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Match-up Discussion MK2 Kung Lao VS Johnny Cage


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Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
  • Feel free to answer the default questions posed in the first reply, though you are not required to do so.
  • Please keep the discussion focused on the two characters in question.


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At first glance you might think to yourself "Cage is low tier, he sucks and has no chance." While it is true Cage has some deficiencies, this is actually one matchup where he has more of a chance than most of the others.

Cage will still have to work for this one, but he does have the tools to keep Lao honest in the air. His arsenal of aa moves including green balls, uppercuts, and shadow uppercuts are more than enough to do the job. Lao's bullet kick will need to come out fast to take Cage by surprise and get through his defenses. Likewise, getting Cage into the air with an arsenal of hat throws leading into a hat spin can prove massive for Kung Lao. If the game turns into a zoning war, Lao has the edge as he can throw high and low to hit the ducking opponent, or teleport to close the distance. This match, at a high level, could be 6-4 in favor of Lao. More often though it's probably 7-3, Lao.
  • What are the best AA options/combos for each character?
  • How does each character get the other into the air?
  • Who has the better CQC?


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Always a fun match!

He has the better CQC in this match, and in close is where you want to be. Mix up punches with shadow kicks, ballbreakers, etc. Lao owns everyone in the air, but Cage has a few good counters to this. His SUJK is the best in MK2, and it will often beat Lao in the air. Also anticipate Lao jumping, and hit him with a high green ball. Trade low projectiles with Lao until you get him to jump into your high green ball.

Lao doesn't have to stay away to win this match. In fact, a good strategy to keep Cage off balance is just constantly changing your position (with teleports, dive kicks, etc.) But if you want to make Cage's life hard, zone him with hats. Cage can't do much other than trade projectiles, or jump (most likely into your hat toss). Up close his sweep will beat Cage, excellent roundhouse also.

Overall Lao has the edge, but it won't be as easy as it seems. 6-4 for Lao.