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Mortal Kombat 11 @ Core Gamer Treff Germany / Moenchengladbach

Hello everyone,

My name is mo and I am a long time member of the German Fighting Game Community.
I've been a hardcore gamer all my life and have always met many friends through offline multiplayer games.
Fighting Games are very special to me, because it is the one true gaming genre that still to this day requires people to come together and play head to head with each other just like I grew up with games.
Well technically there is Online Play but everyone who really wants to compete at these games knows that Online Play will never be the same as the true Offline experience.
I love Fighting Games so much, they are my biggest passion in life! I have played so many different fighting games and have been around at many tournaments all over europe for years.
Almost every weekend I packed my arcade stick and went out to play.
But for me competing was never the only reason to play. I've always wanted to meet new people and embrace that lifestyle of bringing gamers together.

That's why I have created the Core Gamer Treff.
It is a 100m² location in Moenchengladbach, the city where I live with the purpose to save local multiplayer gaming.
In this day and age Online Play is at its peak and people see almost no reason to go out and play anymore.
This special feeling of playing someone locally is almost completely erased nowadays which is a shame.
The current generation of gamers grow up with all this moba, card games and battle royal bullshit without any sense for the true gaming experience because they don't even know what they are missing.
All they care for is their online ranks, skins, loot boxes, whatever the fuck it is and they don't even know what it's like to beat someone or to get beaten by someone in a real competition and what it is like to look them into their eyes after a close match shake hands and show respect to each other.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch I saw a trend of gamers that like to go out and play together again so I took the chance and opened up the location in my city with Nintendo Switch Gamers in mind.
I know the switch is not considered to be the hardcore gaming console because of it's lack of processing power but the concept itself is so easy that it really brings a lot of gamers finally together again and the it just works flawlessly.
I can't afford to run this location on fighting games alone since the genre is so niche and also I prefer playing any type of game locally with somebody than playing my favorite game online forever alone at home.
That's why it might seem weird to you for me to promote the location as a Nintendo Switch Meetup on other places but it does makes sense in the long run. If I want to keep this going it has to be a place that is welcoming for many different gaming communities not just MK or fighting games.

For MK11 all console systems are fine to me and I don't want to get into a console war... just bring out what you can bring out and play! We have seven lagfree 23 inch screens that you can use so all we need from the community is more consoles with MK11. Most of our players will bring their ps4s though.

I personallly have never really learned a Mortal Kombat game before but I tried both betas and coming from Street Fighter KOF and Arcade Oldschool Classics I like it way more than previous NRS titles and I'm ready to give it a shot.

Now for MK11 I will host regular training sessions and tournaments with the help of my friend @Crossbreed and an other friend of mine "Christian_N" and we would like to bring everyone from our area together to play MK11.

The Core Gamer Treff is located at:

Wilhelm-Schiffer-Straße 57
41239 Moenchengladbach

Starting at 2 PM on the 26th of April (26.04) the first training session will be held and we'll grind the whole day.

Starting at 2 PM on the 27th of April (27.04) we will start our first tournament for MK11

Depending on the support of the MK community in this area we will continue to host regular training sessions and tournaments. Can be on a biweekly or even weekly basis - everything is possible!
But if you want to have an MK11 offline scene in this area it is very important to show us your support!

There is no entry fee at all! The location is funded through donations, if you like what I offer please help me continue doing it by donating on site!
Of course this is for adults (18+) only! The game is very controversial in germany because of its violence
and I don't want to risk to get in trouble with public authorities.

If you want to know more about Core Gamer Treff you can visit our homepage:


Thank you and hopefully we see each other in kombat soon.

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Friendly Reminder: The Action is about to start.
Today starting at 2PM: MK11 Training until late at night
Tomorrow starting at 2PM: MK11 Training and Tournament until late at night.

So get your lazy asses off the couch and get over here!

Stream will be: https://twitch.tv/coregamertreff
Thanks everybody who came and showed support during the week of the MK11 release.
It was a blast and I hope that we can continue to grow this community further.
Here are the full results of our Release Tournament on Saturday:

  1. machomanmo
  2. CK_Montana
  3. Christian_N

For the time being we will continue to host biweekly MK11 tournaments together with the smash ultimate scene and see how much interest for Mk11 really exists in this area.

The next Tournaments for may will be on the 4th of may and on the 11th of may (the first 2 Saturdays of the month)

If you want to participate you can already register at:

As always you can also come around and play mk11 with us on every other day when the Core Gamer Treff is open!

Here is a link to the complete schedule for may:

It you live in this area and want to help building up a MK11 scene, it is really important to show your support!

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The Tournament on the 11th of May was lit!
Here are the final results:

Chris Green​

MK11 is really lots of fun and resonates well with everyone playing it - whether its since its release or trying it for the first time.
We are looking forward to the next tournaments and the bright future of this game!

Next up: 23rd of May: Meltdown in Cologne!