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MK11 Krypt Leaked Lore bits and items! SPOILERS


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  2. krypt treasury room

  3. Blood of Vaeternus Blood of Vaeternus -The vampires of Vaeternus drink blood often to maintain their lives. -But not just any blood will do; Vaeternians can only consume blood which is compatible with their clan's unique physiology. -Each clan has a stone like this. -Its magic identifies suitable victims."
  4. Crown of Jerrod -Crown of Jerrod- For millennia, this ceremonial crown was passed down through generations of Edenian kings. -It was a treasured symbol of the realm's longevity. -Edenia's final king, Jerrod, was wearing the crown when he was beheaded by Shao Kahn."
  5. Death Mask of Al Sheva- Death Mask of Al'Sheva- Prior to their defeat by Shao Kahn, the Kytinn were Outworld's dominant insectoid species. -For her failure in battle, the Kytinn's queen, Al'Sheva, was killed by her own subjects. -They preserved Al'Sheva's face as a warning to future queens: they must protect the Hive at all costs."
  6. KorlovenImperialScepter=Korloven Imperial Scepter-This scepter was long claimed by the Korloven royal family to be a gift of the gods. -Their possession of it was held out as proof of the royal family's eternal right to rule. -That claim was proved false when the Shokan invaded the Korloven capital and exterminated them."
  7. Medallion of the Zankarian Empire - Medallion of the Z'ankarian Empire- The Z'ankarian Empire was one of Onaga's key allies during his reign. -When Shao Kahn took over Outworld's throne, he set out to eliminate those loyal to old order. -Promising peace, he lured the Z'ankarian high council to a meeting at Dragon Mountain." None survived the encounter.
  8. OshTekk Baton of Victory=-Osh Tekk Baton of Victory- To commemorate great conquests, Osh Tekk emperors awarded batons to their victorious warriors. -No Osh Tekk totem was more highly prized. -This particular baton was awarded to a young Kotal K'etz for his valor during the Osh Tekk's campaign against the Qu'attons."
  9. Queen Sytholins Blade=Queen Sytholin's Blade\Very few relics remain from the conquered realm of Zaterra. -This blade, forged for Zaterra's Queen Sytholin, survives because its magic was coveted by Shao Kahn. -Anyone who wields it can command the minds of lower reptilian life."
  10. SunDoHearthstone=Sun Do Hearthstone\nLike many Outworld villages, Sun Do protected itself with a hearthstone. -Its magic safeguarded the villagers' lives and livelihoods. -Unfortunately, Sun Do's hearthstone was no match for the spells of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. -It was overpowered and Sun Do's villagers were enslaved."
  11. TalismanoftheKafallahWarlocks=Talisman of the Kafallah Warlocks\The Kafallah Warlocks were the most powerful sorcerers of Outworld's antiquity. -They secretly influenced Outworld's Kahns, shaping their reigns to suit their agenda: the Netherrealm's conquest the realm. -When the truth was discovered, the traitorous Warlocks were wiped out."

  12. ;HelmofMendalgavia=Helm of Mendalgavia\nThe giant cyclopes of Mendalgavia were long the shock troops of Chaosrealm. Their brutality was legendary, as they fought mercilessly to spread anarchy. Their reign of terror ended at the Battle of Gold Prefecture, when they were exterminated by Hotaru and the Seidan Guardsman."
  13. ;HornsofBanganarr=Horns of Banganarr\The Centaurians and the Shokan had long fought, seeking Shao Kahn's favor as his preferred race of warriors. When the Centaurian champion, Banganarr, was killed by Goro, the matter was settled. Banganarr's horns have served, ever since, as proof of the Centaurians' humiliation."

  14. ;krypt MK items
  15. HammerRewarded=You have claimed the war hammer of the Konqueror of Outworld, Shao Kahn. Use it to destroy walls and objects found in the Krypt by pressing {button:%hs}.
  16. SpearRewarded=The infamous chained spear of Hanzo Hasashi, now the hell spawned spectre of vengeance known as Scorpion, can be used to target out of reach objects, destroying them or pulling them closer.
  17. Ermac Amulet Rewarded= Ermac's Amulet acts as a focus to manipulate the souls of the dead. Using the Amulet will release a portion of your Soul Fragments to unlock Soul Spires and lift or rebuild destroyed objects.
  18. KenshiRewarded=The blindfold of Kenshi Takahashi, the blind swordsman, still retains a vestige of his power. Wearing the blindfold by pressing {button:%hs} allows you to peer into the spirit realm to reveal hidden treasures, depleting Soul Fragments while active.

  19. [KryptKeyItems.HeroItems]
  20. Hammer.Name=Shao Kahn's Hammer
  21. Spear.Name=Scorpion's Spear
  22. Blindfold.Name=Kenshi Takahashi's Blindfold
  23. Amulet.Name=Ermac's Amulet of Souls
  24. Device.Name=Kronika's Epoch Engine
  25. Hammer.Description=The Wrath Hammer of Shao Kahn that can be used to break objects and barriers on the island.
  26. Spear.Description=Scorpion's chained spear that can be used to destroy or pull in distant objects.
  27. Blindfold.Description=A blindfold that can be used to view the spirit realm to reveal hidden treasures or barriers.
  28. Amulet.Description=A powerful artifact that grants the owner the ability to focus Soul Fragments for a variety of uses.
  29. Device.Description=A relic imbued with the power to manipulate time.

