MKXL Hatemail Thread Part Deux!

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by Eldriken, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Eldriken

    Eldriken Your bloodline ends.
    Forum General

    Alright, ladies (lol who am I kidding? This is the Internet :DOGE) and gentlemen, you know what this thread is for. Bring forth all your salt-filled messages/stories so everyone can bask in their sodium-ridden glory!

    If some of you don't already know, this thread had to be remade because the last one turned into complete shit 'cause folks couldn't keep their panties out of a wad and take their argument/bitching elsewhere. So, let's keep this clean (among each other, that is), shall we?

    I look forward to LOLing at whatever dumb shit folks from PSN/XBL have to say. :D
  2. HanSolo

    HanSolo Noob

    Was playing kitana last week and I got the guy at full screen and just laid down the fan barrage. He fucking lost his mind, exploded with salt. Said that this match was going on reddit the next morning, I was ruining the game, I would never get anywhere, hoped I died in my sleep, etc. Etc.

    It was a mirror match...
  3. _xFriction

    _xFriction Noob

    reported for duplicate threads
  4. Vaiist

    Vaiist Noob

    I was recently informed that "throwing is for faggots." Thank God he informed me, or I would have continued to look really silly landing all that damage.
  5. -Blinky-

    -Blinky- The Cyber Initiative

    He was deep in my ass.

    Never forget.
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  6. Savage8-8

    Savage8-8 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    "Defense abusing (N word)! Your nothing but a fucking block spammer!"
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  7. Eldriken

    Eldriken Your bloodline ends.
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    Reported for reporting me for something that I was given permission to do. Enjoy your infraction! =P
  8. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Why you receive hate, respond only with love.

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  9. vegeta

    vegeta Saiyan Prince
    Premium Supporter

    Wasn't exactly mail but while I was playing/testing stuff out in the beta this dude who used sub-zero (Kompetitor) put the mic in after I beat him a few times and then lost to his grandmaster. I was pretty much playing around with a character I don't use (scorpion as he's my tertiary) So he says I'm only winning cuz I keep doing FBC's and teleports....meanwhile all he's doing is jump kicking, sliding and putting out the clone. I then destroy his cryomancer...He then proceeds to say I don't want grandmaster. So I thrash him some more and tell him to bring the grandmaster as I'm pretty much just testing out stuff in the netcode. He doesn't say anything and leaves. I run into him again and he tries scorpion. Doesn't work. So dude was a total bitch lol. If I gave him that much trouble with a tertiary he'd get BODIED with my actual main.
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  10. vegeta

    vegeta Saiyan Prince
    Premium Supporter

    just ran into another guy...liu kang player. Barely beats me...I lost at the end because I tried to wake up TP when he pressed buttons...ended up being a delayed wake up.....then goes on a rant saying get good bla bla bla....basically really salty. Go beyond limit or something was his gamertag. Dude is also trash. Didn't wanna rematch....likely cuz he knew he'd get wrecked. Another bitch lol. This is turning into an amusing night
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  11. Bomborge

    Bomborge Aspiring scrub

    I was bodying that guy last night lol. Just another random scrub.
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  12. VenomX-90

    VenomX-90 "On your Knees!"

    I love these types of threads...
  13. dennycascade

    dennycascade UPR_ghastem

    I was bodying this Raiden player 3-0 in player match with Ruthless Ferra/Torr. He had his mic on and kept freaking out every time I did b121 into ferra toss on block (+7) and then beat his poke with b1. Kept yelling "oh my god you fucking mashing lag warrior" every time I checked him with plus frames and even said I'm jumping around like an asshole for jumping in on him after 11 on hit (+34). He finally beat me in the fourth game after doing back to back EX shockers on block, tea bagged and said "that's what happens asshole get mixed up like GGA dizzy bitch"

    Right before he clicked next opponent I turned on my mic and told him Dizzy dropped Raiden... Dunno if he heard me. Ferra/Torr really brings in the salt when people don't know the matchup lol.
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  14. Phosferrax

    Phosferrax Original Liu Kang cop.

