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MLG Dallas Fighters Preview Trailer GET HYPE

Trailer started well. Then SASBR came on and DAMN, MK is so fucking hype who are we kidding... this game isn't dying it's only just begun.


This guy looks kind of tuff...
A kombat Houston hype trailer on the making. Stay tune. Lol


That DJIT X-Ray dash cancel was the hype! gdlk!
You can actually see PL surprisingly looking at the screen and wondering what the hell is happening. I don't think he knew you could do that (how can he with no humans to play with).


wow VSM with that repsect tho

this is gonna be the best MLG yet

PL forgot to mention in his popoff about dat X-Ray Dash cancel to throw madness !


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Damnit... I was looking for this video for the longest time... finally found it and it's gone.

This video was EXTREMELY hype... especially with Tyrant at the beginning. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I know. I did a bad thing... replying to an article 6 years later. Who remembers this trailer?