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MK11 Story Mode and Dialogue Quotes


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Despite the fact that the story mode was meh (for me at least) it had some catchy or just cool quotes. What quotes did you like?
There are a couple I liked very much I replay them sometimes:
The one under my avatar, Liu Kang says to Scorpion
Liu Kang:
THIS TIME IT WILL *dragon kick (to Raiden);
One day Raiden will betray you, then you will believe. (To himself); How was I ever so blind as you?!
That is unfortunate for you, the Sea of Blood is bottomless, you will fall forever. (To Geras)
Kotal Kahn:
None of them were you (to Jade and yeah it was sweet)


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Johnny Cage (to himself. Literally.): Dad was an asshole! Hollywood made us an even bigger one.

Basically wraps up his character arc in a nice little bow, that line. Seeing how he started out in MK9, I never would've imagined he'd get this much character growth.
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so many good quotes aug.
I am gunna have to rewatch the story mode so I can actually answer this,
But for fighting dialogs any roast will do. especially Cassie and Noob!


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Ooh, and this one!

Shao Kahn (to D'vorah): You killed Mileena?! If true, you will die!

It just resonates with me on a spiritual level. Couldn't imagine why :rolleyes:


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Forgot, but "I recognised your footsteps Hanzo" exchange is probably the best in the entire game.


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Cassie Cage to Liu Kang: "FUCK. YOU."

This quote really resonated with me, especially while I was doing the Gauntlet.


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Jade has so many good lines in this game!

Kotal: "What you propose is dangerous."
Jade: "Of course it is."

I absolutely LOVE her confidence and sassiness!
I was never a big Jade fan before, but I really like her characterization in this game. Great voice actress, too.


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"My people will not rally to a Kahn held in CHAINS." - Sheeva 2019, on the useless jobber status of Kotal in MK11's story mode.
Kotal mauled a bunch of insect monsters and beat Shao Khan.

Speaking of Shao, that guy ran away from "his" throne like a little bitch. We had three Khans in this game and the one that jobbed the hardest was Shao


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Anything Shao Kahn said to Kotal pretty much. I loved how on sight their beef was.

"I am Kahn of Outworld! Vacate my Throne, or I'll soak these sands in your blood!"
Kotal "Baraka, Sheeva, I have not served your peoples well yet still you aided me. I will not forget"
Baraka "We don't need charity. We will share in Outworld's rule"

Its subtle in the few lines he has but I like Baraka's motive being keeping his race alive once he learns they were wiped out by Kotal in the future. Never expected him to join the good guys but it was a nice surprise.