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Video/Tutorial - Bo' Rai Cho MKX Kombat Klass featuring Bo' Rai Cho!!


Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)
The notation for the combo at 53 seconds in is wrong. Bo cancels F11 into DF3MB not DF1MB.

I liked the double puke combo at 1:42, haven't seen that before lol


I don't even touch most of these characters lol, but man it's fun to see how creative you can get with the variations....keep up the good work.

I hope this carries over to injustice 2
Thanks for the feedback. I'm just one guy, and the list/order of character is provided to me. Feel free to ask questions, and I may be able to share some visibility.
Cute video! I love this character and soon I'll upload a few things.