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Discussion in 'DLC Discussion' started by SilverKeyMan, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. LizardLard

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    Why is everyone asking for so much bullshit... Less is more. I like the Mortal Kombat series how it is. It needs fixes and small improvements- not drastic gameplay changes.

    -As many have suggested, fix hitbox issues. Skins should all have the same hitboxes, combos shouldnt be stance specific, try to avoid character specific combos, etc.
    -Better netcode- this shouldnt be an issue considering that injustice is perfectly fine.
    -No interactable bullshit or stage transitions or anything. Basically, no gimmicks. Just give us a fighting game. Don't try to remake the whole genre. Look at streeet fighter- It's easily the most popular fighting game of all time and doesnt have any stupid gimmicks or anything.
    -Basically, the same game as MK9 but with a revamped and expanded cast, more dlc, and all of the obvious improvement. NRS is trying to be all "innovative" with their games which is ultimately ruining them. Think MKvDC....
    -Better training mode- keep it like Injustice.
  2. knight x1868

    knight x1868 Blue Lantern Corps

    Reiko and Fujin...
  3. KingShaz

    KingShaz In the Shadows

    Konquest Mode! Please bring back Konquest mode...:(
  4. At least 20 strings per character - ideally at least 25.
  5. PainForge

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  6. Rome

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    another developer
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  7. TaffyMeat

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    For continuity purpose, there should be NO human Sub-Zero. This split the fan base for years. Sub-Zero should stay as Noob Saibot and Cyber Sub-Zero. Zebron should be the Champion of the Elder Gods. Hornbuckle should be playable. That Male Vampire from Nitara's realm. Delia. Block button. Online that fucking works without a broken leader board. Have Blood On/Off in the Options. Costumes modify game play mechanic ( like kombat kode ) Limb Damage ( it was in Tao Feng but it's a natural progression to costume damage and can change the dynamics of the fight - Imagine Scorpion cannot throw his spear if his arms are broken due to chip limb damage on block)
  8. Posthuman

    Posthuman Where's TJ Combo?

    Fluid movement, no stiffed animations, no gimmicks or comeback mechanics, better netcode, better pokes, less block recovery, better defensive tools, solid aas, hit trades.

  9. Minh Giang

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    no more stance changing and its bullshit button.
  10. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    Stance change is not bs. It's actually quite deep level stuff.
  11. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    lolwut, more like "some combos don't work because of that shit"! dude, i hate it, unnecessary thing like that should be removed.
    btw 2D HITBOXES!!!
  12. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    well, stage transition is actually from MK. MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKD and MKA have it. Just make it like Injustice's, no MKD/MKA bullshit and everything will be fine.
  13. I dont know this game to great extent but here goes mine wishlist. Order is random if something will be less important im going to say it.
    -No DLC characters or must have compatibility patch for online play. Its frustrating that around 55% peoples in MK9 dont haves them and when I finally realize that I cant play against somebody with my very expensive DLC character and when i quitting match i gets auto-lose. Even if it were 0.45$ it would be inacceptable.
    -Compatibility packs for extra costumes may be optional. I dont mind if somebody dont wish to see my extra costume.
    -Game should bee patched once per year or a bit more often. After release if there were huge and very obvious disbalance it can be patched. But i guess 1 patch per year is good choice its hard to see how really balance looks like right after release it takes time to make reasonable opinion about it. It also requires time to see what effects was bringed by patch.
    -Release It on PS3 or Xbox ,,Block'' 360. Dont release it exclusively on PS4 or next Xbox to be honest you can most probably even save effort and $ dont releasing it on them. MK9 is 2D and to be honest even PS2 would be capable of running it without any troubles (althrough maybe not in HD but I guess 80% of fans can live happily even without that and those 20% of rest wouldnt cry too much).
    Dont try to convince us that there is any good reason for it to not be released on PS3 and Xbox360.
    -Bring some old characters that we havent seen in Mk9 and take some from current roster. Too big roster means characters too similar to each other. In commercials it also dont sounds so great anymore players are not stupid they know that the bigger roster is the less differences between characters. I cant say what is good number but final (with all DLC) number of 30 characters seems to be fine.
    -Try to make characters vary as much as they do in MK9 or a bit more.
    -Too many characters have now teleport make it a bit less common.
    -Projectiles seems to be on the edge of being too numerous althrough they probably wont passed it but they would if there were at least one more of them.
    -Patches should mainly focus on repairing glitches and improving balance.
    -Players should be treated with respect even after purchasing MK10 it will just simply increase your incomings from MK11/DLC/MK10: We dont have idea for subtitle for this expansion ;).
    -DLC characters (if they will be present) should be balanced with caution they shouldnt be like bribe to increase chances for victory.
    -Currently except moving allo other commands uses only 4 directions it could be changed althrought definitely not necessarily.
    -Guest/Joke characters shouldnt be present. Or at least not playable in online at least not on ladder.
    -This is of way lesser importance than rest but... babalities should be deleted or replaced with another mutations of fatalities or even friendshiplities.
    -Thats mine wishes and at least in this moment I dont have more.
  14. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    That's like saying don't play mk gold because not everyone has a dreamcast.
  15. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    You think it's bs because you don't know how to use it. Match your stance to your opponent and your kombos will hit. Look before pressing buttons.
  16. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Someone should seriously go through this thread the best they can and put highlighted requests (most asked for) in the first post.

    (whoever has that kind of time)

    I do have one request though... remember those PS Vita UMK3 skins? DON'T MAKE THEM EXCLUSIVE TO A HANDHELD AGAIN. :)
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  17. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    ask anyone here who care about it in the match, dude. btw how can this makes the game deeper :16Bit???
  18. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    Stance checking goes back to mkda/mkd/mka. The current version of stance checking.... sure some kombos miss because of it, but use those frames to bait your opponent.
  19. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    more like hitbox problem fucks the combo, with your logic, many hitbox problems in mk9 actually make the game deeper, very deep, maybe even more than sf4 :16Bit.
  20. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    I'm not arguing with you just because you don't understand how to use it. Learn then you will like or or play mk123 with hitboxes you do like. You say your kombos don't work, you cry and blame hitboxes. If it doesn't work, make another kombo.
  21. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    lol i'm done too, btw i don't need to play those shitty mk games because of mk9's hitboxes problems.
  22. 1) Although I'm fine with dashing, I believe running would make the game a lot more interesting
    2)Updated Training Mode including frame data, input lag option etc
    3) Better netcode, for real this time
    4) Replay channel in online
    5) Proper 2D Hitboxes instead of 3D ones
    6) More Strings per character
    7) No gimmicks like Interactables, Stage Transitions, Aerial Kombat etc.
    8) DLC characters based on fan requests, no guest DLC characters
    9) Alternate Costumes and Nekropolis slots for DLC characters
    10) Costume DLC like Injustice
    11) Ladder/ Battle Mode like Injustice, featuring all the different battles
    12) Singke Player versus mode
    13)Revamped Tag Team Mode
    14) MK9 Roster+ new characters
  23. RoGE

    RoGE Noob

    konquest mode definitely needs to return
  24. Zatoichi

    Zatoichi Fabulous Goofball

    • Werewolf Nightwolf
    • At least two alt costumes for every character
    • Replay Mode
    • Updated Training Mode
    • Taunts and more personalities to the characters during gameplay
    • Bruce Campbell Ash Williams for DLC Guest Character
  25. tazzmission

    tazzmission Banned

    id actually like to see how they can do a knights templar charachter in the mk universe

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