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Match-up Discussion MK2 Liu Kang VS Kitana


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Ready for a spam fest?

Kang is, because he will want to stay away from Kitana if possible. He will want to throw all kinds of fireballs to keep the skank off her. IAF VS IAF is a common theme. Even though Kitana's IAF does more damage, Kang has a slight edge because of the lack of "reload" time in between shots and can fire them non-stop. Uppercutting an airborne Kitana is risky because most of them know to cancel out with an air fan which will catch the uppercut. Instead, aaHP and bicycle OR try low fireballing right before she lands. Look for opportunities to bicycle Kitana but don't be predictable or you will lose half of your lifebar. Block and counter missed fan lifts with a bicycle. And of course, don't jump in under any circumstances.

When it comes down to it, Kitana isn't going to win a spam war against Kang. Fortunately for Kitana, she can low toe underneath low fireballs just like Mileena. If done consistently, it will force Liu Kang to bring the fight to Kitana. You still need to watch for mid screen to near sweep range as low toeing those fireballs can be a bit trickier. Block those and sweep counter. Some Kangs will get frustrated and start jumping in. Anticipate and buffer the fan lift. Block special kicks and counter with fan lift.

Kitana will give Kang a lot of headaches if she stays low to the ground, but even then Kang will usually find a way to win. 7-3 Kang, possibly 6-4 at worst.


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At the highest level, this is a very close match in which both players must be extremely cautious.

Kitana needs to watch for Liu's low fireball animation to start. When it does, she can quickly JK/fan throw/JK (or HK) him for 50% damage. That's why low fireballs are not a smart play against Kitana.

When Kang just spams IAFs, he will shut down any Kitana except the very best. His uppercut and HK are great anti-airs.
If Liu mixes up high and IA fireballs, combined with anti-airs, he should be fine.

Probably 7-3 for Kang.


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I believe this matchup to be 6-4 Liu Kang.

One of the reasons Kitana struggles is due to the IAF, and none of them will ever hit her walking forward (unless you are playing MKAK which changes the game... sometimes you can get them to hit standing characters which is impossible in the arcade). Kitana's forward walkspeed is the fastest in the game (same as Mileena's) and she can close the distance quickly. Watching for fireballs and sudden moves, punishing accordingly.

Liu takes a HUGE risk by doing any Dragon Kick or BK because he will lose 50% and be ever closer to the corner.

You basically treat this match like you do the Jax one where you get in no matter what. He can't LFB up close or he eats a sweep which sets up her CQC game.


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Just wanted to add that if you're fast enough and your connection permits most characters can preemptively jump kick and defeat a spamming dragon kick but this is ideally from full screen. Also initial highkick at the beginning of the match will sometimes catch people who like to start out with a bicycle or dragon kick.