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MK11 Definitive Tier List (In Progress Team Effort)


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There's a final tier list threat for MKXL, but I don't see any on this site for the MK11 tier list. I actually agree with REO on this one that the tier list is still in flux. You have Shao Kahn players consistently making top 8 in many instances dominating fujin players. Roethor developed Rambo's stagger game and beat Yuvility's Jaqui.

Rather than just posting a tier list here, I'd like to get everyone's feedback first and surprises are welcome. If you feel that a low or mid tier character doesn't belong where the usual suspects say they belong, by all means please post it. (For example Shao and Sindel I feel are significantly better than most people consider them to be, especially after full auto dominated Evo, and I don't find Cetrion to be nearly as strong as Joker, Jaqui, and Liu.)


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Maybe there could be a discussion on character MUs and add up the scores to make a better tier list, rather than just comparing tools that characters have in a vacuum
A lot depends on if we are talking online or offline, as well. Fullauto may have killed it with Sindel at EVO, but EVO was online and over the course of the game I have seen many people say they think Sindel (and other characters) is much stronger online than she is offline. Not to put down Fullauto of course, they have kicked my ass before and I know they are a solid player.

Because of COVID, is it safe to assume tier lists will be built around online play? I think most people would agree MK11 has been primarily an online game. So things like short hops and Erron Black’s fake mixes are much more “real” than they otherwise would be, strengthening characters that rely on those things. Kung Lao for instance has no overheads other than his short hop, and jump ins are of course a little tougher to AA online, as well as throws being more difficult to tech, so I feel like he is much better than he would be offline.

Same could be said for Raiden. You can OS a lot of his options off b12 whether he is using Thunder Wave or Raijin, but of course it is tougher to do online. I feel like you won’t be getting grabbed from his b12 or caught by the low staff very often offline.