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MKXL Finals at Evo 2016 Moved to 8am PST Sunday Morning (11am EST)


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So of those that will exactly attend EVO for MKX, would you prefer TOP 8 being late on Saturday night over what it is now?
Honestly, yes, I would. If you're looking for viewers, 8 A.M. is a terrible time slot. And players typically stay up late at events to get in casuals with players that don't have access to their offline scenes, among other memorable experiences.

But seriously, (not directing this to you, BTW) downtalking other games just because of MK's bad luck with the schedule? Why not direct your anger at the EVO staff as they are the ones in charge of scheduling the event? :confused:


So of those that will exactly attend EVO for MKX, would you prefer TOP 8 being late on Saturday night over what it is now?
The problem is theirs likely no real good timeslot on Saturday as is due to Stream+Multiple games having pools wrap up+all the other games wrapping up on Saturday in the first place.

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I work third shift I am pretty happy I get to watch the finals before I go to bed in the morning. I would gladly trade that though to watch the pools most of the day because the matches are generally more exciting\upsets especially with the amount of unknown online players that are supposed to be attending.

Yes this does suck balls for the top 8 but if you came to win EVO partying at night should not be your top priority. I do feel for the people though that are just going for fun and want to party hard and have to wake up ass fucking early to watch the top 8.


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Damn, irrational smash AND KI hate. All coming out because more players showed up for those games. Circumstances suck but the way some people are handling it is crazy. I hope they're making top 8 let alone actually attending EVO.

Isn't KI about reads/reactions with the breaker, counter breaker, shadow breaker stuff? And risk (losing out on damage) vs reward (cashing out early or going big. Plus more damage from correct break baiting)? That all on top of playing a fighting game?
KI has less entrants and its finals aren't on Sunday. Just to clarify.

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I don't hate Smash, but you can't compare it to a real fighter like MKX. I love KI, but I feel the same way about that - since it has a gimmick mini-game component to it. You wanna start comparing MKX to Divekick too? Its like comparing MMA to point fighting. Let's compare Sonic Fox's level of skill to Dr. Pee Pee's. Its like comparing chess to tic-tac-toe. We don't have to be so politically correct all the time. What's next? Bump real fighters for phone games?

To clarify what I said I wasn't comparing games. There's no point to do so despite your attempt at humor. Mkx isn't smash or sfv. I think we all know that. BUT it's in the FGC which matters most. So to see it grow like other gaming communities why not support other games as well.

You've missed the point. My points were

It's about mkx having a better time slot for finals.

It's about the FGC having a better way of showing each finals in good times so all could see.

It's others like myself that can try to attend more offline events so we can get those really big numbers.

Maybe next year things will be different with I2 and mkxl still hanging around.

*insert bill Maher gif smiling at you*

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You've got a lot of anger rooted in denial and hyperbole. Might want to talk to a professional about that.
"Well, doc....I'm really just here because I can't stand watching Smash Bros and wish it had its own event so it didn't interfere with the actual fighting games I love at the most important event of the year."

Makes sense.

Look, if you like Smash, that's cool. Enjoy watching it, man. I also have a right to not give a shit about the game, though, and realize it's only at EVO because it generates money and a ton of entrants for the event. A game having a massive following doesn't merit it being added to a fighting game tournament, though. To me, Smash is no more of a fighter than that sumo ball mini game on Fusion Frenzy was. I can't blame the organizers for having it, but I can still believe it shouldn't be there. There's a reason it was never featured prior to a couple years ago.

If you think these thoughts merit me getting therapy, I don't really even know what to say to you.

I do know that If more people supported MKX, this wouldn't be an issue and we could have a time slot that wasn't fucking garbage. I realize the issues MKX has, but it doesn't make it any less entertaining for me to watch (unless Alien is picked). Also....this is an MK site, so there's going to be many of us who are incredibly biased toward our game.

Having said that, Smash is the only game I refuse to watch a second of or support its representation at EVO. The fact that there are TWO Smash games is something I don't even care to comment on. I'll watch the shit out of Guilty Gear and I haven't played that game ever. I'll watch every second of Killer Instinct's top 8 even though I haven't played the game in months. I watched KOF every year that was on even though I don't know the first thing about the game. I'll watch Marvel for all the reasons I've already mentioned. And Street Fighter is.....Street Fighter.

I also read the average Smash set takes 28 minutes or something. That's absurd.

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MK had the least amount of entrants for the Sunday games. Also the community asked us top 8 being 3/5 which we accommodated.

With live TV in play, we cant afford to take chances missing the window.

This makes sense. However I think if the Sunday schedule cannot fit 5 games at a reasonable time then there shouldn't have been 5 games.