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Mortal Kombat 8-bit Shorts


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When Mortal Kombat 11's first trailer got released, while everyone was complaining about the music choice, I got hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia. Like many others I responded by booting the older MK titles, but I wanted more and that's when the Ghetto Mortal Kombat YouTube series by DashieXP came to mind, followed by the other 8-bit shorts.

Talking to people though I found out that not many, maybe newer, Mortal Kombat fans knew of these gems, so I decided to make this thread.


Let's start with my personal favorite: Mortal Kombat is not a Tournament by CollegeHumor. This one I feel is a great introduction to these 8-bit shorts since, unlike the others, isn't really part of any series, but it still shows the kind of humor you can expect from these videos.


For those unfamiliar with DashieXP, he's a youtuber that creates his bits by adding a caricature of american black culture to cartoons, everyday life, television cliches and, obviously, Mortal Kombat. Not too unlike The Boondocks, just a little more on the light hearted side.

In this series we'll follow the adventures of Raiden and the very unlucky Baraka while they buy weed, go trick or treating, get into fights, rob a bank, fight rap battles and even meet Batman! Ghetto MK also has a series of note-worthy recurring characters like spitting-ass Kabal and, my personal favorite, a very desperate Smoke.

Between the main series and some spin offs, this series counts a total of 19 videos which I recommend watching in order, and the first episode starts with Baraka trying to hit on Mileena:

The main spin off of the series sees our protagonists fighting in rap battles against various characters from the MK universe. With 2 rap battles per episode and 4 total episodes, this spin off series has its up and downs for me, but it ends with a HUGE bang, and my personal favorite episode of the whole series. Here's the first episode:

The series also counts a couple of "quickies", one of which missing the 8-bit style and honestly quite forgettable. You can find a playlist of the series here, but the last episode of the main series and episodes 3 and 4 of the rap battle spin off are missing and need to be found in DashieXP's video list.

It's also worth noting that Dashie has done some gameplay videos for both MK9 and MKX in his gameplay channel, I haven't watched them though.


With some up and downs, the Dorkly YouTube channel hosts a vast selection of Mortal Kombat videos in their classic 8-bit style. With a total of 23 shorts, these are the shortest of the bunch, and can be all found in this playlist. My personal favorites are Kung Lao's Hat is Dull, Mortal Kombat After Fatality and Jax's New Arms:


I'm kind of cheating with this one since it's not in 8-bit style, but for the 10 Mortal Kombat fans that didn't yet watch Kombat Kids by Tedakin, I urge you to do it the moment you have 25 minutes to spare. This cartoon oozes personality and passion for the franchise, and it shows it with fluid animations and a fight choreography that any MK fan can't help but find extremely charming.

It's also worth nothing that this is the video our moderator @scarsunseen took her profile picture from, and that Ed Boon himself tweeted about the video when it first came out.

Here's the video, so you can treat yourself to a watch/rewatch:

Tedakin seems to be working on a sequel too, so keep an eye out for him!

...and that's it! If I missed something feel free to tell me, I'd love to watch more and I'll add it to the OP!
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