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    1. b2/u2, b2,1,24~db2*db4
    2. b2/u2, b2,24~db3, f1, f114~db3,f112~ff4
    3. 11/24/42/34/43/32~ff2*db3,b2,24~db2*db4
    4. 11/24/42/34/43/32~ff2*db3,b2,f24~db3,f1,f114~db3, f112~ff4
    5. L1 throw into pillar, 24~db2*db4
    6. L1 throw into pillar, 24~db3,f1,f114~db3,f112~ff4

    1. u2/b2, b2,RAGE,ff4,ff4,ff4
    2. 11/24/42/34/43/32~ff2*db3,b2,RAGE,ff4,ff4,ff4
    3. u2/b2, b2,RAGE,f24~db2*db4
    4. u2/b2, b2,RAGE,f24~db3,f1,f114~db3,f112~ff4
    5. 11/24/42/34/43/32~ff2*db3,b2,RAGE,f24~db2*db4
    6. 11/24/42/34/43/32~ff2*db3,b2,RAGE,f24~db3,f1,f114~db3,f112~ff4

    1. RAGE~ff4,ff4,ff4
    2. *OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL* RAGE,d1~db2, (3)2~ff2*db3, b2, 24~db2
  2. Raiden complete...

    tried doing a guide with vids. please check it out and give me some feed back on if you liked the vid guides better then the written ones.
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    I see you're using vids as tutorials now, interesting idea, that's easier I guess. I thought about contacting KB and writing a joint guide along with myself, writing a Raiden guide or something when I saw this thread.

    I doubt it's necessary now though, nice guides.:top:
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    I like the idea with the vids, but that'll be too many vids for embedding. It can make pages difficult to load for some users.

  5. b24 is sketchy as a starter because they can get out of it by ducking the first strike and getting hit on hit. b2 can hit and 4 can still be ducked even though the 1st hit connected.
  6. Sub-Zero edited. should help explain his bump to #3 on the tier list.
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    This combo was posted for the RAC part of the combo not the starter. you can see b2 coming from a mile away, plenty of time to jump over them and counter with u2. Even if u2 is blocked mixups out of it if done right can grant you meter.
  8. yea i know you did it for the RAC. i was just putting it out there so others know the start can be avoided by cruching.
  9. just finished my final edits to sub-zero. added 3 new vids and added to his normals section as well as a few touch ups throughout the guide.
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    Good shit here Tom!
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    Off subject kinda sorry.. i have a question...

    if some one has arcade sticks for ps3, could you pop in mk vs dc, hook up your sticks, go into practice and tell me what the stick does..

    like is the stick letting you jump around or is it just letting you 3D walk. please let me know ASAP. i need to know if i can use some ones arcade sticks for this game at WB, if not then i have to create a box for my stick :X
  12. the stick will allow you to move forward backward and all jumping. it wont walk w/o the 3D walk button.
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    damn so my stick situation is unique. decisions decisions. I might have to pull out the saw.

    thanks for the info Tom.

    * 1 - hook jab that hits high. is adv on block or hit.

    * 11 - hook jab into gut punch, both hit high. safe but not adv on block but is adv on hit

    * 14 - hook jab into mid kick. safe but not adv on block but is adv on hit

    * 114 - high high mid string that is safe on block, mainly used as a combo ender.

    * d1 - crouching jab that hits special mid. is adv on block or hit.

    * 4 - mid hitting straight kick.

    * b3 - safe mid launcher.

    * 4b3 - mid kick into a safe mid launcher.

    * 43 - mid high high string used as a combo ender

    * d3 - low that high crushes.

    * d4 - low that high crushes.

    * about the 43 string -

    * bb1(spear) - his classic spear, when it hits Scorpion gets a combo. hits high so it can be ducked, on block or on hit Scorpion has a large recovery window so he is very vulnerable during these recovery frames. spear can be used after a launcher to bring the opponent back down to the ground for a combo. the spear can also be linked in after certain normals. the spear does have a "2 hit rule" meaning that as long as you only do 2 hits then spear you will be granted his standard combos. if you do any more then 2 hits then spear the opponent will be thrown past Scorpion and thrown to the ground face down not allowing scorpion to land his damaging combos.

    * db4(ninja slide) - a sliding move that covers a decent distance and hits low so it must be crouch blocked. on block this move is very unsafe and punished by combo of choice.

    * dd2(inner flames) - Scorpion ignites himself on fire and if he is physically touched with ANY normal or special that hits high or mid the opponent will be set on fire. if you attack Scorpion with an attack that hits low or is a projectile type special then he'll be hit out of his flames. you can extend this move by holding 2 and Scorpion will stay ignited until you release 2. against Flash, if you ignite him on fire Flash will get a guaranteed bf4 spin into 42% combo, so do not use this special vs Flash unless it will kill him.

