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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Prinz, May 3, 2012.

  1. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    What if MK Vita'easter eggs give predictions to some stuff to be in MK10? Like the secret room in Batman Arkham Asylum had concept art from Batman Arkham City. Anyway, this is what I'm predicting so far:
    - Tremor to be in MK10 (due to his appearence)
    - Skarlet to replace Mileena (due to Mileena being red in one of the challenge tower mission)
    - Cyber Shao Kahn from CSZ's ending to be a playable character (due to a challenge tower mission and the coolness of this idea in general).
    Do you have some thoughts?
  2. Tremor ? who is that ? ... plz don't ...
    skarlet again ? ... I just hate intruders ...
    cyber shao kahn ? ... U GOTTA BE KIDDING !!!!!!!

  3. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    Not very good, but very positive about dem 3 I listed.
  4. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    How the fuck did I manage to write "precitions" instead of "predictions" in the thread's name?!
  5. PND_Ketchup

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    A lotta pallet swap alternates!
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  6. I just don't like VERY NEW chars ( those who comes from no where )
    IMO, if they are gonna add new chars to the roster, add the old-not-in-mk9-chars like :

    Cyber smoke

    Human Sub Zero ( God plz let this happen )
  7. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    honestly.... who is actually in the game is probably the biggest "we have no fucking clue" thing about MK10. How many people just got plain murdered by Sindel? (biggest troll moment of the entire game btw).
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  8. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    There's plenty of chars post-UMK, plus, they can always resurrect anyone. So no worries.
  9. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Mortal Kombat II

    In MK10 I hope they keep classic costumes so you can choose how you want to play your character. Just my preference would be the MK3 Cyrax and Sektor, that's how I remember them best. I didn't like their new designs in MK9 but Sektor isn't bad because he looks similar to the one in MKA. Also, I love the MK3 Mileena, Kitana and Jade.
  10. AngryWorm

    AngryWorm Hitomi's Pet

    I'd love Kitana's MKDA costume 1 back. Actually, I'd love Kitana back in MK at all since she's sort of, well you know, dead and all at the moment.
  11. aj1701

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    But except for Shinnok, they all suck. :(
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  12. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    I feel you shed a tear.
  13. TaffyMeat

    TaffyMeat Infinite Meter Kombos

    I have a feeling that MEAT will be big in MK10.

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