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More like North American Player Appreciation Week, amirite?

The Forfeit glitch left so many players frustrated that no matter what NRS do right now, people will complain anyway. We're living in different time zones and NRS is an american developer so unfortunately it was expected that not everyone will be pleased.

Truth is it could have been done much better. If it's about easy access to most wanted gear/brutalities they should have given bonus time krystals to everyone and offer said gear and brutalities in the Premium Shop for a week in 24 hour rotation. It would have been more accessible for everyone because it's up for 24 hours.

And now that I mentioned Forfeit glitch - it's still not fixed on PC/Steam. We have two weeks left until the end of season and it's still exploitable on PC. Player appreciation week should have started with fixing that.


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I feel kinda sad. I love this game. Best MK, imo.
But the way it's been handled, and still is, just seems incredibly flawed in so many ways.
They changed some things for the better, but then something else is being handled bad, like this.

It's disappointing, because as said, I really love this game. And I'm sad it's stuff like this that's dragging it down.


Or they could have just left those towers up for a full 24 hrs so the entire world gets a shot at them, in place of whatever cookie cutter looping garbage is currently rolling through that particular set of towers.

And they called it "Appreciation Week"...LUL. It's just towers during two days, not a week. No one cares about the Twitch or Discord day.