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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat' started by Shock, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. MKK hanzo

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    Still top. She cannot be jabbed at all so go figure. Anything that touches her >>> Leg Grab unless its a kara-jab with block.
  2. tonshaad1230

    tonshaad1230 Banned

    Johnny Cage
    Liu Kang

    is How I see it
    Scorpion is a killer correct but his sweep, uppercut, and teleport and spear are slow.

    Sub-Zero's super comes out even if he is attacked which makes him deadly but it's still kinda bad for him because when he's hit and the super comes out and it's blocked, then it's 2x damage for sub-zero.

    Liu Kang is higher than Scorpion but lower than raiden. Liu Kang has one of the best roundhouse kicks in the game it can be used in a glitch combo roundhouse+fireball, but other than that he has a slow sweep. One of the best uppercut along with rayden's. His fireball is slow, his flying kick is a damage giver. If blocked could lead to some badass damage.
  3. Tim Static

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    What version do you play that dont have a Kano? ;)
  4. Mariso

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    Kano is one of the best jabbers here. offensive player with kara jabs in kombination with scroll can be top deadly" even vs sonja".
    as for ninjas they are low , but if again sub zero for example playing with him on jab pressure with slides , with proper canceling, he is monster.
  5. tonshaad1230

    tonshaad1230 Banned

    I made a mistake he's higher Than rayden, thanks for pointing that out lol :p

    Johnny Cage
    Liu Kang
  6. ded

    ded Elder God

    its been ages since i played mk1 competitively, but liu is top 3 (hint: you cant jab him for too long)
  7. Mariso

    Mariso Noob

    to be honest, from my experience, tier position dosent really make much advantage in mk1. Sure fast upercuts, fast sweeps, fast stand up lk,s, handling pressure,s... help a lot but, But then again, this also opens another issue wich is "depends on the type of gameplay anyone has" lol.
    Since ded_ already said something about jabing , let me make another note on that: Jab offensive player can use both ninjas, kano , liu kang and raiden for the same taktik (kara jabs with cancels), wont matter much" wich tier they are, they can be used same way for jabs. (some harder too take of pressure but still). That is just in general. Of course its easier sometimes too win with higher tier, but this also depends on the type of gameplay that is used with each caracter. List is good of course. Good job ded_ :)
  8. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    Care to elaborate on why you "can't jab him for too long"?
  9. ded

    ded Elder God

    Uppercut and whiff Flying Kick
  10. ded

    ded Elder God

    Due the popularity of glitch jabs i decided to test how they will effect in MK1. Seems very unbalanced for some characters here, and imo it changes the Tier list:

    1. Sonya
    2. Cage (almost untouchable)
    3. Scorpion (or 4)
    4. Liu Kang (or 3)
    5. Sub-Zero
    6. Kano (bad luck stopping glitch jabs, duck game lose against them)
    7. Raiden

    This is just my suggestions, so everyone could post theirs. I will make some changes in the character guides when i could find time and one long post why i think the tier list should be like this.
  11. dubson

    dubson Noob

    I don't see how Sub-Zero is so low… his slide is godlike.

    Castlevian and many other Top MK1 players agree with me and think he is actually the Best…
  12. Skkra

    Skkra PSN: Skkra

    I love MK1 and MK2, but I don't really know anything about MK1. Is there someplace I can see youtube footage of high-level gameplay? I don't understand the glitch jabs everyone is talking about.
  13. dubson

    dubson Noob

    add me bro: dubson965 , i can show you

    there isn't much modern high level footage
  14. ded

    ded Elder God

    @dubson, sonya is without a doubt the god tier in the game. as for the tier list, imagine a glitch punching cage/scorp buffering the shadow kick/teleport/spear. sub is maybe higher than liu, but kano and raiden are low tiers for sure. i have some old matches vs soultaker, which i may upload if there is interest.
  15. dubson

    dubson Noob

    Thanks for the reply @ded , yes without a doubt sonya is the best, i always mean after her

    so second best… I have faced many amazing mk1 players on PSN…. from france, spain, south america, us, that are very good, and very with GJ's. Sub-Zero just seems to give the most trouble… Cage I am so torn on. I can see it sometimes but so rare. Scorp, definitely less than Sub-Zero, and Raiden can be nasty as well. Kano is very different on a playstation pad with analogs, he can be a beast and his crouching kick is so beast. Liu Kang I think may just be the worst, imo…. this is right now anyway….. great talking about it

    PSN has many many Great players, people that none know about, and a huge kommunity… much more than people are aware.. its worth the investment, it really is popular and is world wide and convenient and easy to deal with and communicate. it really isn't as bad as people say with lag or i simply would not play it…. i have played on mame a billion times years ago….

    For some reason PSN is just much more thriving than XBL for MK because I feel much more XBL fan base is shooters by nature. Just different crowds.

    Would love to see any match with you in it sir legendary @ded and always conversing with you.

    GG's the other day to my french brother Gatitomaux, he is such an amazing player one of the best I have ever played. I wish a lot of these guys would post here, I tell them about the site but with the language barrier it can be very difficult at times…

    I'll be honest though ded, the more I think about it the more I think your probably right with definitely Scorpion… He can just be so deadly off of a aaHP, and many things…. he really is such a beast. I just think the tier list on ultimatemk is outdated… at least on the guide section… but I didnt have your current list ded. Also to be fair it does label them (arcade) on ultimatemk and everything I am speaking of and referencing to is Console.
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  16. ded

    ded Elder God

    i'm glad you mentioned pad with analogs. just to clarify, i'm playing on keyboard, which some people consider cheating for the 2d based mk games. in addition, i have not played mk1 competitively since 4-5 years or so, but i dunno if the level evolved that much. sub-zero is a beast for many, because his slide punish easy blocked attacks, however, the shadow kick can punish the same (except sonya's sweep and c.LKs) - it is just harder to do it. + the otg JP, nut punch and uppercut makes him way better than sub, at least imo.

    as for scorpion, imagine this: a turtle scorpion, who glitch jabs and buffer either teleport punch to counter/escape almost everything or spear (which can punish easy blocked slide for example). it's true thats ugly, but people may play this way.

    as for raiden, his teleport tactics have one great weakness, every time raiden teleports, he CANNOT block until he moves from the spot he has teleported to (this may include even throws with unblockable frames after it).

    sub may be god tier in corner, but in mk1, it's not that easy to catch someone there:

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  17. Do you talking about Arcade or Console versions ? Cage is very strong in Arcade but I don't understand this interest for Sonya, no one was playing with at the time to my house.
  18. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma Elder God

    Sonya was s tier mainly because of her infinite.
  19. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Man I love these old OG MK Trilogy threads they always have sick combos and info
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  20. Zaccel

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    It's always cool seeing old threads like these. Evolved metagames from such rudimentary fighters is my jam.
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