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MK11 Pro Kompetition Circuit Revealed (In-Game Tournament Stage Shown)

Mortal Kombat 11 is closer than ever. With the dawn of a new title comes to lure of competition and MK11 will have be no exception.

With over $250,000 in prize money, the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition will stretch across tournaments of the world, provide pot bonuses, and encourage the level of competition we expect from such a renowned title.

The premiere tournaments include:

Combo Breaker:

Chicago, IL

Online NA East
June 8-9


Daytona, FL

Vienna, Austria

Las Vegas, NV

Online NA West
August 17-18

Celtic Throwdown

Dublin, Ireland

Online EU
September 14-15


Montreal, CA


East Coast Throwdown

Philadelphia, PA

LCQ: Last Chance Qualifier

MK11 Tournament Stage:
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OMG, i'm actually debating taking this super seriously now.. Being in Ireland, i wasn't expecting any serious FGC tournaments to be on, but Celtic Throwdown is part of the events!! I've never competed before but i'm damn tempted now... Probably gonna get my ass handed to me but the entry fee is very reasonable! Do i dare step out of my Komfort zone and compete...????

SO MUCH HYPE FOR THIS GAME. If i didn't have a job to go to i'd just get steaming drunk for a week to fast forward time.
Going to try to make it to CEO.
It really sucks that the Online NA East tournament lines up exactly on some of my Army obligations.

TOO HYPE for this though.

Also, I'm obsessed with how playful the tournament stage is. I'm glad they made fun instead of super serious like every other stage lol.
I live in Russia and can’t compete
Wow! What will be the interactables for this stage, I wonder? Throw salt in the opponent's face? Hurl a furry across the screen??
Looks like the interactables are the orange holograms, so probably works like the MKX training stage where the interactables are the ones from other stages on random