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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Prinz, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    All know that ForeverKing performs some kind of a brutality with Kung Lao at the end of a match. It is possible to initiate this with all characters. To do this, knock down the opponent with a move that makes him stand up late. When he stands up hit him before he starts the dizzy animation. This will allow to at least connect a 2-in-1 combo. Maybe some characters have Kung Lao type of stuff.
  2. Sindelia

    Sindelia Blonde Shokan Queen

    Yeah I think I've done smth like this with Sindel's 212.
    I remember finishing them off with her b2 4 fball & it was cool.
  3. freakwency

    freakwency Noob

    reptile can keep the combos goin i always hit em with an extra 14 hits

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