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MK11 Stress Test information (Sign-ups closed)


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UPDATE: Sign-ups for the Stress Test have been closed. Invites will start going out at around 7AM PDT on March 15th, and it's currently unknown if more code waves will happen after that. Remember that not everyone will get in, so good luck to those who have signed-up. You can still find information about Stress Test below.

  • Separate from the pre-order Beta.
  • Begins March 15th at 7AM PDT, and will end March 17th at 11:59PM PDT.
  • Limited availability, if you signed-up you still aren't guaranteed access.
  • US players only.
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only, so no PC or Switch.
  • Details on playable characters and other features are still to be announced.
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Regged for it, hopefully I get chosen by the MK gods. I need to get my hands on this game asap!


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"We have an awesome announcement you don't want to miss!!"

Announces limited spots for a test to US players only....

Yeah, thanks! Us Europe players are hyped beyond words for this!
Yeah that was pretty dumb to hype up your entire audience for something that leaves out a huge chunk of it.

This should have been announced on the Kast without any mentioning before hand.

Also cant wait for all the usual suspects getting magically that invite.


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"US only"


Hope you have fun with the stress-test though, guys. ^^
I'll be watching some stream of someone playing it.
Shouldn’t be a problem. Certainly all of the streamers and YouTubers will get priority, just like last time.


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Oh you poor things, won't someone think of the europeans! Newsflash bro: the rest of the american continent is being left out of it too.
I already said LIMITED spots for US players. Point being, they are leaving out the majority of their players. This sort of thing should not be pre-hyped as if it concerns everyone.


Here's to hoping.
"We have an awesome announcement you don't want to miss!!"

Announces limited spots for a test to US players only....

Yeah, thanks! Us Europe players are hyped beyond words for this!
Yeah, I feel a little blueballed... But at least we'll get loads of new gameplay to watch and information from those who can participate.


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Really ? US only ? How disappointing !

NRS, if you want to have a bigger playerbase all around the world, do not leave all the non-US players in the dust, it's really frustrating.


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Yeah, these Betas are kinda weird. Makes me wonder why they would do the codes again after the mess that was the Injustice 2 Beta. I figured the entire point of doing a pre-order Beta was to 1) entice people into pre-ordering, and 2) allow some sort of guaranteed access so they don't have to deal with the code mess.

Not to mention:
  1. US only for the Stress Test
  2. Only 4 days for the main beta that you have to pre-order to get
  3. No PC and Switch Betas at all


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Ok dumb question but what's a stress test and how is this different from the beta?
Details one what exactly is in the Stress Test and main Beta is unknown. If I had to assume, I'm guessing the main Beta will have more characters and stages in comparison to the Stress Test.
>U.S. only
>Ps4/XB1 only
>half the roster only

Not much... err, "stress" being placed upon the system for this "test"...