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Match-up Discussion MK2 Raiden MIRROR


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Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
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Kitana's Bodyguard
Welcome to the wild and crazy ride that is a Raiden mirror match. Any match involving Raiden is bound to make your head spin.
Raiden v. Raiden is double the trouble, and twice the fun! Here are some tips for Raiden mirrors:


- Charge high punch for the shock grab. It's an underrated move of his, in fact many good Raidens don't use it at all!
Anticipate a teleport from your opponent, and shock him!

- Counter all blocked supermans with a superman of your own.

- Instant supermans from crouch come out so fast, they almost always hit your opponent (at least until they start catching on).

- Teleport when it appears safe to do so, and apply jab pressure, shoot lightning, or superman. Mix it up to keep your opponent guessing!


- Don't teleport when you see your opponent ducking. It means an uppercut is waiting for you.

- Overusing the shock grab can be trouble. Eventually your opponent expects it, blocks, and punishes.

- Air supermans are great, but don't do them from a distance where you can get get uppercutted on the way down.

- Raiden can punish blocked supermans with a superman of his own. So whenever you superman, be sneaky about it, or it will be blocked and countered.

RAIDEN STATS (according to mortal_jason):
Tier Rank: 7
Best Special: Superman
Worst Special: Lightning Throw
Best Normal: Crouch Kick
Worst Normal: Crouch Punch
Awesome Raiden Players To Youtube: btbb99, Jester, IronCage
Reactions: MKB