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MK9 Glitch or Hidden Secret?


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yea i,ve had that happen a few times,maybe its something with DLC base male


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Very weird i just tried it and got the same thing. Probably some place holder they put in there before the DLC was released or something.

Edit: I just tried to select the red dude and xbox froze! dafaq


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Yeah Natas, this is a known glitch. I came across this by accident when fucking around with character select in Training Mode.

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So i was messing around with the game and i came across this.​
This is either just a glitch or maybe some kind of secret in the game we just haven't found.​
Well you guys be the judge and try for your self and see if you can come up with anything else.​
bout time you guys found my new main

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Damn, so we were originally going to get Blaze instead of Freddy?



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Guys you can pick him on xbox if you hold down the guide button for a few seconds and hit up+1 twice really fast