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MKD Resurrection I, II Released: Biggest Combos in Deception

MKD Resurrection: Biggest Guarenteed Combos
Download MKD Resurrection From Filefront

MKD Resurrection on YouTube

MKD Resurrection II: Biggest Guarenteed Midscreen Combos
Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

MKD Resurrection II on YouTube

While failing in comparison to the great MK Destruction movie which rocked the net a year ago. This video is a small answer for those looking to see a much shorter version, much like the Legacy series from MK Armageddon.

This will also be a series of movies. 2 more parts to follow. Part 2 will feature every characters biggest midscreen combo. Part 3 of Resurrection will be the infamous Beetle Lair's Shattering Glass Combos!! as well as a few Nethership combos!!!

Enjoy the Resurrection!!

Download MKD Resurrection From Filefront

MKD Resurrection on YouTube

Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

MKD Resurrection II on YouTube

lists with links will follow shortly..... i was sick all day yesterday so i decided to make this video. it only took about 9 hours to do. amazing how easy it was compared to mka.
MKD Resurrection II Released: Biggest Guarenteed MidScreen Combos in Mortal Kombat Deception

Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

Back to Back to Back days of combo movies!! What more could you ask for?

Continuing the ongoing mission to exceed in capturing the best combos of MK Deception. This time the movie features the biggest known ( and a few unknown ) midscreen combo for each character. Once again, the video takes full advantage of the 3 set rule: regular combo, otg combo, and free throw combo. All 100% legit, however there are plenty of "old school" combos that focus directly on the regular combo.

Speaking of those, there was THREE, yes three!!! new combos in MK Deception found yesterday.

Kira 59%: f3, cs, cs, 113, cs, 11csb2.

Sub Zero 59%: B2 cs 12 12 cs 12u4, BF 4.

Darrius 44% : 3, cs, 12, cs, cs, 1244

Darrius's combo is implemented into his throw combo at the very end ( 60% )

There is also a new Jade 101%!!! Along with Bo Rai Cho and a few others you will just have to see to believe!!

Enjoy Part 2 of this Masterpiece.

Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

Part 3 is not yet confirmed. However, i will be doing random things and pondering my next movie.

Wow, didn't notice you had posted these videos.

The first one doesn't work for me for some reason.

The second one is great. Keep up the good work.

thanks man, i hope the first one works for ya soon.

im trying to figure out why its not working. only getting sound and no video? let me know whats wrong with it, if possible

thanks to everyone for their replies to come! hope you enjoy this work of art.

mkd ftw
I tried opening it on Windows Media Player as usual.

It says an error has occured in this file or something like that.
ok, ima check it out, so far, i havent heard any complaints about it, other then one about having no video, and only sound

ill download it and see what happens. if you dont mind, try downloading it again.

thanks again man
thank you sir, as usual.

it was a pleasure doing those 2 combos

who knows, maybe ill do another mkd movie

once again, thanks for the awesome reply. MUCH appreciated