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Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by K7L33THA, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Info from the MLG website. Takes place November 2-4. MK will be ran on Friday and Saturday. If you're going and looking for roomates/community assistance we can use this thread to communicate.


    Dallas Convention Center

    650 S. Griffin Street
    Dallas, TX 75202

    Travel Info:

    The venue is 17 miles from Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, and 7 miles from Dallas Love Field Airport.
    Transportation: Super Shuttle: (800) 258-3826. From DFW airport $25 each way, from Dallas Love Field $15 each way.


    The Adolphus
    1231 Commerce Street
    Dallas, TX
    Hotel Rate: $139 s/d/t/q + 13% tax
    Reservations: 800-221-9083
    Reservation cutoff date: October 11, 2012
    Distance to venue: 2 blocks

    Crowne Plaza Dallas
    1015 Elm Street, Dallas
    Dallas, TX
    Hotel Rate: $115 s/d/t/q + 13% tax
    Reservation cutoff date: October 9, 2012
    Reservation Phone: 214-742-5678
    Additional Information: Self parking is $12 overnight
    Distance to venue: two blocks

    The Omni Dallas
    555 South Lamar Street
    Dallas, TX
    Hotel Rate: $149 s/d and $159 t/q + 13% tax
    Reservation cutoff date: October 12, 2012
    Reservations: 1-800-THE-OMNI
    Additional Information: Self parking $18 per day for guests
    Distance to venue: connected

    I'm looking to get there Thursday night through Monday morning and will need roomates. I don't mind sleeping on the floor and will pay my share. All hotels listed are in walking distance of the venue. Anyone interested pm me or post in this thread.
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    Daaaamn $25 each way for the shuttle.
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  3. Showtime

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    K7 would you want to be in a KH room, the amount of us going well need at least 2 or 3 rooms

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  4. K7L33THA

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    For sure dude. Do u know which hotel u guys are staying at? Crown Plaza looks cheapest. Doesn't matter to me though. I'll definitely chip in. Hopefully we can do a casuals stream too.
  5. Showtime

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    Yea well be streaming casuals the whole weekend, as well as the team battles

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  6. GRieVeR_SKeiTH

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    I really want to make this for the experience, had a great time getting destroyed by Dizzy at Raleigh, but since TYM was down had trouble getting up w/ the community for casuals + bars and what all. Its official, I'm going to be booked at the Adolphus the 31st through the 4th, anybody that needs a room to crash pm me.
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    MK confirmed to be held on Friday and Saturday. The Omni hotel is the one connected to the venue, but its more expensive. I think there's like 4 hotels near the convention center. I priced them and for 3 nights for 4 ppl would be about 90-100 bucks per person.
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    I went ahead with Omni. But I get lost easy.
  9. Pig Of The Hut

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    Im at OMNI

    thurs noon-mon 4pm
  10. Lord Beef

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    I'm super stoked to meet and play all you guys. First tourney....and it's MLG...LOL fml.

    As I said before, I live here so I will wheels and know some great nightlife spots. Will be bringing the green as well. :D

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  11. KingRey

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    I will be looking for a place to stay. I am still working on flight info and clearance from my job to work remote. I will keep you posted. If the KH rooms have space that would be great.
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