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Well redraptor has me feeling all warm inside with the skarlet love by posting recent helpful tech for people who are picking up skarlet this late into the games life, or had been using her since the start. So I decided to do the same but I won't be explaining much you'll just have to watch the video to see whats going on lol, just some ole advanced skarlet tech to play around with.

30+ mid screen OTG

Bloodclot roll to make certain wakeups whiff.

Blood ball combo 52%

Blood ball combo 50%

Double Input Reversal

Blood Clot Quick Step

Blood ball Quickstep V2

BloodBoil Reposition Combo

Blood Clot Roll on Sonya


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great stuff Scar I'll definitely play around with these. i feel like anti-wakeup tech wasn't really explored much in mk9 so and these looks like good ways to beat certain wake-ups. i hate sonya and cage so much lol

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Oh god, i'm getting the feeling too, maybe i will share something too. Good Shit Scar, i will check these around.


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Didn't know about the bloodclot roll wakeup stuff and the quickstep and reposition stuff, I might go mess about with them later :)

And do you guys like to use 2 to cancel into specials mid-juggle more? I tend to cancel f4 into red dash and whatever special or b2 if I can, I can squeeze a bit more damage from those. Might post my own tech I've found too to get the mk love started again, even if it's just already found, but I'll include my own most damaging bnb's too

Good stuff Scar :D