MK for EVO 2011?!?

Discussion in 'EVO Championship Series' started by Juggs, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Emphasize on the ladder part especially :) the game hasn't come out yet, thus we don't know I agree.

    Great point, and that's why MK9 has strong potential to be on par with UMK3 if not better due to those even "minor" issues being able to be addressed where as games like UMK3 and MVC can't...hell Capcom even had a chance to correct them prior to the xbox live release and psn, but came out and said "we feel there's no need to fix anything"

    I think the problem is too many people are judging MK games from here on out based strickly off the "3D MK games" that had tons of issues namely MK D and MKA, MKDC as far as I'm concerned is a game that can be played(nobody here is going to win via a Flash or Superman infinite, although I had wished they would have been addressed. Clearly gigs like NEC prove otherwise...

    With that being said, I do think some UMK3 guys are being a bit unfair to newer MK games IMO...once MK9 hits, you really think UMK3 will still be "as hot" or not remotely effected? I doubt it...UMK3 will always be respected and good MK game, but to say it'll be "the only good MK game ever" is nonsense.
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    MKF I think you are misunderstanding us. You think we are biased against MK9. This is not true, we want it to succeed as much as you do, perhaps more. A corvette is a sick car. It is not an insult to the corvette to say a Ferrari is better. It doesnt mean the Corvette is not a great car just because the Ferrari is better. But even though there are way more Corvettes in the world than there are Ferrari's, The Ferrari is still better. I hope MK9 can be a corvette it would be great for the community if it could be. But I dont expect it to be a Ferrari, they are much more rare.
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    Bias people should not be judging bias in others. Not at all, no way, no how.
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    What if it turns out to be a hotwheel? :)
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    I agree with dan and here is why:
    Let me start by saying I am behind mk9 100% if it is really good, I may just drop umk3 (no one will miss me hah). I think that saying mk9 may be better or is better than umk3 is pointless. If you look at street fighter you can see this kind of argument has become invalid: (reasonable) People have ceased to compare Super Turbo/Alpha/sf4/third strike because the games are so different and there is so much nostalgia/love for the old games. This is the same for umk3 and mk9. Umk3 will always be some people's favorite regardless of any new additions to the series great or horrible. Think of it like this: The original games in a series are their own genre. They cannot be duplicated or improved upon. Once a community surrounds itself around a game and people start to have memories of that game, nostalgia for the game, and love for the game, the game is untouchable.

    I cannot think of a game this would be more true for than UMK3.
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    No joke, I actually got misty eyed when I came to this part ^^ Especially the part where you said UMK3 is untouchable.
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    i dont get why people are getting mad at those who are saying mk9 wont be be better than umk3, i mean for each one of them you got a 100 fanboys just saying "mk9 will be the best mk game ever just cuz it will", yeah...

    as far as my opinion goes on this im not the theorycraft type so im just gonna wait for the game to come out, play it and then judge it after a while.
  8. Check

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    You cant replace UMK, even if MK9 is better.

    UMK needs more support. MK9 doesnt.

    If MK9 is good, then so be it, but UMK is already good, so play it.

    I dont know, im running out of pointless shit to say.

    I guess ill end it by saying that MK vs DC will be non-existant once MK9 comes out. Dont look for replacing anything other than that. With MKDA, we went backwards and made the games less good. Now we have MKvsDC engine, lets build on that and make it better. Same way UMK did with MK2.

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    I hear ya loud and clear dude, some of us are merely saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" especially before playing it....

    Just think about it for a second, if you made something would you want people judging it already based on a few unfinished vids of previews months before trying it out or let people come to presumpurous assumptions regardless of positive/negative?

    Or...would you prefer one to hold judgment until they at least tried out the game/product?

    Not so much biased against MK 9 but rather just not giving it a chance and judging a book by it's cover before the book even comes out....seems more like it. I among Riu, KB few others even stated...UMK3 is awesome but it just seems like you only think that just UMK3 can only be good and no other MK game like ever...I don't believe in that logic(no offense to anyone who loves UMK3) I've played it too, love it so I assure you I'm no UMK3 hater...far from it.

    Now, I haven't played MK9 thus I can't judge it either way but same goes for everyone else here right? So how can one say like KB mentioned "MK9 isn't as good as UMK3" as a fact when that's simply wrong as well as presumpturous...we simply don't know yet...

    I see where you're going with that car analogy but you're probably better off comparing a Vette as UMK3 vs. Mustang as other MK's...the Mustang is good but Vette will always be a Vette enthusiast myself lol Thing is a Corvette is just as legendary as any Ferrari, Ferrari's btw now there are a few that the Zr1 can beat beleive it or not....but that is a super vette....Vette has improved vastly over the past 10 years, now more people consider it a super car rather then a just sports car anymore lol given the ridiculous power under the hood.

