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MLG Dallas Fighters Preview Trailer GET HYPE


We ready? Are you ready? If not, you will lose. Ever since Major League Gaming's inception with Mortal Kombat we have been bringing the hype to the arena. Calling out the world and daring more to show. Who's gonna get beat? Who can't be beat? Major League Gaming accepts no weakness... this is Mortal Kombat ya'll and when we bring our 90+ player army... come this weekend... hell will show its face.

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Yo, that almost made me go buy MK again to start playing.....almost.
If I knew All Stars was gonna be there, i would of went and entered all 3 games for the fuck of it.


Are ya' ready for MK11 kids?!
Shouldn't the entire trailer just be a PL/CDJr stare-off with Bill Conti - Going the distance in the background?


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My first MLG event...how fitting for it to emit an epic aura before the battles have even begun.

Let's rock this bitch.


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Shoutouts to Lulzlou, I hope you're ready for this because shit's getting serious. XD And to GamerBlake90, whom i just started talking to recently. I hope you guys cause some major upsets and place 1st and 2nd between the two of you. Good luck out there, guys. And have fun, of course. :cool: