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Mortal Kombat 9 EVO 2014 Side Tourney Donors + FRQ Community Challenge


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Amid the swirl of interest surrounding the newly-announced community side tournament for Mortal Kombat 9 at EVO 2014, a number of donors have shared varying amounts of their funds in order to make the tournament a bigger and more exciting experience. The contributions range from small to large -- and they're adding up to a bonus that we can all be proud of.

The list of public donors is as follows:

Brandon Alexander - $100
FlipKev - $100
Jerry Watkins - $54
Aj Russo - $50
Mike McDonough - $50
Random TYM-Member - $50
TYM Sami - $37
Rays GoodLiquor - $30
Europe MK Fan - $10
Emiliano Sierra - $10
Jethro Ray - $10
Ninj TYM - $10
Wemfs - $10

Alongside these, there were several generous private donations from participants who did not wish to be named.

In addition, Cash from Frequency Gaming, in combination with FRQ's supporting company LSTN Headphones, is posing a special challenge to the community; for each new follow the team receives on Twitter at @FRQgaming, the organization will add another dollar to the pot bonus, up to a maximum of $300. This will combine with their initial promise of $100 to produce a potential $400 contribution at the maximum.

A word from the team:
As far as info about our team we gaming team similar to that of an EG or RG. We have a sponsor and represent their product but we are independent entity so that we can attract other potential sponsors as well. Started around November 2013 because I wanted to travel and there was this stigma that SoCal didn't travel and I wanted to put that to rest! the original members being theo, Steve (sajam) and brad. NEC2013 was our first major and theo got 5th in IGAU and Steve got 9th in KI. From there we grew to other games and picked up FilipinoMan for SF4, Manic for Marvel and most recently HugS for Super Smash Bros Melee. There is a lot to say cause we've had a big year to say the least.

With all that's going on surrounding the side tourney, stay tuned for more announcements as the week progresses.

The MK9 stream from EVO will be live at 6 PM PST, on Pig of the Hut's gaming channel http://twitch.tv/streamofthehut

For those interested in participating, registration info is here:


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Followed Frequency Gaming. Daaaamn they're already donating over $100 - GET HYPE FUCKERS AND FOLLOW THEM!



Followed for the extra $1 to make it $38 from me.

BTW my babality bonus wasn't a joke - I will throw $20 at any player who pulls of a bability in the grand finals, because grand final babies need to be seen.

I'm offering a $20 Babality Bonus:
  • Grand finals (winners or losers bracket) only.
  • If both players pull off a babality in the grand finals, both get $20.
  • Maximum one Babality Bonus per player (I can't afford $20 per babality per person!)
  • Bonus will be paid via PayPal.