    But since you brought up a Vette, speaking of which it may not be the fastest car in the world...just one of the fastest and best American sports/super car like ever made much like MK is America's best fighter ever made. ;) That's how I like to look at it :)
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    MK9 could be better technically, but it's not going to be. You can call me foolish, bias, whatever, I don't care. One thing you can call me is realistic. It doesn't even need to be better, it just needs to be good. Saying it could be better is just setting the bar too high, it doesn't make much since. I mean, look at the last 4 MK games. Y'all have some damn high expectations. If any of you think it's going to be better than UMK3 gameplay wise, just be prepared to be disappointed.
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    Well, MK9 can be better because it'll have one thing UMK3 lacks...despite preferences.. patches and freshness and nobody can deny that makes for a good, potentially better game.

    If it's good then that's good enough or should be, why some people are constantly comparing it to UMK3 boggles me personally...still to say MK9 will be worse at this point is foolish for anyone, so I'm with KB, Momotaro and Riu here...
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    MK9 is getting a lot of love from people outside of the MK community. All we need to do is keep establishing a strong offline scene for MKDC, and continue the ones for MK2 and UMK3. MK9 will have a lot of tournament entries at it's first tournament, I'm predicting around 100 possibly more. All MK9 needs to be is decent, that's really all it needs as long as we have a strong offline scene who will support the game.

    MK9 and UMK3 at EVO, IT CAN HAPPEN!!
  14. Interesting read here fellas.

    Lots of things I'd like to say have all ready been said.

    All I know...

    is that I supported MK since the very begining. I've bought and played every single MK game that's been released, for every single console I owned (I'm talkin waaaaay back Genisis/SNES days). And except for like a month or two in my hood, I'VE NEVER HAD ANYONE TO PLAY EVER (and I didn't even know about the glory that is MAME or Kaillera back then). That shyt sucked. I was poor and I really didn't like the arcade sticks (didn't mind the buttons, I loath arcade sticks -_-). But I watched hella matches when I went to the arcades to play. Then all of a sudden, that shyt disappeared.

    I'm not trying to turn my post into...

    Fast forward a whole bunch of 3D MK games you guys probably don't favor, but I was amused by...especially MKA lol...

    and I'm STILL in the same rut I was in, back in the day. :( (except now I can play UMK3 with u guys on MAME ^_^ )

    So anyways what's my point?


    So I...."cough" "cough"...I mean WE...can have a scene that people actually notice. People actually want to become a part of. People actually want to get off their fucking ass and go to someone's home and beat the fucking shyt out of everyone who plays MKIX. People who want to take EVERYONE'S FUCKING MONEY IN MONEY MATCHED ALL NIGHT LONG! People who want to stream casual of MORTAL FUCKING KOMBAT 24/7 baby...making those SSF4 (soap bar in my mouth) munchers ask themselves "what the FUCK am I doing still playing this shyt? (SSF4)". Making daddies and mommies of people around the fucking world, spend HELLA dolla billz on D...L...C shyt, while we spend countless hours drilling sexy ass combos we're likely to drop at tournaments anyway.


    This is what I wanted to see since the begining of time itself. I don't GIVE A FUCK, if MKIX is better than UMK3 (or vice versa). I will more'n'likely love both games and respect their differences. Remember I think MKA is real real good/fun. Despite it's shitty flaws.

    I just wanna wake up and KNOW...I have a MK scene that I can go to in my hood, cause MK IS NOW WHAT'S HAPPENING AND PEOPLE ARE ITCHIN TO PLAY!

    ...simple as that fellas. ^_^
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    MK9 doesn't need to be great, it just needs to be good. "Good" has been out of reach for MK games in the past few years, so let's just go for "good" for now. If it's good, it will be played at tournaments. That's all it needs.
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    I hear ya digimon, but no worries man. Very few games are "great" only COD and Halos fighter is really "great" but good or not ususally. I too hope MK9 will be very good which I think it will be and get a lot more attention then previous MK's and be played at tournaments ALL over not just EVO but all over the country...
  17. Juggs

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    It's crazy that just 2 years ago I made this thread in hopes that MK would make it to EVO. Now it's made it to EVO twice since then and I can't believe my vision came to fruition. People called me crazy for making this thread, now who's crazy?

    Good shit to the MK community, lets keep on progressing the scene to the force it deserves to be!
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    Breaking your own rules I see ;)
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