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MK11 Valkyries Tournament Hype and Discussion - Week 2 August 13th at 8PM!

The tourney starts tonight, August 6th, at 8PM Est. It repeats for 4 weeks in a row!

It will be streamed here:


It'll be FT2 until Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

Come watch me play :D

Results for Week 1:
1st Siren Infinitii
2nd LostyGirl
3rd EmmyBB
4th ChealseaMeetsEvil
5th Bunny
5th Saki Sakura
7th T Envy
7th ScarsUnseen
9th Romanova
9th Vslayer

WEEK 2 BRACKET - August 13th

Results for Week 2:
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This shit is killing me, like guys... it's obviously someone in the hill who people can't connect to. Try it with only one commentator and see if people can join. If not, try the other, if it works... you found the problem.