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Discussion in 'Mileena' started by ROG Moonspell, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. BookBurning

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    Sorry to burst your bubble Eazail but Reptile's D4, even though it has similar range, does not decrease his hitbox to nonexistent levels.

    But maybe I should you know. "Learn how to adapt." I'm sure you're a much better player than myself.
  2. I know, she's a viable character. I like playing as her and against her.
  3. Dash D1/D3 into pressure after she does the D4.

    At D4 range, which is generally 1/4 of the screen you wouldn't even jump if she had a 'normal' hit box anyways. That goes for any character, because that's perfect AA range.

    4 is a good AA.
  4. cyke_out

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    Does anyone know how to use pokes correctly? If she whiffs d+4, you can counter poke her extended foot and hit her back. People who think one normal shouldn't make or break a character obviosuly have no concept of footsies and pokes.

    Look at SF, bison has an amazing standing roundhouse. guile's pokes and footsies are great, Several games have several character where certain normals alter their hit box to go under highs or over lows or whatever, some games call these moves low or high crushes.

    If you keep removing things that are characters specific you'll be left with a game with characters that play the same, with no diversity other than the graphical skins. over-powered or game breaking things should be toned down, but d+4 is no where that level.

    Basically, people are mad becuase they have to alter they gameplan slightly, the same brianless patterns don't work for every situation. But thinking smartly isn't something that should be discouraged, but is a hall mark of a fun and deep game.
  5. Furb

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    Diversity is good till it is a diversity that let you win every matchup. It's fine that she have a more range than other characters. It's OP beacasue you can't do anything against it with most of characters. You guys on TYM really don't know mileena. It is not a suprise that REO raped everything besides KL. Damn... he should have used d+4 all the time and he could be happy about new MK Belt from NRS!
  6. spongebob

    spongebob ಠ__ಠ

    REO beat people because he's a great player. Jesus please enlighten me, your making it out as if Mileena is the best character in game thanks to d4, a few posts ago you said

    A move that avoids crossups and AA's for 3% gives Mileena no bad matchups? Care to elaborate?
  8. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    lol not at allllllllllllll.. and when we say d4 im thinking more of the low hit box
  9. Eazail

    Eazail Noob

    Ok, your right, it's not as annoying (bad choice of words), but it does lower his hit box and causes you to miss jump in punches. Plus he can link an acid hand from it.
  10. Sultani

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    Her ability to use it to avoid cross over JP isn't a problem. Wow. How dare she have a counter to a cross over JP.. let's all bitch about that when theres other characters who can defend it with full combos.

    As for wiffing, tons of people make other characters wiff.. As a mileena player, one of em that crosses my mind is that her U4 can jump over wakeup slides (I think). That's not broken if my recollection is correct, that's just a slide not hitting someone in the air.

    What's a ton more wierd than her D4 is that most of the cast can't uppercut her if she wiffs an uppercut first. Both characters will wiff..
  11. Robotic

    Robotic Gentleman.

    This is starting to venture into dumpster-fire category.

    Every time REO picks up a character, that character seems overpowered. Coincidence? Stop trashing the character and start giving REO his well deserved respect. Maybe REO brings out the potential of every character he picks more than any other player out there, making him one of the, if not THE best MK player. Every time someone open's their mouth about how OP a character is, reader beware. Look into it thoroughly and decide for yourself.

    I'm not saying that applies to everyone as there are plenty of people having meaningful discussions here. But Jesus, kindly give the man his props and focus on your weak points as a player so you can fine tune that shit and level up instead of shifting blame.
  12. cyke_out

    cyke_out Noob

    This is a troll post, right? It has to be. no one can honestly beleive that d+4 lets mileena win every single match-up.
  13. Furb

    Furb Noob

    REO can play anything. Nobody said he is a bad player @[email protected] But we are talking about a most broken thing in this game. Tommorow I'll show you. In Poland there are Mileena players since MK9 demo, and almost every one of them consider it as a broken move. But if you are guessing about Mileena's AA, that means you don't know anything about her and what d+4 gives her!
  14. cyke_out

    cyke_out Noob

    We all know d+4 can anti-air and can be linked into a roll for around 27% damage, but several others characters can get full combo's off of an anti-air too, most of them get way more than just 27% too.
  15. I think even Reo could have a hard time winning against a -bot- who is randomly spamming KL's spin only using D4. She's not above KL because of D4, lol.

