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MKXL Finals at Evo 2016 Moved to 8am PST Sunday Morning (11am EST)

SM StarGazer

The voice of reason in a Sea of Salt
Voice of rason time: OMG Im so tired. Pools were hard-fought and the room smelled like dong. Sweaty, Salty, kindascary looking motherflockers everywhere dreaming ofkilling me cause I made Top 32. Cant wait to get agood six to seven hrs of rest be4 Top.....8am?

I BEEN HERE NIGH-48hrs of gruellingly depressing games against THA BESTest GOATS IN THE GODDAMN WORLD. Might have ended close to midnight or 1-2am sometimes which means you need time to rest and refrackin'charge. Butnow ya gotta rush...sleep a little. Wakeup, squat, pushups, situps, juice, piss, cry, then get to the event center, breakfast, if the venue opens at say "6:30am" then you must be there pretty early, and all things considered.

It an Injustice.

See what I did there. I kill me sometimes. Carry on mongrels