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By NothingPersonal on Sep 5, 2017 at 9:59 AM
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    The volume has been getting turned up more and more from these first supposed rumors of Mortal Kombat 11 details. These rumors first appeared on the internet through various source(s) about a month ago in late August. So, in other words... this rumor is not new but it's been growing legs lately and making it's way deeper across the web.

    Below in the spoiler tag are the details of this rumor. The content contains character names and supposed story-line details, so enter at your own discretion.
    Sources:, Shoryuken
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Discussion in 'Myths, Fanlore and Finish Him!' started by NothingPersonal, Sep 5, 2017.

    1. God Confirm
    2. LaidbackOne
      - Characters that will return (without any doubt): Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden.

    3. KingKhrystopher
      I feel like I'm the only person who liked Variations from MKXL. If they only had 2 Variations per character and each was vastly different, I feel like it could really 1. Increase the playability of that character and thereby the game, since you don't just have 1 moveset and you're done like Injustice 2, and 2. Provide a lot less of "I have to go and learn this character so I can counterpick this character" stuff like what's in Injustice right now. I also just found Variations fun, especially since you could go and learn all 3 Variations of the character, and therefore have 3 different interpretations of the character and different abilities to help you in certain matches. Idk, I wish Variations would become an MK Staple kinda like how Fatalities already are.
    4. Knoterror
      My dad works at Nintendo.
      I kinda want a MK game that doesnt include the usual MK characters (raiden, scorp, subs, lui kang, ect..)
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    6. Flamelurkr
      Will never happen, but I know what you mean.
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    7. Flamelurkr
      If Havik doesn't show up, I'll lose hope.
    8. RNLDRGN
      Criticism: "NRS games have no longevity!"

      4 months into an awesome NRS game: "SO WUT DO U GUIZ HOPE THE NEXT NRS GAME GONNA HAVE?"
    9. SaltShaker
      I know everyone has their own taste, but if-

      "- Rumored characters (there are sketches of them): Onaga, Blaze, Taven, Daegon.

      - Rumored story: early rumors suggest that Mortal Kombat 11 will include the saga of Onaga and Blaze in a single game"

      turns out to be true and that's the direction of MK11, it would probably kill it for me.
    10. Da Tac0
      Da Tac0
      I want rekio fujin and rain or I will raise hell
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    11. trufenix
      remember when this was mortal kombat x and they had to include reiko and fujin and jarek and all the mk4 character cause it was just a retelling?
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    12. AZ MotherBrain
      AZ MotherBrain
      "without a doubt, scorpion, sub zero raiden."

      In other news, water is wet.
    13. SaSSolino
      I was hoping in The Deadly Alliance's saga with Liu kang and Shang Tsung.

      Just PLEASE give me Shang Tsung back!
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    14. ghostwriteous
      As much as I dont like it, there's nothing wrong with it. This a discussion board after all and there are a lot of people who don't like Injustice.
    15. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
      Onaga Blaze Daegon Taven

      If those 4 names don't get you excited then idk what will.

      ....quite possibly the most boring characters ever in a MK game. While we're at it let's include Kai and Jarek
    16. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      These rumors sound like horseshit. Those characters are so forgettable, I can't imagine any of them being included.

      Let me guess....your "connection" at NRS also named Hsu Hao as the main character, too.
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    17. Nexallus
      I'm hoping Takeda makes a return. That character is way too badass to pass up.
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    18. Blade4693
      Onaga coming back will be sick. I can only imagine how much better a redesigned version him could be.

      Taven and Daegon could be cool too. Idk wtf to do with Blaze though lol
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    19. SixPathsOfHate
      I loved variations, I felt it was easier to balance the game because the source of the problem can be detected alot easier and overall it just felt like it had much more replayablity and things to learn. With the way Injustice 2 is going I am already burnt out and am having a hard time finding a reason to continue playing. This game is a shit show of do you have projectiles or not and with the mb roll be ass for most of the cast, most projectiles being very or wide mids, and the lack of teleports make this game very dull fast. I am all for zoning. I play zoners usually but this is ridiculous. TBH, I feel nrs does better with variations cause they have shown that they arent great at balancing characters with full kits.
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    20. TheJaquio
      I thought the point of MK9 being a reboot was to get as far away from the 3D games' plotlines as humanly possible.
    21. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Daegon wasn't that bad. The others, I hope they're story fodder.
      Just have D cut Taven into thirds with those broadswords. End of Taven.

      Make the other two unplayable bosses if you have to put them in.
      Have #8 on the ladder be super strong Havik, and 9 and 10 will be either Blaze or Onaga, or 9 will be Blaze and/or Onaga like Goro/Kintaro in MK9, and #10 is your absolute big bad, whoever that is.

      I'm still sure the theme of this game is gonna be Chaos VS Order.
      They built the fuck up out of that story, but then Armageddon happened and nothing ever came of it.
      My guess is someone evil ended up in Chaosrealm and infected the Tempest (remember the big glowing thing that all the shit in the realm is shattered around) like they tried to do in Earthrealm.
      But Earthrealm was just a realm. Chaosrealm has a distinct purpose, same as the Netherrealm and Seido.
      If you destroy what little order there is there, then EVERYTHING becomes chaos.

      I always wondered who Havik has been clericing for all this time.
    22. Slymind
    23. chrisisnice
      In fairness here, not everyone is particularly interested in Injustice. I picked up Injustice 2 thinking I would like it, but I only ended up playing it for two weeks before moving on.

      I'm not a NRS fanboy, but I like MK (since MK1). I come to this MK site primarily to hear about MK strangely enough.
    24. ILuvFightGames
      Same exact case with me, I also bought inj2 thinking id like it but also lost interest after 2 weeks and ultimately dropped it after a month. Also these threads are good because it reminds me and the many Mk fans that one day we'll get mk11. And that date can't come soon enough.
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