  30. [SpendableItems]
  31. ;Titles
  32. SkipFight=Skip Fight
  33. EasyFatality=Easy Fatality
  34. GearXPBoost=Gear XP Boost
  35. GearXPBoostDescription=Boosts your gear XP.
  36. PortalGoldKey=Portal Gold Key
  37. PortalGoldKeyDescription=Portal Key Gold Description
  38. PortalSilverKey=Portal Silver Key
  39. PortalSilverKeyDescription=Portal Key Silver Description

  40. ;krypt konsumables
  41. BlindfoldNoSoulCost=Soul Stone
  42. BlindfoldNoSoulCostDescription=This container of trapped souls allows the use of Kenshi's Blindfold free of cost for a short time.
  43. BreakableReward=Kia's Spiked Club
  44. BreakableRewardDescription=This enchanted relic increases the rewards gained from destroying objects in the Krypt.
  45. ChestCostReduction=Sindel's Wedding Ring
  46. ChestCostReductionDescription=The enchanted ring of Queen Sindel reduces the cost of opening Krypt Chests for a short time.
  47. ChestCostReward=Scavenger's Lock Pick
  48. ChestCostRewardDescription=This fragile lockpick is able to unlock a Krypt Chest without spending Koins.
  49. EnvironmentImmunity=Fiber Military Vest
  50. EnvironmentImmunityDescription=This Special Forces vest protects the wearer from being injured from the many traps present on the island for a time.
  51. FasterBlindfoldMovement=Takeda's Headband
  52. FasterBlindfoldMovementDescription=The headband of Kenshi's son Takeda grants the courage to move more quickly while using Kenshi's Blindfold.
  53. ForceForge=Shang Tsung's Soul Stone
  54. ForceForgeDescription=A soul imbued relic that can be used to activate the Forge for a time when desired.
  55. MonsterImmunity=Monster Invulnerable
  56. MonsterImmunityDescription=Protects the user from attacks from the denizens of the Krypt.
  57. RestockConsumable=Kronosphere
  58. RestockConsumableDescription=Instantly rewinds time, repopulating a small number of previously claimed Krypt Chests on the island.
  59. CurrencyBundleConsumable=Mystery Bundle
  60. CurrencyBundleConsumableDescription=A kollection of loot
  61. ShrineReward=Naknadan Charm
  62. ShrineRewardDescription=This ancient charm seems to increase the likelihood of earning valuable items from The Shrine.
  63. SkeletonKey=Skeleton Key
  64. SkeletonKeyDescription=This orb seems to be some sort of key that matches the mechanism's that lock some of the gates on the island.
  65. SummonKollector=Kollector's Koin
  66. SummonKollectorDescription=A golden Koin that can be used to entice The Kollector to appear.
  67. SummonComet=Ash of the Red Dragon
  68. SummonCometDescription=The remains of an ancient dragon, this ash has the ability to summon a Comet instantly in a random location.

