MK9 vs SF meeting tweeted by Ed Boon ;)

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by M_TRICKZz, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I will shoot myself if this happens. Just stick to MK purely and our gameplay style only. The only crossover I would support is something like MK vs X Men but it would have to be under our system and our design etc.
  3. NO, FUCK. I DO NOT WANT THIS GAME. No more cross overs, fix the god damn glitches, make more mk characters and the game will be perfect.
  4. Jimmypotato

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    if anyone takes this seriously, they need help
  5. Ed Boon is a notorious troll. Among other things, he teased via Twitter that the fourth DLC character in MK9 would be Ryu from Street Fighter.
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  6. ...Who the hell really thinks they're planning to do an MK vs. SF, based on this alone? Come the fuck on. If the ridiculous notion alone wasn't enough to tip you off, the wink at the end should've been a dead giveaway. I should just tweet that it's raining razor sharp dildos and it's the end of the world, just to see how many people would come to TYM and be like "GUYS HOLY SHIT WE NEED TO GET TO A DICK SHELTER RIGHT NOW OR WE'RE GOING TO BE LITERALLY FUCKED TO DEATH".

    P.S. I'd play the shit out of that, I don't care what the haters say. I'm not banking on it and it's not really on my wish list, but I'll bet you anything we'd all think it was really fun once everyone got off their soapboxes and there's NO WAY it could possibly be worse than MK vs. DC. Seth and Cyber Sub tag team? FUCK YEAH DIVEKICKS ALL DAY.
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  7. SwiftTomHanks

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    Never gonna happen.
  8. UsedForGlue

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    Please just concentrate on making a solid MK game for the first time. That should be your ''1st order of business''.
  9. Zyns

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    This most likely will not happen.
    But if it did, I would spend all day fatalitying the heck out of Fei Long.
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  10. i don't know who's the better troll, REO or Boon...
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  11. T3rror

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    Boon surpassing Ono in messing with fans.

    This game needs to happen already. I've been waiting since the 90s
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  12. MagicMan357

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    Only crossovers id like is MKvsMarvel or vsKI

    Fuck SF
  13. RapZiLLa54

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    Give me MKvsDC2
  14. seriously i'd buy the shit out of MK vs KI.. mk vs sf too, but only if i can decapitate ryu or something
  15. G4S J360

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    funny enough i use seth as my main in ssf4, that would be my team lol
  16. Juggs

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    It would be cool to see a 4 game crossover. MK+KI vs SF+Tekken. Something like that, it would be a long name though. Kinda sounds like a Mugen. MKKIvsSFT!
  17. The issue with doing SF vs MK, to me, is that performing fatalities is out of character for much of the cast of SF. I mean like Chun-li ain't just gonna decapitate a motherfucker, that's not her style.
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  18. Flagg

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    To be honest, as huge trolls that Ono and Boon are, I heard about a week ago that Ono allegedly said he could be open to the idea of MK vs SF. And now Boon is saying this? MK9 is banned in Japan, so if this was going to happen, expect PG shit cause that's the only way a MK game would be allowed sale in Japan.

    It's all about moolah, nothing else.

    SF X Tekken looks cool, the trailers look cool, Rolento, Poison, Hugo and all the Tekken characters look cool. But it will be terrible thanks to the Gem/Derp system.

    Last good cross over games were the Capcom/Snk crossovers.
  19. Could be hilarious though. :D The way I see it happening:

    NRS version would have all fighters in realistic gore with Fatalities and Brutalities.

    Capcom version would be all cartoony with Babalities and Friendships but no blood.

    I don't think it's impossible. Ed Boon has always shown interest in working with Capcom. But it's not gonna be anytime soon considering SFxTekken is just around the corner.

    If it does happen one day, it's going to be a few years after UMK9 and MK10 hit the shelves. Not before.

    With that said, I agree that Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct would make a lot more sense.
  20. Doctor Angel

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    In the country that brought us deathmatch wrestling, samurai swords, and tentacle porn, MK is illegal?

    What the hell.

    Id buy it. I dont give a fuck. Ive always wanted to see what a MK/SF game would pan out like.
    But I wont hold my breath.
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  21. Flagg

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    It's true and I can't believe it either, seeing as they love all that Japanese, tentacle wierd, blood gushing anime stuff. Why do you think there is like, no Japan scene? Imagine the kind of stuff, Daigo, et. al. would have found by now.
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  22. Doctor Angel

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    I thought it was just out of spite to blow MK off, actually.
    Damn, that sucks :(. So even if the Japanese guys wanted to take part in Kombat, they can't?
    It makeh de no sense.
  23. MK isn't "banned" in Japan. They're just not selling it there. They don't feel confident that they can sell enough copies I guess...

    There's a MK fanbase in Japan but it's relatively small.
  24. Tim Static

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    If you believed any one bit of this, then....

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  25. Holy shit, I main Vega/sub Seth.

    Why the fuck do you always have to be using my characters, man?

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