MK9 community in louisiana

Discussion in 'Atlantic South' started by XIN1T3MAREIX, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering if there are any players close to where i am so we can get casuals in.

    BTK HYENA Fuck you; fight me.

    I'm going to bump this with some awesome information.

    Right now, the Louisiana community is strong. In North Louisiana, we have AeS | Grolarbears, AeS | Dr. Niggins, the gentleman who started the thread, and myself. If you are in Shreveport, or the surrounding area, please message Grolarbears, or myself. Monroe, or it's surrounding area? Message XIN1T3MAREIX !

    South Louisiana includes some big hitters, such as Eklectic, and Ermaculate Slim. Message Rude if you are near Lafeyette, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans!

    Hopefully we can see some new faces come out. East Texas is invited too!
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  3. Rude

    Rude You will serve me in The Netherrealm

    This is awesome information. Bayou Battle is today, people! GET HYPE!
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  4. Kaymai

    Kaymai inside of this girl is a beast

    injustice tournament at Louisianime convention on saturday may 11th at the the hilton on 1521 w pinhook rd lafayette, louisiana 70503. i'll be there for it. hoping to see others show up as well.

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