  69. ;krypt forge major materials
  70. ShinnokHeart=Ensorcelled Demon's Heart
  71. ShinnokHeartDescription=The heart of a demon, suspended with the foul magics of a necromancer.;MK11Unlockable_KeyBloodDoor
  72. ShinnokSoul=Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls
  73. ShinnokSoulDescription=A million screaming souls trapped in a stone by powerful necromancy.;MK11Unlockable_KeyDamnedSouls
  74. ShinnokEye=Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon
  75. ShinnokEyeDescription=The still living eye of a dragon, kept alive with necromantic sorcery.;MK11Unlockable_KeyDragonKing
  76. TavensSword=Taven's Sword
  77. TavensSwordDescription=A sinister blade that seems to cut light itself.
  78. FracturedKatana=Fractured Katana
  79. FracturedKatanaDescription=A shattered blade that carries a dark power.
  80. EdenianBladeFragment=Edenian Blade Fragment
  81. EdenianBladeFragmentDescription=Bearing sigils of a lost kingdom, this fragment shows great promise.
  82. CrackedLinKueiBombshell=Cracked Lin Kuei Bombshell
  83. CrackedLinKueiBombshellDescription=An inert explosive that is a marriage of ancient technique and modern tech.
  84. TornSack=Torn Sack
  85. TornSackDescription=This bag appears to have been ripped from the inside...as if something dangerous escaped it.
  86. DepoweredTekuninCore=Depowered Tekunin Core
  87. DepoweredTekuninCoreDescription=A power source of incredible capacity, drained and dormant.
  88. DisabledCyberneticHeart=Disabled Cybernetic Heart
  89. DisabledCyberneticHeartDescription=It no longer beats, but this electronic device seems ominous when so still.
  90. BattlewornHelmet=Battleworn Helmet
  91. BattlewornHelmetDescription=A heavy reminder of many battles past, scars etched into its bloodied surface.
  92. DissembledOldPistol=Disassembled Old Pistol
  93. DissembledOldPistolDescription=An expertly dismantled weapon, only a master could really understand its functions.
  94. IllFittingDullBladedHat=Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat
  95. IllFittingDullBladedHatDescription=A weapon of a bygone time, dull with age and use.
  96. SplinteredMachuathitl=Splintered Machuathitl
  97. SplinteredMachuathitlDescription=A well worn weapon, splinters serving as memories of lives taken.
  98. ZombieChains=Zombie Chains
  99. ZombieChainsDescription=Weighty links that could bind the very dead to this realm.
  100. RustyAntiqueSixShooter=Rusty Antique Six Shooter
  101. RustyAntiqueSixShooterDescription=Simple in its construction, this weapon is still a masterpiece of engineering.
  102. MagicallySealedAmulet=Magically Sealed Amulet
  103. MagicallySealedAmuletDescription=This intricate amulet bears a secret, but powerful magic binds it.
  104. DragonKingsHeart=Dragon King's Heart
  105. DragonKingsHeartDescription=An ominous beating emanates from this still heart. Its power looms large.
  106. BentHookswords=Bent Hook Swords
  107. BentHookswordsDescription=Wicked blades made for tearing and rending flesh, bent into a grotesque shape.
  108. MileenasVeil=Mileena's Veil
  109. MileenasVeilDescription=A bloodstained veil that appears to have hidden terrors beyond mortal ken.
  110. DrahminsMask=Drahmin's Mask
  111. DrahminsMaskDescription=A twisted visage, staring at it seems to distrub your very thoughts.
  112. SindelsBrush=Sindel's Brush
  113. SindelsBrushDescription=An intricate and delicate brush, once owned by a powerful and regal master.
  114. BustedBlackMarketGauntlet=Busted Black Market Gauntlet
  115. BustedBlackMarketGauntletDescription=Illegal weapons built into this gauntlet make it a powerful weapon, if only it could be repaired.
  116. JaxsCigarBox=Jax's Cigar Box
  117. JaxsCigarBoxDescription=The strong scent wafting from this box is reminiscent of victory and courage.
  118. AgelessIronbark=Ageless Ironbark
  119. AgelessIronbarkDescription=Tree bark that is tougher than any iron and older by far than even the stones and earth.
  120. GrotesqueMutatedLarva=Grotesque Mutated Larva
  121. GrotesqueMutatedLarvaDescription=Wriggling and fanged, this larva could grow into a horrifying predator given time.
  122. RemnantsOfAnAgedAcademyAward=Remnants of a Broken Trophy
  123. RemnantsOfAnAgedAcademyAwardDescription=Gold shine long since dimmed reminds you of a career past its prime.
  124. AntiqueTrainingManual=Antique Training Manual
  125. AntiqueTrainingManualDescription=Combat Techniques long since disregarded, but could they be incoroporated into modern tactics?
  126. DregsOfTheHourglass=Dregs of The Hourglass
  127. DregsOfTheHourglassDescription=The final grains of sand have long tumbled down, and a somber feeling emanates from this object.
  128. EmptyShatteredVial=Empty Shattered Vial
  129. EmptyShatteredVialDescription=The scent of iron and viscera wafts faintly from the shards of this vial.