    * db2(summon hellfire) - Scorpion summons up flames which are unblockable to the opponent. this attack has better tracking then in previous MK games when it comes to catching the opponent during their forward and backward walk but it will not track at all vs side step. unlike previous MK games, MKDC allows Scorpion to link hellfire of off normal attacks. in MKDC hellfire is not adv on hit like it is in past MK title. in past MK games Scorpion would be able to follow up his hellfire with normal strikes because it left him at adv on hit. this is not the case in MKDC, if Scorpion tries to follow up with normal attacks the opponent can beat him out because they recover before Scorpion.

    * db3(teleport punch) - thi sis the second fastest special in the game. there are 3 versions of this move...

    1. db3 in close - a 2 hit mid mid launching string that is a true mid on both hits. on block the opponent gets a combo of choice.

    2. db3 from range - the first hit of the teleport punch doesnt make contact but the second hit where Scorpion appears behind the opponent will make contact. this attack will not grant Scorpion a juggle, only a knock back. on block this version of the teleport punch is 100% safe. while safe this move hits high so it can be ducked and Scorpion will get punished by combo of choice.

    3. db3 in air - because Scorpion is in air there is not first hit of the teleport punch, instead Scorpion just teleports behind his opponent with the second hit of the normal string. like the ranged grounded version, this attack will not grant Scorpion a juggle, only a knock back. on block this version of the teleport punch is 100% safe. while safe this move hits high so it can be ducked and Scorpion will get punished by combo of choice.

    * db3*db3(pro teleport punch) - this version of the teleport punch adds an extra hit too the end of the standard teleport punch. there are also 3 versions of this move.

    1. db3*db3 in close - a mid mid high string that is 100% safe vs stand guard but punished by combo of choice of the high it is crouched. another problem is that Scorpion can still be punished before the third pro move hit even comes out. this is not a mix up between the standard 2 hit teleport punch and the pro version because you can actually confirm by sight the difference. what i mean is that Scorpion is so negative after the standard in close db3 that you have time to stand there and see that the pro version was not done and still get a combo, if the pro version is done you can then also crouch it on reaction and punish scorpion with a combo. also, if the first hit of the pro teleport punch hits in close then the other 2 hits will also connect launching the opponent but you cannot spear to get a full juggle because it breaks the "2 hit rule" of the spear so you will have to juggle them rather then try to spear to bring them back down to the ground.

    2. db3*db3 from range - the first hit wiffs but the second hit connects and then the third hit also connects and this will allow Scorpion to spear and combo where the standard version of the teleport punch will not. both hits hit high so the opponent can crouch and Scorpion can be punished by a combo after either the first or second punch.

    3. db3*db3 in air - there is no first hit to wiff because Scorpion is in the air. Scorpion will appear behind the opponent and connect with the second hit and then the third pro teleport punch hit will connect. this will grant Scorpion a spear into a combo where the standard mid air teleport punch will not. both hits hit high so the opponent can crouch and Scorpion can be punished by a combo after either the first or second punch.

    Scorpion uses meter for RAC's, rage combos, and rage 50/50.

    *Meter Examples:


    after any normal hits Scorpion gets a guaranteed hellfire. the best way to abuse this is by using his d3/d4 to link in a hellfire for 11% damage. this acts as a great baiting tool to bait the opponent to jump or crouch block so Scorpion can u2 or use his b3/4b3 safe mid launching strings. because Scorpion has so many mids,most of which are safe, you will find that 90% of the time your opponent will remain standing when Scorpion is in close. after hellfire hits Scorpion is at a slight disadvantage but he can use the fact that his teleport punch is the second fastest special in the game to beat out any normal or special attack from the opponent unless its Flash's bf4 or a parry type special. because if this Scorpion can continue his offense after hellfire hits if you read that your opponent is respecting the option of the teleport punch. if you are fighting a character that has a parry type special such as Sub-Zero's ice statue or you are fighting Flash, you can do nothing after hellfire hits and bait out the special and then punish. if hellfire trades with a strike or projectile, Scorpion gets a guaranteed spear into combo, or a teleport punch into combo, or another hellfire and all of these are possible anywhere on the screen.

