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MK1 Combo FAQ


Elder God

Complete Combo Guide
Revision 5.0 (T-Unit)
October, 2009

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This Combo FAQ is for Revision 5.0 (T-Unit) only. Earlier revisions of the game had different gravity and alot of broken combos and infinites were possible. Some, or most of the combos may work in the earlier revisions as well but I have not tested them there. Everything from this FAQ should also work in MK1 from MK Deception Bonus Disk, MAT: Extended Play and MAT: Deluxe Edition.

I. Legend

HP..................High Punch
HK..................High Kick
LP..................Low Punch
LK..................Low Kick
JK..................Jump Kick
JP..................Jump Punch
SHK.................Standing HK
SLK.................Standing LK
aa..................Anti Air
gc..................Glitch Cancel

II. Glitch Canceling

Many special moves in MK have a number of hits you can do before that move is locked. MKII did not really have a feature like this, but they start implementing time limit usage on moves. You can cancel a LP, HP, JP, or JK (JK and JP dont work in MK1) on the frame of contact, into a special move with a hit limit, one hit beyond that limit. In other games this technique is referred to as "Just Frames" meaning essentially you have just one frame in 60 to get this to work. In MK1 anyway you can glitch cancel almost every special move but the real glitch canceling is in UMK3/MKT where you can get an extra hit before some special move is locked. In MK1 the only similar special move like this is Sub-Zero's Freeze which has a hit limit of 0 i.e. you can glitch cancel it with HP or LP.

III. Death Punch

The 'Death Punch is a powerful jab that takes a large amount of energy away from the opponent as well as setting him up for a combo move. It is basically done with timing and correct placement of the characters. There are two examples of the MK1 "death punch", in action. You can get it both on and off the ground, when the Air Death Punch just pushes you back and does the damage of two normal aa High Punches, the grounded one from other hand does about 25%. I will not list any Death Punch combos anyway since they are almost unusable in combos here.

IV. Character Combos

!NOTE! I will not put here any basic stuff like JK, Shadow Kick or aaHP, Fireball, or any basic 3 hits. There are endless variation of the basic juggles so i will skip that. You can see a 3Hit in the actual character combos guide but they will be usualy 50% or more and/or are just eye candy juggles.


Elder God
MK1 Combo FAQ - WIP

Johnny Cage

1. (mid-screen) aaHP, JK, Shadow Kick (3 Hits, 43%)
2. (near corner) JK, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (3 Hits, 56%)
3. (corner) JK, aaHP, Fireball, aaHP, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 65%)
4. (corner) Uppercut, JP, aaHP, Nut Punch (4 Hits, 68%)
5. (corner) JK, JP, JP, Shadow Kick (4 Hits, 68%)
6. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JK, aaLP, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 87%)
7. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JP, aaLP, Nut Punch (87%)
8. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JP, JP, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 93%)
9. (corner) JK, Uppercut, aaHP, Fireball, JP, Shadow Kick (6 Hits, 99%)
10. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JK, Uppercut, JP, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 100%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
2. (vs Goro in corner) aaJP, JP, JP....


1. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, Roll Whiff, Roll (!) (3 Hits, 31%)
1. (mid-screen) aaHP, JK, Roll (3 Hits, 43%)
2. (mid-screen) JK, JK, Roll (3 Hits, 56%)
3. (corner) JK, aaHP, Knife Throw, Roll (4 Hits, 59%)
4. (corner) Uppercut, JP, aaHP, Roll (4 Hits, 65%)
5. (corner) JK, JK, JP, Roll (4 Hits, 71%)
6. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JK, aaHP, Roll (5 Hits, 87%)
7. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JK, JP, Roll (5 Hits, 96%)
8. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JK, Uppercut, JP, Roll (5 Hits, 100%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
2. (vs Goro in corner) aaJP, JP, JP....


1. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, Teleport, aaHP, Torpedo (4 Hits, 37%)
2. (mid-screen) JK, JP, Torpedo (3 Hits, 52%)
3. (away from corner) aaLightening, Teleport, aaHP, Lightening, aaHP, Torpedo (5 Hits, 56%)
4. (corner), JK, RH, aaHP, Torpedo (4 Hits, 62%)
5. (corner) Uppercut, JP, aaHP, Torpedo (4 Hits, 65%)
6. (corner) JK, Uppercut, RH, aaLP, Torpedo (5 Hits, 87%)
7. (corner) JK, Uppercut, JP, aaHP, Teleport, aaHP, Torpedo (6 Hits, 90%)
8. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Lightening, JP, Uppercut, aaHP, Torpedo (6 Hits, 100%)

1. (near corner) Torpedo that interrupts special move, Torpedo, Torpedo....
2. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
3. (vs Goro in corner) aaJP, JP, JP....

Liu Kang

1. (mid-screen) aaHP, JK, Flying Kick (3 Hits, 43%)
2. (mid-screen) aa Fireball, Fireball, Flying Kick (3 Hits, 49%)
3. (mid-screen) JK, JK, Flying Kick (3 Hits, 56%)
4. (near corner) aaHPx2, Flying Kick, aaLP, Flying Kick (5 Hits, 56%)
5. (near corner) aaHP, Fireball, JK, Flying Kick (4 Hits, 59%)
6. (corner) JK, aaHP, Fireball, Uppercut (4 Hits, 65%)
7. (corner) JK, aaHP, Fireball, aaHP, Flying Kick (5 Hits, 65%)
8. (away from corner) aa Fireball, Flying Kick, aaHP, Fireball, aaHP, Flying Kick (6 Hits, 80%)
9. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Fireball, JK, Flying Kick, aaLP, Flying Kick (6 Hits, 100%)
10. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Fireball, Flying Kick, aaLP, Fireball, aaLP, Fireball (7 Hits, 100%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
2. (vs Shang Tsung in corner) JK, aaLPx2, Flying Kick, Flying Kick, Flying Kick ....


1. (mid-screen) aa Teleport Punch, aaHP, Spear, Uppercut (4 Hits, 52%)
2. (mid-screen) aaHP, JK, Spear, Uppercut (4 Hits, 55%)
3. (corner) JK, RH, Spear, Uppercut (4 Hits, 68%)
4. (mid-screen, jump away with opponent) JK, Teleport Punch, aaLP, Spear, Uppercut (5 Hits, 70%)
5. (corner) JK, JK, aaHP, Spear, Uppercut (5 Hits, 73%)
6. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JK, JK, Spear, Uppercut (5 Hits, 92%)
7. (near corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Teleport Punch x 5 (6 Hits, 100%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
2. (vs Goro mid-screen) aaHP, Teleport Punch, Teleport Punch, Teleport Punch....


1. (mid-screen) Freeze, Throw, Slide (3 Hits, 33%)
2. (corner) JK, Slide, Slide (3 Hits, 35%)
3. (mid-screen) aaHP, GC Freeze, JK, RH (4 Hits, 45%)
4. (corner) JK, RH, Slide (3 Hits, 47%)
5. (corner) aaJK, Uppercut, Slide (4 Hits, 52%)
6. (corner) JK, JK, aaHP, Slide (4 Hits, 52%)
7. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JK, Uppercut, LK (4 Hits, 83%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...


1. (mid-screen) aaRH, LP, Wave Punch (3 Hits, 44%)
2. (opponent against the corner) JK, Leg Grab, Sweep (3 hits, 56%)
3. (corner) JK, JK, aaHP, Wave Punch (4 Hits, 60%)

1. (vs Goro in corner) aaHP, aaHP, aaHP...
2. (anywhere) Leg Grab, FxLeg Grab, FxLeg Grab, FxLeg Grab....

V. Credits

This FAQ is free to publish but give me a credit before doing it. There are too many combo patterns here and there that might one person's and another's but most of this stuff is common knowledge applied to more advanced techniques and therefore no one can claim any of it.

October 14, 2009
For question/comments mail me at [email protected] or you can find me at MKSecrets.net forums.
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tonshaad1230 said:
these combos can work on REVISION 3.0. I tested it today
hah of course they work on revision 3 since is more broken" or better yet not as complete as final version 5.0, Meaning caracters float at the air when jumping, they have slower fall, for more kombos. Revision 5 is most completed version where you can also make a lot of kombos. Rev 5 is the one that counts.


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