  130. ;krypt forge minor materials
  131. BlackPowder=Black Powder
  132. BlackPowderDescription=A small pouch of fine grain explosive black powder.
  133. BottledThunder=Bottled Thunder
  134. BottledThunderDescription=A storm roils and twists in the glittering vessel.
  135. CarbonFilmResistor=Carbon Film Resistor
  136. CarbonFilmResistorDescription=Carbon Fiber and hyper thin, this material is strong and sturdy.
  137. ChargedCapacitors=Charged Capacitors
  138. ChargedCapacitorsDescription=Power hums in these glowing devices.
  139. CircuitryBundle=Circuitry Bundle
  140. CircuitryBundleDescription=Wires and circuits spark, seemingly of their own accord.
  141. CoagulatedVampireBlood=Coagulated Vampire Blood
  142. CoagulatedVampireBloodDescription=The deep ruby color flows and shifts slowly in the vial.
  143. CopperPlating=Copper Plating
  144. CopperPlatingDescription=A rich, shimmering plate of metal polished to a mirror shine.
  145. Cordite=Cordite
  146. CorditeDescription=A small bundle of explosive shaped like a tangle of cord.
  147. CrystallineShard=Crystalline Shard
  148. CrystallineShardDescription=A glow plays through the shimmering crystal, casting light in all directions.
  149. DistilledTarkattanRage=Distilled Tarkatan Rage
  150. DistilledTarkattanRageDescription=The glass is vaguely vibrating, and the liquid inside looks angry.
  151. DragonFlame=Dragon Flame
  152. DragonFlameDescription=A flame burns on its own, undiminished by time.
  153. ElderGodsSpark=Elder God's Spark
  154. ElderGodsSparkDescription=Power crackles and leaps from the mote of power, concealing a much greater purpose.
  155. ElementOfOrder=Element Of Order
  156. ElementOfOrderDescription=An emblem bears the symbol of the Shaolin monks and thrums with power.
  157. EssenceOfEdenianMagic=Essence Of Edenian Magic
  158. EssenceOfEdenianMagicDescription=The purple liquid appears to dance and glow, brimming with energy.
  159. EssenceOfFrost=Essence of Frost
  160. EssenceOfFrostDescription=Cold to the touch, this mote of power appears as a small snowstorm.
  161. FrayedWiring=Frayed Wiring
  162. FrayedWiringDescription=Wires pulled from an unknown machine, ends torn and rent.
  163. GoldOre=Gold Ore
  164. GoldOreDescription=A hefty chunk of pure gold, its weight belies its value.
  165. GraveSoil=Grave Soil
  166. GraveSoilDescription=This soil exudes a sense of profound sorrow and rage.
  167. GroundBoneDust=Ground Bone Dust
  168. GroundBoneDustDescription=This dust seems nearly as sinister as the bowl it rests in.
  169. HandfulOfFlux=Handful of Flux
  170. HandfulOfFluxDescription=This dust could help melt any metal, proving useful in powerful crafts.
  171. KryptSpiderSilk=Krypt Spider Silk
  172. KryptSpiderSilkDescription=This spider silk flutters in the slightest breeze, but when bound together is stronger than steel.
  173. KytinnSpittle=Kytinn Spittle
  174. KytinnSpittleDescription=This special crystal vial is the only way to contain the incredibly acidic spittle within.
  175. LeatherStrips=Leather Strips
  176. LeatherStripsDescription=Leather Strips taken from some unknown denizen of the Krypt.
  177. LostSoulEssence=Lost Soul Essence
  178. LostSoulEssenceDescription=You can hear faint wailing from the glowing motes in the cage.
  179. MeteoriteDust=Meteorite Dust
  180. MeteoriteDustDescription=A falling star, ground into a fine dust seems to seep an otherworldly power.
  181. MinitureExplosiveCharge=Miniture Explosive Charge
  182. MinitureExplosiveChargeDescription=This small device contains massive destructive power.
  183. Motherboard=Motherboard
  184. MotherboardDescription=A fully in tact controller for some large machine.
  185. NecromanticRunestone=Necromantic Runestone
  186. NecromanticRunestoneDescription=A stone with a foreboding symbol on it. Its power fills the air with dread.
  187. NetherrealmMagma=Netherrealm Magma
  188. NetherrealmMagmaDescription=The glowing rock ripples and bubbles with incredible heat, never cooling.
  189. ObsidianShard=Obsidian Shard
  190. ObsidianShardDescription=A jet black shard of wicked sharp stone. It glints with malice as light plays across its surface.
  191. OutworldSteel=Outworld Steel
  192. OutworldSteelDescription=Cold steel with ominous rippling patterns over its whole surface. It seems to leech heat from the air.
  193. PoweredCore=Powered Core
  194. PoweredCoreDescription=The buzz of barely contained power fills the air around this device.
  195. SerpentScales=Serpent Scales
  196. SerpentScalesDescription=Sickly green scales from some massive serpent. They might make excellent armor.
  197. StabilizedChaos=Stabilized Chaos
  198. StabilizedChaosDescription=Madness and disorder swirl and twist, constantly threatening to break loose.
  199. SuspendedOshTekkSunglight=Suspended Osh Tekk Sunlight
  200. SuspendedOshTekkSunglightDescription=This gem spills light and glows with an inner heat.
  201. SyntheticFiber=Synthetic Fiber
  202. SyntheticFiberDescription=This tangle of threads is incredibly durable and flexible.
  203. TygorrHide=Tygorr Hide
  204. TygorrHideDescription=The striped hide of this massive beast is a rare find and incredibly valuable.
  205. UnbrokenFuse=Unbroken Fuse
  206. UnbrokenFuseDescription=Power flows through this fuse, serving as a conduit of power.
  207. ZaterranVenomSac=Zaterran Venom Sac
  208. ZaterranVenomSacDescription=This organ periodically leaks incredibly deadly venom.

