MK9 To Injustice Character Comparisons:

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by KIllaByte, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. KIllaByte

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    We'll all be able to find our destined main characters more easily, and quickly, perhaps upon the game's launch, if we are able to compare them to our current mains in MK9, (unless you're a player that can change, or wants to change playstyles.)
    So, let's begin. First, declare who is like who, and provide reasons as to why, (other than looks, or popularity amongst peoples.)
  2. the flash is a cocky ass like johnny cage, and ive always liked those kind of characters. so im leaning towards flash, hopefully he will be a rush down character
  3. Rathalos

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    Wally is a cocky ass.
    The flash in Injustice is barry, who has less personality then a plank of wood.
    Really hoping he's just barry in name only.
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  4. Briggs8417

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    so not true! :p
  5. MagicMan357

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    I wonder if anyone will play like kano, not as in a sucky ass character but play style wise?
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  6. OllyGolly

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    Douchey unseriousness does not equal personality, just so you know. Its the fact that he doesn't take his job lightly as protector of Central City/Keystone City. You'd think the Fastest Man Alive would be that way but Barry isn't. He carefully calculates each move so it goes off without a hitch unlike Wally who would just rush in without a plan. Barry can be charming and warm when he wants to but on the job, the Flash needs to be cold and calculating.
  7. Reedoms

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    Wally is a bit of a cocky ass but I think that stems from his years in the JLE with other cocky assholes and the whole "I made powers/clothes out of goes fast, deal with it".
    Barry on the other hand is a delicate little flower and doesn't like to be pushed around. When he does, he erases/rewrites history.
  8. KIllaByte

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    So far, I think Cybrog = Cyrax and Sektor, due to Cyborg having "Meh" looking normals, and having ground missile setups.

    Batman is looking like the new Scorpion, with versatility, and medium everythhing, Including a Spear like Move that brings the opponent in.
    Catwoman is looking like Mileena, because of a lot of identical normals, but she does have Kuhbawl's Nomad Dash.

    Superman is looking like Nightwolf, having some zoning tools, an anti-air, and hard(ish) hitting strikesn whilst having medium-low speed.

    Nightwing seems to be playing like Sonya Blade, Having Fast speed and rushdown tactics, all about pressure.

    WonderWoman seems to be Jade, having medium speed normals, and a low, medium, and high projectile, which, looked a lot like Boomerangs.

    Solomon Grundy- We've never seen this shit before.
  9. KIllaByte

    KIllaByte PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness

    The Most Kano-Like at the moment seems to be Superman. Zoning tools, medium pressure.
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  10. OllyGolly

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    I'd say Solomon Grundy is most akin to Jax and Sheeva. Super devastating with grabs and various physical moves, including a foot stomp move.
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  11. KIllaByte

    KIllaByte PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness

    Scratch that- Nightwing is a lot more like Scarlet.
    He has air and ground projectiles, and that rushdown and speed.
  12. KIllaByte

    KIllaByte PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness

    Jax had speed though, and an awesome corner game.
    Sheeva had (some) pressure tools, and some mobility with the tele-stomp. Both these characters also had projectiles, and I haven't seen a Grundy projectile yet.
  13. Bi-on-iC

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    Black Canary might play kinda like Sindel
  14. OllyGolly

    OllyGolly Noob

    If she's in, she's one of the characters that are on the fence. I know she's Green Arrow's lady friend but she may not be in.
  15. STB Sgt Reed

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    Batman - Scorpion/Kung Lao (batclaw is like spear and the robo bats are like KL's spin? IDK that's all I got lol)

    Superman - Rain with better zoning maybe? (Not sure, Rain b/c he looks like he'll hit hard, but he has better zoning tools than lightning...)

    Wonder Woman - ?

    Solomon Grundy - Sheeva/Jax (Cause they're the only grapple-ish characters in MK9)

    Flash - Kabal/Johnny Cage (b/c it looks like he has dash cancels and looks to be good up close also b/c of the time slow down gimmick. Cocky like JC.)

    Harley Quinn - ?

    Nightwing - Sonya/Jade (B/c of the rushdown he looks to have in one stance and the long range normals/keep away in the other stance)

    Cyborg - Jax/Sektor (b/c of the close medium far of his projectiles... like ground pound... and missile setups like Sektor)

    Catwoman - ?
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  16. axeman87

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    Mr Zobo
    Anyone still doing this?

    I'm curious and wondering which character will be similar to Kenshi.

    Batman definitely looks like Scorpion. Seems to have a bit of everything.

    Cyborg = Cyrax. Bomb traps.

    Green Arrow = Kabal maybe? Looks like a Zoner at first, but seems to have solid pressure and setups.
  17. -Deadman-

    -Deadman- Getting better with age

    I'll give the Kano vote to Deathstroke, lots of zoning options. Mercenary. Kinda dickish. Needs more "Bitch" and spit, but I doubt stroke can spit w that hood on.

    Bane is Shao Khan. Hold that.

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