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    Hey guys, I've created an MK Team League! If your looking for the ultimate challenge to test yourself, here it is. There will be 6 Teams Total in the League, your probably asking yourself how does it work? It's simple, each team consists of 4 Players, every time a player defeats an opponent Best 3 of 5 they earn 1 Team Point for their team. In order to win your Team needs to get 3 Team Points before the other team. These will mostly take place on the weekend, the time is to be determined but looking to be mid day to late afternoon Pacific time. Everyone’s schedules will be taken into account and it will run smoothly. Team slots are still open but filling fast! Every match will be recorded and posted on Youtube! The rules are as follows:

    PS4 only
    4 players per team
    Can use same character/not same variation (No four Scorpion on the same team/ All Inferno) (To avoid spam)
    Best 3 of 5
    Character lock at all times (Your Team decides who will fight 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prior to the match. Each team doesn't know the other team lineup order, so choose wisely.


    This League is also Sponsored by Fatal Grips!
    Here is link to the First team match held between,
    The Dragon King's Army VS The Dream Realm Nightmares

    You can comment your Team Name and your Team’s Player’s PSN names in the comments or send me a message on PSN: bluedeepdive Once your team is secure and you have a name, a team logo will be made for your team, complementary! You can look at the description in the video for all the details! If you have any questions ASK! FIGHT!!!!!! #MKTeamLeague

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