  209. ;krypt kollector store
  210. PitSpike=Pit Spike
  211. PitSpikeDescription=A broken spike from The Pit on Shang Tsung's Island
  212. ThatsnotaBandolier=That's not a Bandolier
  213. ThatsnotaBandolierDescription=It sure looks like a Bandolier
  214. Lowtechspikedwristband=Low tech spiked wrist band
  215. LowtechspikedwristbandDescription=An OWIA wrist band with the initials "SB" carved into the interior
  216. RustedBattleAxe=Rusted Battle Axe
  217. RustedBattleAxeDescription=An ancient warriors axe that has seen many battles
  218. NetherMagma=Nether Magma
  219. NetherMagmaDescription=A jar of magma from the pits of the Netherrealm
  220. RustedDeathHook=Rusted Death Hook
  221. RustedDeathHookDescription=An acid marked hook from the Dead Pool
  222. DeadlyWhiteRabbit=Deadly White Rabbit
  223. DeadlyWhiteRabbitDescription=The favored pet of a member of the White Lotus
  224. DancingMonkdiscoball=Dancing Monk disco ball
  225. DancingMonkdiscoballDescription=Friendship?
  226. ChildsThunderhat=Child's Thunder hat
  227. ChildsThunderhatDescription=A kid sized version of the Thunder God's hat
  228. Amputatedcybertail=Amputated cyber tail
  229. AmputatedcybertailDescription=The spiked metallic tip of Motaro's tail
  230. BlackDragonWhip=Black Dragon Whip
  231. BlackDragonWhipDescription=A whip that belonged to the Black Dragon, Jarek
  232. falseKahnhelmet=false Kahn helmet
  233. falseKahnhelmetDescription=An imitation helmet with the inscription "Reiko" on the inside
  234. KongasDrumStick=Konga's Drum Stick
  235. KongasDrumStickDescription=A ceremonial drum stick
  236. Apepsmonkrobe=Apep's monk robe
  237. ApepsmonkrobeDescription=The robe of the hero Apep
  238. Koolchaosshades=Kool chaos shades
  239. KoolchaosshadesDescription=Sunglasses that belonged to the Seidan, Darrius
  240. YingYangKoconut=Ying Yang Koconut
  241. YingYangKoconutDescription=A koconut from Yin Yang Island
  242. FleshPitsEyeball=Flesh Pits Eyeball
  243. FleshPitsEyeballDescription=A "Meaty"eyeball from the Flesh Pits
  244. ;HeartofBlaze=Heart of Blaze
  245. ;HeartofBlazeDescription=The burning heart of Blaze
  246. TrappedSmokeVapor=Trapped Smoke Vapor
  247. TrappedSmokeVaporDescription=A jar of constantly swirling smoke
  248. ReptileTongue=Reptile Tongue
  249. ReptileTongueDescription=The tongue of the Zaterran, Reptile
  250. CyberSubZeroMemoryUnit=Cyber Sub Zero Memory Unit
  251. CyberSubZeroMemoryUnitDescription=A broken memory chip from the Cybernetic Ninja, Sub Zero
  252. SpecialForcessecurityclearancebadge=Special Forces security clearance badge
  253. SpecialForcessecurityclearancebadgeDescription=Standard issue security badge from the Special Forces headquarters
  254. PrototypeMechanicalArms=Prototype Mechanical Arms
  255. PrototypeMechanicalArmsDescription=1st Edition cybernetic arms with "Major Briggs" inscribed inside
  256. ImprisonedVoiceoftheQueen=Imprisoned Voice of the Queen
  257. ImprisonedVoiceoftheQueenDescription=A jar containing the essence of Sindel's Scream
  258. CeremonialDagger=Ceremonial Dagger
  259. CeremonialDaggerDescription=A ceremonial Osh Tekk blade once used by Kotal Kahn
  260. CeremonialHeaddress=Ceremonial Headdress
  261. CeremonialHeaddressDescription=Once worn by the Earthrealm hero and shaman, Nightwolf
  262. TribalNecklace=Tribal Necklace
  263. TribalNecklaceDescription=A necklace once owned by Nightwolf
  264. WooleyCarvedFlesh=Wooley Carved Flesh
  265. WooleyCarvedFleshDescription=A desiccated chunk of skin bearing one of Quan Chi's tattoos
  266. TeethofOutwardPrincess=Teeth of Outward Princess
  267. TeethofOutwardPrincessDescription=Some broken teeth from the Flesh Pit experiment, Mileena
  268. RoboticSpear=Robotic Spear
  269. RoboticSpearDescription=A spear used by the Cybernetic Ninja, Smoke
  270. SpecialForcesRedBerea=Special Forces Red Berea
  271. SpecialForcesRedBereaDescription=A red Beret produced by the Special Forces
  272. EdenianNaginata=Edenian Naginata
  273. EdenianNaginataDescription=One of the favored weapons of the warrior known as Tanya
  274. DrunkenMedallion=Drunken Medallion
  275. DrunkenMedallionDescription=A medallion worn by the Kung Fu master, Bo' Rai Cho
  276. ChameleonHeadband=Chameleon Headband
  277. ChameleonHeadbandDescription=A headband of constantly shifting colors
  278. CapeOfKahn=Cape Of Kahn
  279. CapeOfKahnDescription=A luxurious red cape, fit for a great ruler
  280. AshrasHat=Ashrah's Hat
  281. AshrasHatDescription=The hat worn by the demon, Ashrah
  282. TakedasArmWhips=Takeda's Arm Whips
  283. TakedasArmWhipsDescription=The favorite weapon of Kenshi's son, Takeda
  284. ShaolinDragonStaff=Shaolin Dragon Staff
  285. ShaolinDragonStaffDescription=An ancient, mystical staff used by the hero Kung Jin
  286. SandGrenade=Sand Grenade
  287. SandGrenadeDescription=A deactivated explosive device left behind by Erron Black
  288. ShokanCharm=Shokan Charm
  289. ShokanCharmDescription=A charm bearing the symbol of the mighty Shokan race
  290. BloodyHandClaws=Bloody Hand Claws
  291. BloodyHandClawsDescription=Small bladed claws worn by Ferra
  292. BeastsMask=Beasts Mask
  293. BeastsMaskDescription=A burlap mask worn by Torr
  294. CrownOfAKahn=Crown Of A Kahn
  295. CrownOfAKahnDescription=The feathered head dress of an Osh Tekk ruler
  296. SwatGear=Swat Gear
  297. SwatGearDescription=Once worn by the Earthrealm cop, Stryker
  298. DeadlyLarva=Deadly Larva
  299. DeadlyLarvaDescription=A larva from the Kytinn race
  300. LivingSpear=Living Spear
  301. LivingSpearDescription=It appears to be a living spear tip
  302. DeliasVeil=Delia's Veil
  303. DeliasVeilDescription=The veil of wife of Argus, Delia
  304. CrownOfArgus=Crown Of Argus
  305. CrownOfArgusDescription=The royal crown of an Edenian God
  306. ChampionsBelt=Champion's Belt
  307. ChampionsBeltDescription=The ceremonial belt of the Mortal Kombat Champion
  308. RingofSuchin=Ring of Suchin
  309. RingofSuchinDescription=A simple band of gold
  310. OWIABadge=OWIA Badge
  311. OWIABadgeDescription=A badge from the Outer World Investigation Agency
  312. HauntedLantern=Haunted Lantern
  313. HauntedLanternDescription=A still burning lantern from The Pit
  314. EternalBurningCandles=Eternal Burning Candles
  315. EternalBurningCandlesDescription=Crimson candles that seem to burn forever
  316. CourtyardGuardsMask=Courtyard Guard's Mask
  317. CourtyardGuardsMaskDescription=The ceremonial mask from a fallen warrior
  318. BloodScepter=Blood Scepter
  319. BloodScepterDescription=The royal scepter of Shao Kahn
  320. PreservedDemon=Preserved Demon
  321. PreservedDemonDescription=One of Quan Chi's many abandoned experiments
  322. SorcerersSkull=Sorcerer's Skull
  323. SorcerersSkullDescription=A summoned skull used by the sorcerer Quan Chi
  324. KronikasHourGlass=Kronika's Hour Glass
  325. KronikasHourGlassDescription=An hour glass that never runs out
  326. OutworldBulletCasings=Outworld Bullet Casings
  327. OutworldBulletCasingsDescription=A handful of bullets with names carved into the casings
  328. EdenianDesertSand=Edenian Desert Sand
  329. EdenianDesertSandDescription=Sand from the desert of Edenia
  330. LK9T9Skull=LK 9T9 Skull
  331. LK9T9SkullDescription=The skull of LK 9T9
  332. LK4D4Skull=LK 4D4 Skull
  333. LK4D4SkullDescription=The skull of LK 4D4
  334. LK7T2Skull=LK 7T2 Skull
  335. LK7T2SkullDescription=The skull of LK 7T2
  336. LK520Skull=LK 520 Skull
  337. LK520SkullDescription=The skull of LK 520
  338. CenturionHoof=Centurion Hoof
  339. CenturionHoofDescription=The severed hoof from a member of the Centurion race
  340. GauntletsofOrderrealm=Gauntlet's of Orderrealm
  341. GauntletsofOrderrealmDescription=Magical gauntlets worn by Darrius
  342. BlackDragonWornAxe=Black Dragon Worn Axe
  343. BlackDragonWornAxeDescription=Jarek's battle axe
  344. OniWarMask=Oni War Mask
  345. OniWarMaskDescription=A fearsome mask worn by the creature known as Drahmin
  346. DrahminsIronClub=Drahmin's Iron Club
  347. DrahminsIronClubDescription=The iron club of Drahmin
  348. DairousBrokenBlade=Dairou's Broken Blade
  349. DairousBrokenBladeDescription=A shattered mystical blade of unknown origin
  350. SkullofCeberus=Skull of Ceberus
  351. SkullofCeberusDescription=A skull from one of the heads of a hell hound
  352. OniKlaw=Oni Klaw
  353. OniKlawDescription=The severed claw of an Oni
  354. ExecutionersSkull=Executioners Skull
  355. ExecutionersSkullDescription=The skull from one of Shao Kahn's loyal Executioners
  356. GuardsDice=Guards Dice
  357. GuardsDiceDescription=A handful of dice owned by an Executioner of Shao Kahn's army
  358. IceDaggers=Ice Daggers
  359. IceDaggersDescription=A pair of icy daggers that never melt
  360. BeltofthefallenPrince=Belt of the fallen Prince
  361. BeltofthefallenPrinceDescription=The belt worn by an Edenian prince
  362. ArticHammers=Arctic Hammers
  363. ArticHammersDescription=A frozen hammer used by the Lin Kuei
  364. KingsCrown=King's Crown
  365. KingsCrownDescription=The crown of King Jerrod
  366. DarkEmpressesHeadDress=Dark Empresses Head Dress
  367. DarkEmpressesHeadDressDescription=The head dress of the fallen princess, Kitana
  368. BestActorStatue=Best Actor Statue
  369. BestActorStatueDescription=An award coveted by the Earthrealm actor, Johnny Cage
  370. KirasDragonBlades=Kira's Dragon Blades
  371. KirasDragonBladesDescription=A pair of blood drenched blades
  372. FadedDarkPriestRobe=Faded Dark Priest Robe
  373. FadedDarkPriestRobeDescription=The raiment of one of Shao Kahn's Shadow Priests
  374. ElementthatBringsLife=Element that Brings Life
  375. ElementthatBringsLifeDescription=An old, wooden bucket leaking water
  376. TigorePelt=Tigore Pelt
  377. TigorePeltDescription=The skinned and tanned pelt from a Taigore
  378. BrotherSwords=Brother Swords
  379. BrotherSwordsDescription=Twin blades used by Daegon
  380. CorruptedAmuletStaff=Corrupted Amulet Staff
  381. CorruptedAmuletStaffDescription=The ancient staff of the Elder God Shinnok
  382. BeatedSunMoonBlade=Beated Sun Moon Blade
  383. BeatedSunMoonBladeDescription=A battered Sun Moon blade once used by Hsu Hao
  384. StaffofTheDarkPriest=Staff of The Dark Priest
  385. StaffofTheDarkPriestDescription=A staff used by a Shadow Priest
  386. ShokanSaberTeeth=Shokan Saber Teeth
  387. ShokanSaberTeethDescription=Teeth from a Tigrar Shokan
  388. CrystallineBoulder=Crystalline Boulder
  389. CrystallineBoulderDescription=A boulder of green crystal left behind by Tremor
  390. ShaolinChakram=Shaolin Chakram
  391. ShaolinChakramDescription=Kung Jin's chakram
  392. ContainedDeadPoolAcid=Contained Dead Pool Acid
  393. ContainedDeadPoolAcidDescription=A jar of acid carefully collected from The Dead Pool
  394. UnmarkedTombstone=Unmarked Tombstone
  395. UnmarkedTombstoneDescription=An unmarked tombstone bearing the logo of a dragon
  396. BrokenTempleGlass=Broken Temple Glass
  397. BrokenTempleGlassDescription=Shattered shards of glass from a temple devoted to the Elder Gods
  398. EarthrealmKamidogu=Earthrealm Kamidogu
  399. EarthrealmKamidoguDescription=The Kamidogu representing Earthrealm
  400. OutworldKamidogu=Outworld Kamidogu
  401. OutworldKamidoguDescription=The Kamidogu representing Outworld
  402. EdenianKamidogu=Edenian Kamidogu
  403. EdenianKamidoguDescription=The Kamidogu representing Edenia
  404. KamidoguDaggerofEarthrealm=Kamidogu Dagger of Earthrealm
  405. KamidoguDaggerofEarthrealmDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger of Earthrealm
  406. KamidoguDaggerofOutworld=Kamidogu Dagger of Outworld
  407. KamidoguDaggerofOutworldDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger of Outworld
  408. KamidoguDaggerofOrderrealm=Kamidogu Dagger of Orderrealm
  409. KamidoguDaggerofOrderrealmDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger of Orderrealm
  410. KamidoguDaggerofChaosrealm=Kamidogu Dagger of Chaosrealm
  411. KamidoguDaggerofChaosrealmDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger of Chaosrealm
  412. KamidoguDaggerEdenia=Kamidogu Dagger Edenia
  413. KamidoguDaggerEdeniaDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger Edenia
  414. KamidoguDaggerNetherrealm=Kamidogu Dagger Netherrealm
  415. KamidoguDaggerNetherrealmDescription=The corrupted Kamidogu Dagger Netherrealm
  416. SektorsFlamethrower=Sektor's Flamethrower
  417. SektorsFlamethrowerDescription=A broken flamethrower torn from the cyber ninja Sektor
  418. FleshPitbandages=Flesh Pit bandages
  419. FleshPitbandagesDescription=Bandages that once protected the Flesh Pit experiment Mileena
  420. ShinnoksCrown=Shinnok's Crown
  421. ShinnoksCrownDescription=The crown of an Elder God
  422. FallWarriorMask=Fall Warrior Mask
  423. FallWarriorMaskDescription=A mask used by a blind swordsman
  424. ReikosGuard=Reiko's Guard
  425. ReikosGuardDescription=Armor worn by Reiko in kombat
  426. DrahminsCharm=Drahmin's Charm
  427. DrahminsCharmDescription=A tiny shrunken head
  428. OshtekSunstone=Osh Tekk Sunstone
  429. OshtekSunstoneDescription=A sunstone carved by the Osh Tekk
  430. RedDragonArmor=Red Dragon Armor
  431. RedDragonArmorDescription=The armor of a warrior of the Red Dragon
  432. TagsoftheGeneral=Tags of the General
  433. TagsoftheGeneralDescription=Dog tags belonging to the Special Forces General, Sonya Blade
  434. MaceofChaos=Mace of Chaos
  435. MaceofChaosDescription=A spiked mace forged from pure Chaos
  436. BrokenNightstick=Broken Nightstick
  437. BrokenNightstickDescription=Stryker's well used baton
  438. SashoftheBlindWarrior=Sash of the Blind Warrior
  439. SashoftheBlindWarriorDescription=A ceremonial sash once worn by Kenshi Takahashi
  440. VampiricEyepatch=Vampiric Eyepatch
  441. VampiricEyepatchDescription=An eyepatch that was once owned and worn by the vampiress, Nitara
  442. FarmerJaxHat=Farmer Jax Hat
  443. FarmerJaxHatDescription=A cap worn by the Jax Briggs on his day off
  444. SFRadarDevice=SF Radar Device
  445. SFRadarDeviceDescription=A standard issue Radar device provided by the Special Forces
  446. HollywoodKnuckles=Hollywood Knuckles
  447. HollywoodKnucklesDescription=Brass knuckles, but made of gold

