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Hi, everyone! I started uploading MKII stuff. You can check the links below and i will update the post with the new things once i upload them.

MK1 thread: https://testyourmight.com/threads/mk-scans-posters-stuff.72212/ with everything sorted on the links below:

1. Magazine Scans:
https://t.co/RlkAADdh5A?amp=1 - Amiga MK1 & MKII Scans Part 1
https://t.co/nxH8r9UKaP?amp=1 - Amiga MK1 & MKII Scans Part 2
https://t.co/Me3T9IZQMC?amp=1 - EGM MKII Scans
https://t.co/koIg5fjf1s?amp=1 - International Magazines MK1&MKII Scans
https://t.co/LRNT9R8RW3?amp=1 - GamePro MKII Scans
https://t.co/3YJn70dFB6?amp=1 - The Ultimate Gaming Magazine MKII Scans
https://t.co/J5iF1U095g?amp=1 - Misc Magazines MKII Scans

2 Posters/Ads

Hi-res MKII Arcade Flyers

Posters and Advertisement Scans:

International Ads Scans:

The MK Book AD:

Promotional Posters and Photos from the Commercial:

Arcade Game Strategy Guides

3. Misc Stuff

A big collection of behind the scenes photos

Some Official Art:

Daniel Pesina Bloodstorm Ad

MKII Kontroller Pad by Innovation

MKII Trading Cards

MKII Sticker Album (+ Completed Russian version)

MKII Music from the Arcade Game OST CD Scans



Some Hidden Messages within MKII PC DOS

Pre-production MKII Genesis Cartridge (not yet dumped)

MKII Sega Master System TCRF (including Kintaro morph)

MKII Sega Saturn and PSX TCRF

The Amiga Kintaro Morph Fatality

URLs to lots of TCRF for Arcade, Genesis, SNES, GB, GameGear, Master System, Saturn, 32X, PSX
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I've got some of those cards floating around somewhere. I've mortal kombat movie plus somewhere too lol


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There was an MK II collectors edition comic tie in with the game, it's rare. I had one chance to buy it years ago and didn't now I regret it lol