    Scorpion has frame adv on 1 and d1. this will allow Scorpion to poke with a series of 1's and or d1's or mix and match with 1, d1, 11, d1, 1, d1, d1, 1, 1, 1 etc.. without the opponent being able to interrupt with a normal strike and vs most characters not even specials will interrupt. unless the character has some kind of parry or fast special, l the only way out of Scorpions frame traps are to guess and try to crouch his high jab pressure and/or jump out of his d1 crouch jab pressure. this is a good bait for Scorpion to use his safe mid strings/launchers or u2 to punish the opponent for trying to get out of a frame trap. also, because Scorpion's best mids and b3 mid launcher is safe he can check the opponent in case of a jump out/crouch attempt with no risk to him. if you find your opponent just standing there blocking you can link a ninja slide off of 1 or d1 and you can also link in a hellfire if you read they will continue blocking.

    with Scorpion there is such thing as neutral frame advantage. after Scorpions b3 or 4b3 is blocked, Scorpion is at neutral with his opponent. even though he is at neutral he can use the fact that his db3 is the second fastest special in the game and beat out all normal strikes from the opponent and will also hit the opponent if they try to back up so vs most characters your opponent would have to stand there and block which will allow Scorpion to continue his pressure because of the threat of his db3. if the character has a special that is a parry type special like Sub-Zero's ice statue then this will beat out Scorpion's db3 in this situation but this can be used as a bait because if the opponent throws this special out and Scorpion does not do anything then he can punish his opponent with a guaranteed combo. also , Flash's bf4 spin will also beat out Scorpion's db3 in this situation as well but Scorpion can also bait this and punish.

    Scorpion's b3 and 4b3 are bread and butter strings. b3 is a safe mid launched and 4b3 is a mid into a safe mid launcher string and this string cant be crouched, jumped out of, or interrupted with any normal or special. because b3 and 4b3 are safe mid launchers opponents spend most of the match standing when at close range vs Scorpion. this allows scorpion to use throws, his db4 slide, d3/d4~hellfire, or come in for a frame trap with 1 and d1 pokes. the fact that the 4b3 string has a safe mid launcher that cant be interrupted in it means that Scorpion can cancel the string after 4 with a hellfire or ninja slide special because if the opponent tries to interrupt or jump or crouch after 4 is blocked then the b3 ender will launch without Scorpion taking any risk for finishing the string.

    when Scorpion is placed in a frame trap he can use his db3 teleport punch and interrupt any frame trap in the game unless you are fighting Flash who can bf4 after a frame trap. this means that the opponent will often times opt to not continue their pressure in an attempt to bait out Scorpions db3. if you read that the opponent will try to beat db3 then you can go right into your offense off of your opponents own frame trap, if you read they will continue their frame trap pressure then db3 and combo.

    when fighting vs Green lantern or Shao Kahn do not use Scorpions spear to bring them back down to the ground. vs Green Lantern you have no strikes that are anti-breaker, b3 and u2 are reduced breaker strikes vs GL but not anti breaker. online vs GL Scorpion can d1,4, and ninja slide and this will result in the green hand not being able to connect after GL breaks, this is not the case offline. Kahn has no way to anti break or reduce the damage on his breaker by using moves like u2 and b3 like you can do vs GL. the only way Scorpion can anti breaker after he spears the opponent back down to the ground after a launch is hellfire. launching the GL or Kahn player then bringing them back down to the ground for a hellfire only allows them to keep their meter while you do less damage on your combo and also give them even more meter to add to what they already have. By keeping them in their air after you launch then finishing your combo without using the spear to bring them back grounded you exploit the only real limit of their breaker combos which is they got no damage when they break in air. if the GL or Kahn player does not break out of the juggle then, while they keep meter, at least you were able to do close to 40% damage. if the GL or Kahn player breaks out of the juggle then, while you didnt get any real damage, at least you forced them to burn meter giving them less opportunity for a breaker combo.

    rage activation combos are worse then breaker combos because they are more damaging and there is no anti to them. if they are near you then RAC is guaranteed. treat this the same way as you do breaker combos. keep the opponent in the air, if you bring them back down to the ground with a spear the hellfire will not save you from a RAC like it will a breaker combo because they can activate right after it and RAC you.

    1. after blocking a move punished by combo of choice punish with 43~bb1 -

    2. after blocking a move where the opponent is spinning mid air in a ball punish with bb1 or b3,bb1 -

    3. after blocking a move that causes the opponent to stumble back punish with db2. after blocking a move punished by fast/mid speed specials or fast jabs punish with db3 -

    4. punish projectiles with db3 or db2 -


    Scorpion has 3 unbreakable attacks. spear, hellfire, and inner flames are all 100% unbreakable.