  448. ;Character Sidekick Titles
  449. BarakaSideKick=Tarkatan Blood Offering
  450. CassieCageSidekick=Special Forces Com
  451. CetrionSidekick=Tear of a Goddess
  452. CyberFrostSidekick=Charged Cyber Kore
  453. DVorahSidekick=Kytinn Pheromones
  454. ErronBlackSidekick=Sack of Silver Dollars
  455. JacquiSidekick=Upgraded Military Boots
  456. JadeSidekick=Royal Guard's Pendant
  457. JaxSidekick=Polished Dog Tags
  458. JohnnyCageSidekick=Lit Shades
  459. KabalSidekick=Mask of the Nomad
  460. KanoSidekick=Black Dragon Butterfly Knife
  461. KitanaSidekick=Kitana's War Fan
  462. KollectorSidekick=Koin of the Dead
  463. KotalKahnSidekick=Sacrifice Stone
  464. KungLaoSidekick=Silver Dragon
  465. LiuKangSidekick=Liu Kang's Headband
  466. NoobSidekick=Blackened Sickle
  467. RaidenSidekick=Electrified Takuhatsugasa
  468. ScorpionSidekick=Skull of the Specter
  469. ShaoKahnSidekick=Helm of Kahn
  470. SkarletSidekick=Dark Ritual Dagger
  471. SonyaSidekick=Medal of Honor
  472. SubZeroSidekick=Kuai's Medallion
  473. TerminasSidekick=Eternal Sand
  474. CyraxSidekick=Tekunin Emergency Receiver
  475. SektorSidekick=Robo Sek Memory Unit

