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MK11 Valkyries Tournament Hype and Discussion - Week 4 GRAND FINALS August 26TH @ 8PM EST

The tourney starts tonight, August 6th, at 8PM Est. It repeats for 4 weeks in a row!

It will be streamed here:


It'll be FT2 until Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

Come watch me play :D

Results for Week 1:
1st Siren Infinitii
2nd LostyGirl
3rd EmmyBB
4th ChealseaMeetsEvil
5th Bunny
5th Saki Sakura
7th T Envy
7th ScarsUnseen
9th Romanova
9th Vslayer

Results for Week 2:
1st Infinitii
2nd Kitten
3rd Saki Sakura
4th 420 Goddess
5th Bunny
5th Scars Unseen
7th Molly Bee
7th Vslayer

Results for Week 3:
1st Infinitii
2nd Scars Unseen
3rd Kitten
4th Baeleena_Kahn
5th EmmyBB
5th Bunny
7th Molly Bee
7th Tevnyr

Results for Week 4 (TBD):
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She's pretty and seems sweet. Definitely seems cool.
Yeah for sure. She plays the kahns so she’s obviously a boss. Bunny does too apparently but she didn’t pick him.

The only reason she lost that last round is because her shadow kick string ender didn’t come out twice in a row lol. That sucks, I know the feeling.