    1. b3,bb1,114~db2
    2. b3,bb1,43~db3*db3
    3. u2,4~bb1,114~db2
    4. u2,4~bb1,43~db3*db3
    5. 4b3,(walk up)114~db2
    6. bb1,u14b3,(walk forward)u2,114~db2
    7. bb1,u14b3,(walk forward)u2,43~db3*db3
    8. 43~bb1,u14b3,(walk forward)u2,114~db2
    9. 43~bb1,u14b3,(walk forward)u2,43~db3*db3
    10. db3(close range),bb1,114~db2
    11. db3(close range),bb1,43~db3*db3
    12. db3*db3(not close,can also be done in air),bb1,114~db2
    13. db3*db3(not close,can also be done in air),bb1,43~db3*db3
    14. db3(close range), db3, 114~db2
    15. db3(close range), db3, 43~db3*db3
    16. db3*db3(close range), 114~db2
    17. db3*db3(close range), 43~db3*db3
    18. L1 throw into pillar, bb1, 114~db2
    19. L1 throw into pillar, bb1, 43~db3*db3

    1. **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL** RAGE~db1~b1,114~db2
    2. RAGE~db4

    1. **OPPONENTS BACK NEAR WALL** u2,4~bb1,(walk forward slightly)11 or 14,(walk forward slightly till opponents back is to wall)RAGE~db1~b1,114~db2
    2. **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL** bb1 or 43~bb1,11 or 14,(slight pause)RAGE~db1~b1,114~db3
    3. **SCORPION'S BACK TO WALL db3,bb1,11 or 14,(slight pause)RAGE~db1~b1,114~db3
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  15. Scorpion completed.
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    Adding it to the Ultimate Guide now. :)
  17. any requests for the next guide?
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    wonder woman.

    :D I'm gay so I love WW!!
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    Jax one would be cool. :)
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    Raiden or Shang Tsung... and Darkseid. :)
  21. scroll to the top of the page.

    *2 - mid slap that is advantage on block or hit.

    *22 - two hit mid string that is not advantage on block but advantage on hit and is unsafe only vs fast specials.

    *222 - three hit mid string that is punished by full combos on block and is advantage on hit. cannot link a special off of this string unless only the last strike hits.

    *22F1 - three hit mid string that causes a knock back in open space and a juggle in corners. 100% safe on block.

    *22B2 - three hit mid string, safe on block and advantage on hit. safe vs everyone but Flash.

    *B4 - safe mid kick launcher.

    *F4 - safe mid kick that cannot be tech'd for several frames. only Flash can punish.

    *B2 - safe mid hit, advantage on hit. only Flash can punish.

    *B3 - low kick that grants advantage on hit, is punished by L canceled uppercut on block.

    *B33 - two hit low string, punished by full combo on block.

    *13 - two hit high string, not a poke but mainly used as a combo starter.

    *34 - two hit high string used as a combo ender.

    *d1 - crouching jab, advantage on block and hit.

    *DB4(Wonderous Spin) - spinning hurricane kick, safe on block, hits high, and can also be done in air. on block is only punished by the fastest specials.

    *DF2(Divine Princess) - spinning launcher that has priority over all things physical. hits special mid, can also be done in air. on bock is punished by fast and mid specials.

    *DF3(Splits Grab) - almost a kind of low command throw with no break. punished by combo of choice on block.

    *FF4(Gotcha Girl) - safe, high kick.

    *DB3(Handstand) - true mid, on hit splats the opponent. punished by full combo on block.

    *BF1(Lasso Grab) - special mid lasso throw. punishment varies based on range on block.

    *DB3*DB2(Handstand) - exactly like the non pro handstand only now it launches.

    *DB3*DB3(Handstand to Split Grab) - exactly like the non pro handstand on start up and finishes with split throw instead of launching.

    Wonder Woman uses meter for a corner RAC and a wall carry combo into RAC.

    *Meter Examples

    Wonder Woman only has one strategy.. she has to get in and pressure with her 2 mid jab. she has no way around zoning so getting in for pressure and meter is something you must be good at in order to get in and pressure without taking too much damage in the process.

    Her db4 can be used to get in but, while safe on block, it hits high so it can be ducked and punished heavily. doing this in air can also be used to get in or around zoning attempts but because it is also high its even easier to see and punish.

    When pressuring with 2's there is only 1 way the opponent can escape unless they are Flash, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Joker, and Kano... they must jump out. if they do not jump then Wonder Woman can continue to chip, build meter, and push the opponent toward corners for RAC. on block she can mix up her db3*db3 mid launching special and her df3 low throw special.

    Wonder Woman's df2 has priority over all things physical, it will interrupt all frame traps and pressure attempts.

    After b2, 11b2,, f4, or db4 hit the opponent by a wall with them being grounded her RAC is guaranteed.

