MK PSN UNITE! - The NEW TYM PS3 Gamer Tag Thread.

Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by Doctor Angel, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
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    OP Updated: up to 63 so far. Excellent. Still need more. Make more friends. Demand Kombat from them. Profit.
  2. Mattman

    Mattman Warlock Nerd

    mattman - mattman9467
  3. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    SunnyD_AndRum and I demand Kombat. Viscious bloodthirsty online kombat.
  4. PSN id: GoodLifeGodLike - Always up for Kombat WITH NO fatalities, whether I win or lose I want to move on to the next match ASAP. I play late at night (East Coast) because of work and offer relentless aggression with Cyrax, Subby, Cyber-Subby and Sektor.
  5. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
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    This. I love your enthusiasm, D.

    GLGL, I feel the same way. Id rather go bloodless, but sometimes, it feels good to run into some shmuck deserving of death and know you have the option to leave him sliding down a pair of hookswords.
  6. Compbros

    Compbros Man of Tomorrow


    I already like you lol.

    PSN id: Compbros - I'm on throughout the day but more often between 5-9 PM EST. I play with a variety of characters but mains are Sonya, Shang Tsung and Liu Kang.
  7. You know what bugs me the most? I will be playing someone and roll them like 4-5 times in a row, then that 1 time they beat me (cats distract me), they pull a fatality. I throw a quick jab to end the match to get on to the next one and you beat me once and make me watch 15 seconds of tired old cinematics when we could be starting the next one? Jesus Christ. You know sometimes it feels like the online community is FILLED with dorks that just CAN'T WAIT to pull off that X-ray or fatality. Where are the players that care about cool techs and setups? Makes me sick.
  8. Compbros

    Compbros Man of Tomorrow

    I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I go through the same thing and it's especially irritating when I beat someone several times so I switch to a character I'm trying to learn, lose, the opponent jumps around for a while then fatality/babality and THEN don't wanna rematch. I literally was fighting someone that, while I was rocking Sonya, I got 2 flawless victories and would simply jab after I'd win. I played Sonya for 5 or so matches before I decided to switch to Styker and proceed to get bodied, get fatalitied, and he quits only to send me a message saying "I just wanted to show you your weaknesses, no need to play you again". Really? Shit is ridiculous at times. Not to mention the people getting destroyed that x-ray and quit in the middle of it.

    SHAOLIN 内部冲突

    Yo!!!! Add Me
    Not the Best liu-Kang in the world, but if you're not paying attention i might get you :)
  10. LoL I hear ya.

    This is why TYM needs a tight online community so we know we're not playing some random jackass that has their fingers on L2/R2 just waiting for that meter to fill up.

    I have to say though, I do have some people on my friend's list that are class acts and know I despise fatalities and respect that. They always do the kombat kode for no blood. Beef_supreme here on TYM is one of them. Pure class and no BS from him. I can't play in offline tourneys so online is my only outlet. The more classy players I can add the better.

    Great thread OneBoxyRobot by the way.
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  11. Compbros

    Compbros Man of Tomorrow

    I always go by my opponents code as long as I know what it is. No blood is fine for me.

    Edit: I should warn people I'm currently on WiFi as I'm preparing to move within the next two weeks.
  12. MagicMan357

    MagicMan357 Black Dragon enthusiast

  13. -Deadman-

    -Deadman- Getting better with age

    Boxy... help me finish the soul calibur trophy stuff so I can come back to MK
    we must fisticuffs!
    ( 9 -_-)-o (x , x)
  14. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
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    If I played SC, I'd be happy to help, but it looks like Twisted Metal's imminent release is about to do what no game has done since inFAMOUS 2 did in the spring...get me to put down MK for awhile.
    But not completely, no...I still have pals like you, Petey, and all you wonderful folks to help me satisfy my need for bloodshed :D.

    MagicMan - we gotta try again sometime soon. That fight was looking gooood til the Lag Hag kicked in.
    Yknow how rare it is I get to fight a classy Kano? Not very often at all...
  15. Fatality_check

    Fatality_check Never Gonna Give


    Not my chosen name, I need some decent people to play so add me :)
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  16. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    The only games that got me to put down MK are Infamous 2, and Arkham City.
  17. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
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    Infamous 2 <3 <3 <3.
    It part 1, the good path was kind of corny and the evil path was delicious fun.
    Meanwhile, 2 comes along, and the evil path is just extra evil, and the good path is oscar-winning awesome.

    Mmmmmm...Agent Kuo...

    Anyhow...OP UPDATED. So far the list has reached 71, which is pretty delicious.
    Hopefully it maintains its FIYAH and we can clear 100 before Final Round.
    Tell yo' friends, tell yo' momma, tell that girl at the office with the off-center eyeball...
  18. Quito

    Quito PSN : QuitoTheSecond

    hi guys im back to mk
    east cost canada, if you want good game msg me
    psn : QuitoTheSecond
    i play 10 toons
  19. AHmada0

    AHmada0 Noob

    Yo My psn is: AhmadSJ
    I main JC and Sonya, I can play pretty good Jax, Raiden, Cyrax.
    Anyone who's in West-Europe(Netherlands here) and plays as reptile or sonya, please add me! I really need to beat them.
    I got 3400 wins 2400 losses xD but I in my experience I beat most people with my main.
  20. AHmada0

    AHmada0 Noob

    Yo you live in europe?
  21. YOMI Trepound380

    YOMI Trepound380 Tranquil Anarchy

    add me to the list
  22. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    No I live in the US.
  23. KombatNerd

    KombatNerd Justice 4 Firestorm

    • PSN: KombatNerd
    • Central Time Zone--mostly on weekends until I get my own set up
    • (Raiden, Kabal, Skarlet(Still needs a lot of practice with her))
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  24. I started playing this game online again. I'm on PSN as mcpeanuts Feel free to send a friend request :)
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  25. PSN is Nafzger, but I don't play MK9. I'll play MK2 or MKAK. I also have SF3 and Tekken 5 if you're into those games.

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