  476. ;Character Assist Titles
  477. BoRaiChoAssist=Gourd of the Eight Immortals
  478. ErmacAssist=Amulet of Lost Souls
  479. HavikAssist=Skull of Chaos
  480. HsuHaoAssist=Red Dragon Beam Emitter
  481. HydroAssist=Water God's Artifact
  482. KenshiAssist=Ancestral Katana
  483. KungJinAssist=Broken Quiver
  484. MeatAssist=Severed Head
  485. MileenaAssist=Bloodied Sai
  486. NitaraAssist=Ball of Coagulated Blood
  487. QuanChiAssist=Necromancer's Rune
  488. RainAssist=Krown of the Fallen Prince
  489. ReikoAssist=Reiko's Shuriken
  490. ReptileAssist=Force Ball
  491. SektorAssist=Homing Missile
  492. SmokeAssist=Ash of Vrbada
  493. SpecialForcesAssist=Flash Grenade
  494. StrykerAssist=Riot Grenade
  495. TakedaAssist=Takeda's Kunai
  496. TanyaAssist=Bloodied Tonfa
  497. TremorAssist=Tremor Spike
  498. CyraxBombAssist=Cyber Kommunicator
  499. CyraxAssist=Cyber Snare
  500. ShinnokAssist=Severed Arm of Shinnok

