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MKT Kung Lao Infinites

Why is it was harder in MKT. Spins are limited and it seems like you can't do punch whiff kick punch jk whiff kick punch jk soo on. What are tips for it because I can do it on umk3.

Also whats with not being able to morph after shang's ground eruption.


Houzi88 said:
DizGurl will probably know.

Anyway, in MKT I believe the spin is one or two times in a combo, you can still do the aaHP,JK,whiff DK, inf. However if you start the combo with a spin it puts damage protection on it. However the spin is ultimately more useful since you can now move during the spin.


l SuGaR l said:
ÐarkMoon said:
well what MKT are you talking about?
It doesn't matter, the spin rule is the same for both MKTs.
Not for 64. The spin hit limit there is three. Like Spin-in, aaHP, Spin, then go into the whiff dive cross screen or w/e.