    Try and pick up Mileena and test you're theory. You'll find it's not all that.
  16. Furb

    Furb Noob

    KL's spin is one of just a few tools in the game that are quite effective against d+4. We've tried every character against d+4 and conclusion is that Mileena d+4 is little too good for just a low poke...
  17. Rabid Justice

    Rabid Justice Your Soul Is Mine

    People are really bitching about a low poke that does 3% damage. No one has made a single strong point in why the move is broken and needs to be patched. Just because it’s one of the best does not mean it’s over powered. I take it most of you people have never seen broken before.

    What’s even funnier is no one said a word about this until reo took second at evo.

    I would much rather see them fix the random wake ups and hitting down 1,2,3, or 4 doing highs instead of a low attacks.
  18. ROG Moonspell

    ROG Moonspell "The Assasination of Julius Caesar"

    Somebody earlier mentioned footsies and pokes and brought as example Bison and Guile!
    As i SF player i can say that both of these characters and specially Guile/Charlie relay on pokes! But that is entirely different fighting style.
    Just imagine a Ryu would have a dmk as effective as Guile's! In street Fighter in general dmks are used to link specials and give little space sometimes. Guile uses his poke (dmk) not to link specials but to continue pressure -thats why Guiles dmk is so effective. Or his fhp that has great range, but as said he is a type of fighter that pokes are his game.

    Now Mileena is not that type of character to have Guile-like crouching kick!

    @Rabid Justice
    Reed the posty from page one. No body gives a shit about 3% dmg or that it works as AA - d1 works as AA and nobody is bitchin about it. There are other issues. To some of us it was known before EVO. And the fact that somebody mentioned REO it has nothing to do with this post!
  19. cyke_out

    cyke_out Noob

    Why? Just what kind of character is Mileena if she's not a poking character? To me, she's very much a poking/zoning character
  20. JakubDi

    JakubDi Noob

    far range = zoning with Sai's and punishing projectiles with f,f+3
    medium range = zoning with d+4 and punishing jumps and whiffs with b,d+4

    As I've mentioned earlier, the main issue with d+4 is its hitbox. At range 0 it goes under Cage's f+4 and makes Mileena's u+4 whiff. You can even dash through Mileena if she does "wakeup d+4".

    To be honest, I'm a little bit sensitive about broken things in fighting games. I used to be the best SoulCalibur player in Poland during the SoulCalibur III era, however, one of the reasons for that was VC. I was one of the two players in our country abusing and eventhough I enjoyed it, I know I did hurt the Polish community at least a little. I may be exaggerating a little bit about d+4... nevertheless its hitbox in most cases is ridiculous. For example, I'm wondering what can be done in the corner against d+4 abuse if the opponent does not have an armor or a legit low crush attack.

    BTW: I am a player Mileena myself and abuse d+4 as much as I can.
  21. Dash D1/D3/block.
  22. cyke_out

    cyke_out Noob

    There's a block button in this game? I thought it was only used to make EX moves.
  23. Chaosphere

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    Every character has pros and cons. Instead of crying about getting beaten by a character that intimidates you, trying taking a step back and finding out what you have to do to try and beat it. Perfect Legend beat it. I'm even a scrub and I can tell you that the most important part about being a good player is realizing your weaknesses, which may or may not be admitting what they are first.

    Last night I got rolled over and over and over again by Kung Lao's low-hi/low hat string. Instead of crying about it I learned to just use breakers, keep him away from me, and wait until he made a mistake. Needless to say, that ridiculous string wasn't his first option anymore.
  24. ROG Moonspell

    ROG Moonspell "The Assasination of Julius Caesar"

    Dont be a smart ass. The block button is not a solution - counter moves are, but a lot of them wonk work with Mileenas D4.

    Mileena is not poking char. for simple reason - she dosent have such moves. except the broken D4. Unlike Guile that Pokes perfectly with every single poke.
  25. i don't see what the big deal is here. Most characters have a move they can abuse. d+4 is pretty much the only move she can abuse and it's not super invincible or anything. Meanwhile everyone is getting raped by kung lao spin but there's no hate thread for that. I just find it hard to believe there is a thread complaining about a single move of a character who generally isn't considered top tier.

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