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  1. ** EDITED AGAIN**

    Help me out guys, I can't seem to find a list of all the general moves in the game so lets make a list!

    Quick hop:
    tap up (do a very short tap, can only be done neutral, no forward or back, follow up with punch or kick)

    Wake up moves:
    1. u3 - Invincible attack (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar)
    2. u2 - Launcher (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar
    3. f+stance (L2) - Forward roll (uses 1 def. bar) (strike invulnerable) (throws can beat it)
    4. b+stance (L2) - Back roll (same as above)
    5. hold stance (L2) - Delayed wake up (it's very short, hard to tell)

    Breakaway (combo breaker, sort of):
    d+block (R2) while you are in a juggle state (uses 2 defensive bars)

    Flawless block:
    tap block just before getting hit (you won't take chip damage, there are 2 follow ups)
    1. u3 - Same as wake up u3
    2. u2 - Same as wake up u2

    Any others?
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  2. Vslayer

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    Air escape d+R2 is the new combo breaker.
  3. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    Finally. Thank you.
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  4. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs


    Couldn’t find it anywhere

    K&M’s mechanics video had everything but that one.
  5. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    Couple things...

    1. I haven't been able to do a wake-up attack or a breaker. I think I may be an idiot.

    2. Does anybody have any BnBs and lists for all the special moves written down somewhere?
  6. Spinky

    Spinky F4 bois

    Wake-up is up and 3.
  7. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    1. The timing is really strict, have to do it as you’re getting up.

  8. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Yeah the timing in these are surprisingly strict, can’t say the game lacks any execution lol
  9. stokedAF

    stokedAF Noob

    They should have at least opened up the tutorial. I’m getting my ass kicked, it’s not like you have time to figure shit out when someone is throwing endless projectiles at you.
  10. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    To be more specific, D+Block. Because my R2 isn’t my block button.
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  11. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    For the U2 and U3, just keep tapping up then either 2 or 3. You don’t hold up.
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  12. I really hope they let us use training mode in beta, or at the very least let us look at the move list in the menus and NOT only during a match. The screenshots of some of the moves/normals is helpful, but we're missing out on lots of frame data.
  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Yeah, that’s because all the stress test is supposed to accomplish is testing the servers and matchmaking. Just like every other stress test, you only have access to all the game options and one online mode. This stress test also lets you mess around with the kustomization, which is kool.
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  14. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    And it seems pretty good.

    If you escape a combo when right when Scorpion is doing his spear, you actually have enough time to escape, get up, and get a full punish while he's still in recovery frames.

    Escaping adds a new element to combos. Certain combos if escaped are really unsafe, but at the same time your opponent might read your escape and decide to drop it to stay safe or even pressure you on wake-up.
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  15. Bloodfang

    Bloodfang Noob

    As a Scorpion player I do not like this, lol.
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  16. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    I want to mention something regarding the air escape mechanic. It loses to Fatal Blow.

    I was playing Baraka earlier, against a Skarlet. I did a juggle combo, and ended it with F4 into Fatal Blow. The F4 hit, and the Skarlet air escaped right as I inputted the Fatal Blow, but the Fatal Blow still connected--full animation and everything. I heard the "TING" of a move hitting against super armor, and "air escape" was on the screen. I'm afraid I have no video proof of this, so you'll have to take my word for it.

    So, this may add to the mind games. Will he use his fatal blow in a juggle, and I waste all my defensive meter?
  17. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Yeah, gonna have to start altering my Scorpion combos because if you’re playing someone good they will air escape just before the spear and land with plenty of time to punish you.
  18. DDustiNN

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    Great thread! Thank you
  19. I think holding d doesn't work to delay wakeup anymore.
    Now you need to hold stance change from what I am told, but I haven't been back on.
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  20. How do you wake up tech roll?
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  21. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Nice list, so far I think out of everything the quick hop seems to be used the least from what I'm seeing.
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  22. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    To paraphrase Mark Twain: "The reports of execution's death are greatly exaggerated."

    As I figured it would, learning how to properly utilize the Flawless Block is gonna be crucial in stepping our game up to the next level.
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  23. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan


    No wonder.. I'm trying to straight up do a regular Combo Breaker the way it has been for what, over 10 years now? I can't believe I haven't caught that Breakers are no longer a thing in all the coverage of the game that I've watched.

    Thanks guys!
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  24. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    This is what I was doing wrong with the wake-ups, so thank you.
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  25. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    Is it just me or does it just seem like the wake-ups are off? I haven't found a good use for them. I wish they would've kept the old wake-up attack system in place. These universals just haven't clicked with me.
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