  501. ;Modifiers Titles
  502. AcidRain=Zaterran Charm
  503. AirStrike=Special Forces Radio
  504. Armor=Ethereal Armor
  505. BlockingDisabled=Cursed Stone
  506. FirePool=Unstable Firestone
  507. FloorOfFlame=Hellfire Orb
  508. JuggleKombat=Portable Gravity Generator
  509. MagneticFloor=Magnetized Kore
  510. Narcolepsy=Captured Dream Realm Spirit
  511. Overpowered=Shinnok's Amulet
  512. ReflectArmor=Eye of Hornbuckle
  513. TripleChip=Iron Fist Potion
  514. VampireTouch=Nitara's Blood Drenched Fang
  515. BeachBall=Anti Grav Device
  516. BuffedUp=Bottled Rage
  517. MeteorKombat=Meteorite Kore
  518. RainOfIce=Heart of the Water God

  519. ;Element Fist Titles
  520. BloodFists=Gloves of the Dead
  521. ElectricFists=Charged Knuckle Dusters
  522. EnergyFists=Kobra's Hand Guards
  523. FireFists=Magma Fist Gloves
  524. IceFists=Fists of Kold Steel
  525. DarkFists=Smoke's Ashy Hand Guards
  526. MagicFists=Enchanted Seido Guards
  527. PoisonFists=Poisoned Claws
  528. ChaosFists=Fists of Havik

  529. ;Element Storm Titles
  530. ElectricStorm=Wind God's Crown
  531. FireStorm=Edenian Molten Mask
  532. IceStorm=Raiden's Lightning Orb
  533. DarkStorm=Corrupted Dark Scepter
  534. BloodStorm=Nitara's Clipped Wings
  535. MagicStorm=Seidan Autumn Dao
  536. EnergyStorm=Mentor's Broken Cane
  537. PoisonStorm=Cracked Reptilian Egg
  538. ChaosStorm=Havik's Trapped Soul

  539. ;Element Floor Titles
  540. ElectricFloor=Electric Field Generator
  541. FireFloor=Hellfire Orb
  542. IceFloor=Sphere of the Water God
  543. DarkFloor=Worn Kala Sticks
  544. BloodFloor=Life Taking Kamas
  545. MagicFloor=Magnetized Core
  546. EnergyFloor=Energy Bow
  547. PoisonFloor=Venom Edged Spider Axe
  548. ChaosFloor=Eyes of Moloch

  549. ;Element Shield Titles
  550. ElectricShield=Static Shield Generator
  551. FireShield=Shield of Living Flame
  552. IceShield=Frost Kore Fragment
  553. DarkShield=Demon's Book of Spells
  554. BloodShield=Skarlet's Pure Blood Vial
  555. MagicShield=Seidan War Banner
  556. EnergyShield=Li Mei's Sharpened Kunlun Dao
  557. PoisonShield=Broken Kytinn Wing
  558. ChaosShield=Havik's Lost Face

  559. ;Element Rocket Titles
  560. ElectricRockets=Prototype Electro Rockets
  561. FireRockets=Napalm Missiles
  562. IceRockets=Liquid Nitrogen Filled Explosives
  563. DarkRockets=Abyssal Tinged Explosive Warhead
  564. BloodRockets=Plasma Infused Death Rocket
  565. MagicRockets=Magical Stealth Missile
  566. EnergyRockets=Special Forces Energy Fused Rocket
  567. PoisonRockets=Venom Laced Missile
  568. ChaosRockets=Uncontrollable Chaos Missile
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