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MK11 Aftermath - New Gameplay Trailer!


So excited!! Can’t wait to see Fujin’s fatalities!
Excited as well. Not sure the format cause i assume they'll be showing off all three characters.

Would be nice if there included some gameplay change hints in there as well (but im gettnig my hopes up tbh)
all joking aside I would like to see some crazy fighters in MK. D'Vorah is a great start... but bring back Motaro or w/e... some morphing thing or a crazy huge giant.. I dunno. But I would be totally into a dragon as a fighter if they could work out how.
I will not buy it but I'm still very excited. Their gameplay trailers are always so hype. I might get Fujin at least if he's fun.
You will be able to buy the characters individually a week or two after aftermath just like literally every Kombat pack character.
this isn't the kombat pack... this is the season 2 version of the game. Just like SFV does it. I will go on record saying they will NEVER be solid separatly . The KP2 is a different as yet unannounced thing of 6 more slots.