it worked fine.

    Now, I'm not sure if you have to delete your MK9 saved game files. I don't know because I deleted that first before clearing and redownloading the updates. So I would try to do this fix I am talking about, then if the problem persists then just go ahead and delete the saved game files too(which sucks, but it's worth being able to get back online and play).

    So...step by step:

    1. Start your X-Box 360, when everything is booted and you are signed in, hit the X-Box home(guide) button on your X-Box 360 controller.

    2. Slide on over to the right to Settings

    3. Find System Settings and hit A on your controller to access the menu

    4. Once in System Settings, go to Storage

    5. Now that you are in storage, be sure that Hard Drive is highlighted in the light green(do click HARD DRIVE) and press Y for Device Options.

    6. Once in device options, go down and select Clear System Cache. When you select that, a screen will pop up and say "This will perform maintenance on your X-Box 360 storage device. Do you want to continue?". When that comes up, select Yes.

    7. Once you've done this, all the patches and updates you have once downloaded will be deleted, which is not a big deal at all. You will just be prompted to download the patches again when you start your games just like the first time. These updates load quickly.

    Now that you've done all of this, it's time to make more people rage quit and send you hate mail. Enjoy.
  10. This is fucking bullshit, I bought a new DVD drive, and had my MK disc resurfaced because of this bullshit. And now I have to beat the game, and redo the entire challenge tower. Also farm everyones fatalitys, babalitys, and stage fatalitys in 2 player. Because of this bullshit. Nether Realm owes me 30 dollars for this.

    Edit: I also had everything unlocked and over a million coins.

    I still Have my achievements though :S

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