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Video/Tutorial - Grandmaster MKXL - Sub-Zero Stealth Buff?


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Hey all,

usually my videos are self-explaining, but this is from my Twitch stream, so let me tell you what happened:

I was playing a set vs a Grandmaster player. I tried to punish 123 into clone, but my ex teleport was blocked. I thought I was late, so I went to the lab. I was not able to punish the 123 clone cancel, even when my teleport was coming out as a reversal. I thought the only safe regular clone cancel was f4 into clone, so I double checked.

My Xbone is not patched, this is the footage you are seeing in the first seconds. I was able to punish it pre-patch, so I wasn't tripping. Then you see me switch back to my Playstation (which is patched) and see me not being able to punish the cancel with my teleport.

When I read the patch notes, I see nothing about this. So what do you thing about this, is this a stealth buff or am I missing something here?


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Usually each patch has a couple of stealth changes not listed for some reason. I wonder if the universal changes to blockstun caused this?


123 frame numbers weren't changed but the block advantage is better (enough to jail into Ex Burst that wasn't possible before). I'm not sure if the frame data did change and the numbers weren't updated or it's just that the block advantage is the same but both the animation recovery and blockstun were increased so when canceled it's safer because you skip the recovery. Not sure how it works though.


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I noticed this change when I played against any teleporter. I always do the 123xxIK unconsciously, because I tend to get my opponent away from me, while doing the IK. Back then it wasn't possible. Now it's possible, and I think that they improved the block advantage there.

This 123xxIK to freeze your opponent is a rare starting center-to-corner combo I found out a while ago.