    "Fuck you fireball spamming f****t"

    - A foxy grampa
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  15. Treadmill

    Treadmill Noob

    A fun drinking game would be taking a swig every time you read "bodying" or "scrub" in this thread.
  16. PainForge

    PainForge Noob

    Favorite mk online moments: hitting people with the same move repeatedly because they know you're free, shit talk and laughing on mic when you lose, teabagging mid match, waiting for you to confirm a rematch and then quickly decline, giving 10's to to the player that beat who you lost to in koth...then shortly after giving them a 0 because you also lost to them...
  17. sub_on_dubs

    sub_on_dubs How can your name be Rain, yet you can drown?

    Let's see what I can remember. I was doing a corner combo and this guy said" oh you think you're good cause you can do that? Lag switch bitch. No win for you" Disconnects right after.

    I was bodying someone with Jax and he says" yeah, I love black guys. I'm gonna rape you, murder you, then eat you". Must be a Jeffrey Dahmer disciple.
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  18. Killjoy McGee

    Killjoy McGee [Hype Intensifies]

    So I just started playing Cybernetic Kano not too long ago, and as a result what tends to happen is I tend to do the same/similar stuff repeatedly which usually always happens when I start playing a new character/variation

    Now I played player matches against a gentleman on PS4 known as Scorpionhell in which he used F/T. In the first game which he won. He then switched to Mileena and we played another game which he also won, and then proceeded to teabag me which seriously confused me. He then plugs in his mic and proceed to belittle and berate me and tell me that he fell for it once but won't fall for it a second time! I could understand his rage if I had beat him but he beat me 2-0 which confuses the heck outta me! :p
  19. I was once told that I only win because of my fundamentals (Yes, you heard right)... And without them I would be shitty.. And that he can beat me if I didn't have them.. Sadly, he wasn't trolling
  20. NaCl man

    NaCl man Mishima boiz

    NaCl man82
    You would have alcohol poisoning after a page and a half
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  21. Generalbit

    Generalbit The blade of osh-tekk is stale.

    Said Kotal was the slowest character in the game. Then proceeded to call me trash and left

    as I'm winning 7-0
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  22. vegeta

    vegeta Saiyan Prince
    Premium Supporter

    Yea I've been hunting for him for a while for fun but haven't run into him again. But I remember the name so when the new netcode update hits....and I find him again...and use my main in a serious manner...............he's done lol
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  23. Savage8-8

    Savage8-8 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Its amazing the amount of salt i see on a beta. I play this guy named OMG_THIS_RANDOM and beat him 7 to 2 yesterday. I beat him the first 7 times with UB sub and he won the last 2 and quit after that. I ran into him again today and he barely beat me for the first match. After he beats me he leaves immediately(bitch move already). But then he ends up sending me a message... "You grab waaaaay 2 much im done with you". smh. i guess throwing is considered cheap now just like combo spamming.
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  24. evolution07

    evolution07 It's too soon to get cocky.

    When I first joined psn not long ago, I was getting a LOT of hate mail for having a new account and beating everyone lol. I come from PC so it was throwing people off as to why I was so good.

    At one point, someone messaged me and said I should get a job because he kept losing to me lol. I forget what the score was.

    In a KOTH, someone said I was using a hacked version of the game because I never dropped combos, blocked my opponents inputs correctly every time, always landed punishes and I had multiple accounts lol.

    Nowadays it's a little different. I get praised more than insulted. The beta has good players, and current MKX has a bunch of dimwits.
  25. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan savagery is no match for skill

    I played a guy on beta, beat his ass, he maniacally mashed A to rematch, rage quits half way through the first round, called me a "greasy African", and a lot of other racial slurs all while his kids were crying in the background lol.

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