    1. moves punished by combo of choice - 13 into special then combo or 22 into special then combo

    2. moves punished by fast special - df2 into combo

    3. moves where the opponent is left spinning in mid air - df2 into combo

    4. moves where the opponent is left in a backward stumble - db4

    5. projectiles at closer ranges on block - db4


    1. 13~df2,db3*db2,34~bf1
    2. 13~df2,db3*db2,2,34~ff4
    3. 13~df2,b4,2,34~ff4
    4. 22~df2,db3*db2,34~bf1
    5. 22~df2,db3*db2,2,34~ff4
    6. 22~df2,b4,2,34~ff4
    7. df2,db3*db2,34~bf1
    8. df2,db3*db2,2,34~ff4
    9. df2,b4,2,34~ff4
    10. u2,db3*db2,34~bf1
    11. u2,db3*db2,2,34~ff4
    12. u2,df2,b4,2,34~ff4
    13. db3*db2,34~bf1
    14. db3*db2,2,34~ff4
    15. L1 throw into pillar, 34~ff4
    16. **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL** 22f1,df2,2,34~ff4

    ***NOTE*** when punishing a move that leaves the opponent spinning in a ball mid air if you punish with combo #8 leave out the extra 2 at the end. so the combo would be df2,db3*db3,34~ff4.

    **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL** RAGE~df2,b2,(2)2~df2,b4,34~ff4

  23. JAX tomorrow..
  24. JAX

    *B2B2B1 - three hit string that launches but will only come out on hit. if the first B2 is blocked the string stops.

    *13 - two hit high string.

    *14 - high mid string.

    *4 - mid kick.

    *B1 - safe mid launcher.

    *D1 - special mid crouching jab that grants on block and hit.

    *B3 - low toe kick that grant adv on hit. punished by L cancel uppercut on block.

    *DB3(Missile) - safe on block, must be side stepped to punish.

    *DB2(Power Fist) - hits true mid, safe on block, on hit has a follow up with 1 or 3.

    *FF2(Gotcha Grab) - hits high, safe on block

    *BB1(Machine Gun) - can be blocked high or in crouch, safe on block from range, easy to punish is side stepped.

    *DB1(Blinding Light) - VERY unsafe on block, hits special mid.

    *DD4(Ground Pound) - unblockable, can be jumped and punished.

    *DB3*DB4 - double missiles, safe on block, must be side stepped to punish.

    *FF2*tap2 - gotcha grab with 6 hits.

    *DB21*F2*tap2 - power fist with 1 ender to pro gotcha grab.

    *DD4*BB1 - ground pound to machine gun.

    JAX uses his meter for a corner RAC, a HIGH airborne breaker combo, and he has a character specific RAC/rage exploit on Shao Kahn and Darkseid.

    *Meter Examples
    5. - CREDIT: CHECK for this video. this is the character specific combo that I am not even going to attempt to try.

    JAX basically has 1 main strategy.. abuse pro missiles. JAX can keep away from non zoners and poor zoners all day with constant pro missiles. if the opponent tries to jump over the pro missiles they will be hit and JAX then gets a free dd4 and its all unbreakable damage. missile zoning also does great chip damage as well as build meter pretty fast.

    JAX isnt very good up close when when you find yourself in close and you need to get out ASAP use 14~db3*db4 or 4~db3*db4. this will allow you to poke with a normal with a mid in it then link to a safe pro missile and escape safely while doing good chip damage and building meter.

    If you find yourself having to make up life then sometimes coming in close is your only option. for this situation JAX has a 50/50 with a safe mid launcher. b1 is totally safe, mid, and launches and b3 is low and, while unsafe, on hit it gives great advantage. this means then when it hits JAX can repeat it until blocked and when you read a low block coming you can check the opponent with b1 safely.

    *Strategy Example:

    JAX is terrible at punishing.

    1. when blocking a move punished by combo of choice - punish with b2b2b1 then combo.

    2. after blocking a move where the opponent spins in a ball mid air - punish with b1 then combo.


    JAX has any launcher then pro missiles, pro ground pound, or standard ground pound for unbreakable combo damage.

    *Unbreakable Example:

    1. b2b2b1, b1,13~db21*f2*tap2
    2. b2b2b1, b1,14~db21*f2*tap2
    3. u2/b1, b1,13~db21*f2*tap2
    4. u2/b1, b1,14~db21*f2*tap2

    1. **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL**RAGE~df1,f2*tap2
    2. **OPPONENTS BACK TO WALL**RAGE~d1~db3*db4, dd4*bb1

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  25. JAX guide complete.

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