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Match-up Discussion MK2 Kitana VS Reptile


Human Gameshark

Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
  • Feel free to answer the default questions posed in the first reply, though you are not required to do so.
  • Please keep the discussion focused on the two characters in question.


Human Gameshark
Kitana plays this matchup similar to how she does with Sub Zero. A careful mix of aggression and defense is necessary to ensure success. Above all else, she must keep Reptile from going invisible. That is the only real time that Reptile poses a threat, offensively. The usual mix of offense, buffering fan lifts, tosses, and IAFs will be enough to get the job done; assuming Reptile is visible. When invisible, Kitana needs to find a safe way to unveil him. Use your ears to listen for a jump-in or slide and counter accordingly. If there is no sound after a couple seconds, toss a fan since Reptile is likely walking forward.

Reptile can fight visibly or not, but of course stands a much better chance from the shadows. Don't be afraid to toss acid out to disrupt Kitana and keep her out of your face. As with most characters, don't jump in against her unless it's a crossover or you enjoy losing. If you go invisible, toss a forceball and/or slowly approach on foot, then unleash hell if you get in close.

Kitana has the edge, but Reptile can give her problems if played perfectly. It's either 7-3 or 8-2, Kitana.


Kitana's Bodyguard
Such a fun matchup for either character... love this one.

Reptile invisible poses the biggest threat in the game to Cage, Baraka, and Kitana.
Those 3 fighters have no way of "finding" Reptile and making him visible.

Kitana destroys Reptile up close, that is definitely where you want to be with her. Never let Reptile go invisible, or things will get tricky. With her fast walk, long sweeps, and IAFs, Reptile should never be allowed to get invisible in the first place.
Invisibility is the key to victory for Reptile. From here, he can sit and react to whatever Kitana does.
He has plenty of options while invisible, and Kitana can't really threaten him if she can't see him.

For a Kitana without IAFs, this is a 5-5 match.
The IAF is such a big projectile however, that it really makes it hard for Reptile to get the upper hand.

Overall, Kitana wins this 7-3.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
I like to play this matchup from both sides, it's pretty fun. Reptile struggles when she gets in, but he can definitely hold his own if he is smart and patient.