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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by ZAQ, Nov 9, 2006.

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    The game itself plays pretty damn well, except when you need to do a fatality or morph which I played up pretty much in this vid, cause i find it interesting rather than using 1 person the whole time.

    Besides that I would have fuckin murdered ppl for this release of the game had it been marketed in the states during the time period when the other mk2 ports were out.

    (a step down from mame)
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    nice work ded
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    thanks, the umk3 faq is done too, i have to finish (when i'm not lazy) the mk4 faq lol

    as for mk2 if i missed something feel free to add/correct me ;]
  7. I have a burned copy of MK2. I would rather the snes verison. THe PS 1 verison really makes me mad. And when they ported to the PSP PS2 and XBOX they left it the same. I like PS 1 and MK2 but only Arcade or SNES verison for me. I like the music better in the snes verison and it's harder.

    ALthought They did improved with MKT.
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    The version for PSP, PS2, and XBox is the arcade version emulated, not a port of the PS2 version.
  9. I read that the PSP has the same issues as the PS 1 and it is missing frames. I am not totally sure about the others.
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    PSP uses UMD games. The disc has 2 gigabytes of space and look how small it is. With that much compression there are going to be issues (mainly loading). That's one of the many (two) reasons why people create ISOs and play it off the flash memory stick, virtually no loading. The other reason is because it creates the oppurtunity for mass piracy. Woohoo for free games!

    The MK games on MAT: Extended Play get worse as the games go on. Like MK1 has no in game loading, while MK3 has so much loading you want to rip your pubes out one by one. Projectiles sometimes cause pausing. Cyrax's bombs come to mind. MKII isn't near as bad. From what I hear, there's not as much loading in this as there is for MKII for PSX.
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    Hey Scheiss, My first post on the UltimateMK forums, and Indeed its a great community and glad to be here.

    Hey enjoy the video guys! I hooked Scheiss up with the ps1 MKII and its awesome to see what he did with it and let us all get a glimpse. Thanks for giving me creds at the end of the video, enjoy the game man.
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    The port was decent, even though the music and loading times were bad everything else was perfect.

    You could also make the anouncer say the names by going to the options screen, I just got an iso of it, thats it.
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    Yea, the slight load time if you have player names is hardly a downfall. When I have played the ps1 version of MK2 online though through epsxe. We did not have him say the player names, less loading means less chance of dsync online.

    There is goofy things in the ps1 version besides the ridiculous fatality loads. Like if you block Rep or Sub's slide they will like automatically fly to their feet, giving you little to no time for an upper or hk counter. Johnny Cages fireballs shoot at the speed of light, pretty much breaking him as a character. Other dumb things i have noticed Baraka's blade fury is way too fast and looks lame when done on someone. There is a slight load time when Jax does a wave punch, and when Shang does his fireballs, and possibly other peoples projectiles i don't remember.
  14. I've got an original copy, in near mint condition (the CD is in mint condition but the booklet isn't). Atrocious port, typical of Probe's other efforts including the Genesis MK1&2 games.

    What particularly sticks out is the horrible audio. The game is completely worthless unless you're a die hard fan who's also a collector.
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    The music sounded kind of cool slowed down during the lvl load times.
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    no wonder people hate mk series in japan. :evil:
  17. OMG what the gay?!!! That audio is horrid!!
    and I understand it's a PSX game, but this is ridiculous. It litterally has to load up everything at every second. That has to be annoying as fuck.
    That fucking Pit II was funny though, because you punched the guy off the pit, and then "now loading........!!!" and then the overhead view. wow.....
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    Its pretty sad that the SNES 3d pit animation looks 100x better then ps1.
  19. I tottally agree! That one on psx just gave me nightmares!
    btw, i spotted a difference! the sub-zero deep freeze dead pool glitch failed!!!!
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    Mode 7 owned.

    Not sure what happened with MK in Japan. MK2 for PSX was terrible. MK2 for SNES had black and white fatalities and green blood. Very weird.
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    no shit, I never played snes (j) version. Had no idea about the b&w fatalities. That seems like it might be kind of cool to just see.

    Mostly people don't like MK in japan because it wasn't made in japan. Like i was argueng with my Korean game master friend, and he was like oh you can have MK because its American made.

    Thats all they give a damn about.
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    Honestly, even UMK3's gameplay wouldn't stand up to Japanese players. What is generally considered too difficult to impact gameplay here would become commonplace there if they really wanted to play the game. I would bet almost every inf that exists would be used. People would probably be doing flight cancel infs.

    So games like MK1 and MK2, which aren't anywhere near as good as UMK3 stood no chance whatsoever.
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    I made a pretty biased video here. IMO, mk2 japan is by far the best console release up until recently. I meant to show the differences of it, not to bash it.

    The only way to really show how superior it is to the other ports is to compare them, and I just don't feel like messing with them ever again, lol.

    But it really is a great port(in comparison to the others), minus the loading and these minor differences.
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    That is true what Scheiss said, I had fun playing PS1 MK2 online because it ran faster and smoother then mame online. His video is biased because its more to point and laugh at the rediculous load times during fatals, then to see what good there is in the port.

    Come to think though, maybe this isn't the best port till recently. Well it was definately the best graphical port I thought (character wise). Thinking about the load times during normal projectiles like Jax's Wave Punch and it has to load to do Shang's fireballs. Kills it somewhat. Oh plus the whole fact that it has to load to morph.
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    "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."


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