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Match-up Discussion MK2 Reptile VS Jax


Human Gameshark

Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
  • Feel free to answer the default questions posed in the first reply, though you are not required to do so.
  • Please keep the discussion focused on the two characters in question.


Human Gameshark
This match is about on par with Liu Kang/Scorpion in terms of the beatdown being layed upon one character by the other...

Jax engages in hardcore bestiality in this match. Most of Reptile's offense, including his invisibility, occurs on the ground. Because of this, Jax can ground pound all day long and force Reptile into the air where massive damage will occur. Counter all jump-ins with aaHK or JK, backbreaker. If Reptile goes invisible, GP or MGP to uncover his whereabouts and punish him. Counter all slides with an uppercut. There's no need to go on the offensive in this match.

Reptile, as per usual, must be aggressive to win. Going invisible doesn't hurt either. Jax's GP, however, makes going and staying invisible extremely difficult. Reptile will likely be in the air more than he'd like as a result. Whenever possible, try to get a forceball out. This allows you either to go invisible or try to make your way in for the attack. Once inside, apply jab pressure, acid spits, an occasional slide to throw Jax off balance (don't abuse it though), just don't give Jax a chance to breath. It's Reptile's only chance, and it's not a good one at that.

Goes without saying, 9-1 for Jax.
  • Best options for Reptile up close?
  • How can Reptile force Jax into the air (can he?)
  • Should Jax go on offense at all?


Kitana's Bodyguard
Welcome to the Jax slaughterhouse. This match is a little easier than Scorpion vs Kang IMO, but NOT by much!

Certainly one of the hardest matches (and sweetest victories!) in MK2 is to beat a great Jax with Reptile.
Reptile's only prayer is to go and remain invisible.
Jax cannot counter what he does not see, though his ground pounds will probably force Reptile visible anyway.
Reptile has to hit Jax seemingly 10 times to do the amount of damage Jax can do in 3 or 4 hits (multi-slam, JK/backbreaker etc).
The ninjas' jump kicks are the easiest in the game to anti-air, and that makes this a cake-walk for Jax.
Forceball is great at forcing Jax to jump into your AA roundhouses, but Jax can usually get out a ground pound in during the forceball animation.

9-1 for Jax.