MK9 PSN (3/Vita) GG's Thread

Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by STORMS, Mar 24, 2011.


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    Post all GG's of 1v1 online match-ups in here.

    Less than a month to go - get hype!

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    STORMS Owner / Director
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    Very good games to AC1984 and DanCock...

    AC, your Mileena and Kung and top notch already... you been practicing? Damn boy... lol

    Dan, your Sindel is already looking sexy! Keep working her! Maybe next time I'll win a few more... lmao

    Funny thing is.. not sure if I'm gonna use Ermac a whole lot. I really like Noob and Sindel atm.. and Kabal
  3. Krayzie

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    GG's to everyone I played.
  4. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    GGs to 9.95 and Sweet Johnny Cage at my house tonight. Wasnt online but we did play on PS3 so I posted in here. We dont have an offline GGs thread? We should.

    AIBOSTON Don't be mad!

    GGS to Bone and Arcade!
  6. iNFUSiON

    iNFUSiON GiR > LoL


    To Check. All I can say about this guy is Smoke, Ermac, and Shang. And yes, I capped the fights:D

    The vids will be posted later on today. I'm at work ATM.

    EDIT:Next tyme we meet hopfully we can get Br0k3n and Disiple to come thru for sum fucn offline action!!! Holla @ me my fellow Newyorkers! What's goody!!??
  7. GGs to Chris_Salinas!!!! I would've played more but I gotta turn it in shortly, I've got class in the morning. If you are on sometime afternoon/evening I'd love to play again :)

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  8. SZSR

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    GGs to Jago, I was surprised to see him in the KOTH room and more surprised to see that I could even hold my own against him. You are amazing, we have to get more matches dude!
  9. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    hmm i guess ggs to jago and Mr Kitana, but wow the lag has gotten worse.. did you guys notice how it was like pause and play, stop and go constantly??

    anyone else notice it being laggier or am i crazy?? i played both of these dudes before, yes there was lag but we were able to play, this was just stop and go like some one was pausing the game for a tick then pressing play non stop..
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  10. EGP Wonder_Chef

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    I posted this in the other thread, but I'm pretty sure I played you tonight.

    I was the Reptile main who used Noob among other characters.

  11. ggs to sutter pain, great matches man
  12. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director
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    gg's to BEENEEWEENEES, very nice Kano. I had some trouble blocking that x-ray... :(
  13. Sutter Pain

    Sutter Pain Your mothers main.

    ggs bro, was some fun matches invite anytime im down to play.

    If anyone else is on and wants some friendly matches send me a invite.
  14. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director
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    Vgg's to LOCO---LOC

    Showed me how Noob is truly meant to be played. :)
  15. ggs dan, first good sindel ive played. im good with nightwolf but im still working on shang. kano still gives me problems with NW. great matches tho i had a blast

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
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    ggs seque, storms, gunz, bone, hey-now, solo-strike, final-life-g, hmmm and anyone else i forgot :p

    BEENEEWEENEES Thou shalt be slain!

    ggs @ STORMS a few days ago, and ggs to sutter_pain tonight. :) psn is a load of shit.
  18. Sutter Pain

    Sutter Pain Your mothers main.

    ggs to everyone I have played recently, BEENE, GunZ, Sequel, k-lee, Gstick, Slayer435. I am always up for long sessions if anyone is interested.

    Rant: God damn ps3 freezes, fail to connect and tell me im not connected to the internet every time I wanna play . I am not a fan boy but 360 is much better online, but mine just died :(

    Official ESL Gaming

    GGs to Sutter Pain a little laggy but I still had fun whooping that ass lol

    Hit me up again later for games :)
  20. Samsung Crunchy

    Samsung Crunchy Studying all of her moves

    GGs to S1lent1 for blowing me up on his stream last Wednesday. Stay free to Crunchy's f 1,2, 1+2 string.
  21. Sutter Pain

    Sutter Pain Your mothers main.

    My main is also kano so be ready buddy :D
  22. VIDA

    VIDA Focused Grace and Intensity

    Ggs to DanCock, who's Sindel I couldn't touch and playing his alts was alot of fun and good learning experience for me. Unfortunately I only play Ermac and Kitana right now so that's why I always picked them lol. Hope to play u again soon!
  23. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    yea invite me when ever vggs ill come if i dont have anything set up with anyone else or in the middle of fighting someone.. nice kitana
  24. Gamin_Guru

    Gamin_Guru Shang Bang

    Dont remember exact names, but GG if I faced you.
  25. TWZTID

    TWZTID Noob

    How did that lil sample taste storms? I'm gunning for you, lol

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