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MLG TYM chat

Who has had experience with MLG and their chat? Is there a place where us TYMers are going to chat during MLG? Or are we all going to use the MLG chat thing. New to the MLG chat thingy.

Will it be packed with viewers were we can't talk with each other?

Will it tweet out everything I type? I don't get that twitter thing.

Help me out. I'm dumb. I play Sheeva.


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How about... TYM chat!

That's what we used to do, and it always worked fine. I will be there today, as I always am :)


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I had asked about this. It seems that you need to have a twitter account to chat on the MLG Chat. I don't think it will tweet what you say as long as you turn that feature off. And yes there will be other people in the chat. The options we have is using someone twitch channel for poverty chat. Or using the TYM chat feature.


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Is it not being streamed on twitch? Can't we just use the Twitch TYM room?
I assume not since they are trying to create a service that creates competition for Twitch, so I would assume they're going to be going with proprietary streams. I am not basing this in any fact though, so I could be completely wrong.

You can always use the tym chat at www.testyourmight.com/chat OR www.testyourchat.com , both will take you to the same chatroom. The second link is simply a fullscreen version that's separate from TYM itself. If you are an old geezer and like to run legitimate IRC programs, you can conect to us at #testyourmight on GeekShed!
I just put in my twitter account and unchecked the "post to twitter" thingy. If the chat is cool I'll hang out there. If not I'll come to TYM chat, or maybe both!