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    Hello everyone,

    In the past i held a couple of small "Get-togethers" for the MK-scene in Nordrhein Westfalen.

    Now with Mortal Kombat 11 on the horizon, i summon the kombatants all around NRW, the Netherlands etc. to join me once again to establish a stable scene.

    For that endeavour i teamed up with the Core Gamer Treff in Mönchengladbach, which offers enough space to house 60+ people, offers multiple stations, HD Twitch streaming and more.

    The plans (for now) are as follows:
    - on saturday, the 27th of April, there will be a launch event for MK11, where we´ll play and stream all day and celebrate the release of the next entry of out beloved franchise
    - if the demand and support of you guys is high enough, we´ll do MK11 weeklys which will also be streamed live via twitch.

    So "GET OVER HERE" because " YOU`RE NEXT"

    Homepage of the Core Gamer Treff:
    Join us on meetup:

    Note: in regular weekly sessions, the Core Gamer Treff has a focus on the multiplayer aspect of the Nintendo Switch and its games. But when Mortal Kombat begins, all bets are off: PS4, XB1, Switch, everythings allowed and possible!
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  3. Braindead

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  4. Crossbreed

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    True dude, true.
    How have you been?
    A lot has changed to the positive and everythings set to function a lot better and at a much highter professionality level than it used to be :)

    A friend of mine who ownes the Core Gamer Treff and is currently doing Smash Ultimate weeklys, also happens to be a long time (very active) member of the fgc and knows everything when it comes to organizing tournaments etc.
    I talked to him and he is down for MK11 and letting us do stuff at his location.
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  5. rubmytaco

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    I moved a couple of years ago. You guys are almost 2 hours away now :( Too far for a weekly, but if you guys start doing tournaments, I'll try to make it some time!

    I'll see what I can do for april 27th.
  6. Crossbreed

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    Man, MK11 looks a lot better then i imagined.
    Can´t wait to get my hands on the game!

    What are your thoughts on the split offensive/defensive meter that fills with time, the krushing blows, the fatal blow etc.?
    Do you think it takes a lot of steam out of character situations like the Lui Kang/Kung Lao block stun stuff?
    People will always find ways to be annoying with stuff like that but i kinda like the changes - i miss running though.

    But putting the neutral game as a focus is not bad either.
  7. Crossbreed

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    Things are starting to shape up:
    since MK11 comes right around the easter holidays, some of the Core Gamer Treff and myself will take the rest of that week off get grinding.

    You are welcome to join us.
    Grinding/Training/Testing out the games mechanics etc. will take place 23rd -26th of April.
    The tournament will then be held as planned on the 27th of April.

    If enough interest is sparked - we are hoping for weeklys and frequent tournaments.

    @rubmytaco @Braindead @ck_montana @MK UNIVERSE @Grand Flash
    @Badboy Takuma @derOeler @Tzu @Rey

    PS: to avoid misconceptions: the tournaments will be of course for practice under real tournament rules.
    It´s for getting an understanding who is the top player at that location.
    At later points the best players will get to real tournaments and compete for prizes.
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  8. Inzzane_79

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    Damn, to far away for me (Stuttgart)
  9. Crossbreed

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    We can play online regulary if you want :)
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  10. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma you got caged, bitch!

    i will definitely come by probably with some other players.
    not every week but at least once in a month.
  11. Inzzane_79

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    Sounds good, my gamertag is Zayne 79

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